Saturday, January 25, 2014

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another week full of hot action in the 80s inspired synth scene has rolled around and I've got a bunch of kick arse new tunes to cover in this week's Weekend Update. A couple of things before we get to the tunes, there are currently two t-shirt competitions going on that are big opportunities for those with a penchant for 80s design to partake in.

Drive Radio are running their competition from the 19th of February until the 2nd of March so you still have a few weeks to get your designs rockin. The full details and specifications are available on their page here.

The second competition is hosted by Lazerhawk himself. He's hunting high and low for a kick arse t-shirt design via his Facebook page. The terms and conditions are all listed on Lazerhawk's Facebook page here and this is again a great opportunity to get your artwork out to a larger audience, via one of the true pioneers of the of 80s inspired synth scene.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how both of these competitions develops as the plans for the official Synthetix.FM t-shirt are happening concurrently also.

Let's get down to business now with the latest rockin tunes from the scene in the new Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

An artist that's been on the Synthetix.FM radar over the last few months has been Trevor Something. His music has always been just on the verge of something special and with 'Something About You' I believe he's made some real magic happen. Quality melodies and the vocals work exceptionally well. His laid back, cool vocal style is well suited to the 80s music genres and I think this track is a pivotal one in his development.

I first thought the new Waveshaper track was a direct homage to the Mitch Murder synthscapes but then it's narrative deviates into something else that is totally rockin and full of great ideas. 'Surveillance' is rich in it's melodic exploration and keeps rockin hard from beginning to end.

Paris76 is back with a killer new piece titled 'Mind Games'. The swirling, ethereal presence of this experience is entrancing and leads to some great dramatic passages. The dreamlike nature of the airy melodies adds an extra layer of beauty to the ambience while the energetic drum fills pulse with a life force all their own.

A new rocker on the 80s inspired synth scene is Kid Quasar. His latest track 'We Are The Future' bounces along with an energetic elegance and combines some great 70s and 80s influences. Modern elements also come into play through the back section as the ideas evolve. Definitely looking forward to hearing more music from Kid Quasar in the future.

A dreamy new track from scene legend Palm Highway Chase next. '2014//high/wave/haze' takes the PHC style into the swirling vortex of synthospheric illusions, rising and falling with cushioned volition that drifts in and out of consciousness. Definitely one of this producers more experimental and experiential pieces and currently available for FREE download.

Taking a trip back to a much more pop-centric reality is the new Synth Pop act Glass Apple Bonzai and his new single 'The Freeze'. Synthscapes are a wonderful homage to early 80s styles and the melodies and vocals are orchestrated to perfection. 'The Freeze' is backed by the also rock hard 'I Can't Stop Running' both of which are are available at a name-your-own-price point via the link in the player.

There's absolutely no stopping Epoch with with his totally kick arse new track 'Zeta'. This driving piece of high energy OutRun is rockin to the max with dangerous curves, high speed straight aways and pedal to the metal drama. Pick up this k-rad rocker for FREE via the link in the player.

The next tune from Adrien Aubrun & Thomas Trichet has landed as their retro 80s odyssey continues. This track is a direct sequel the astounding F40 1987 track and takes the emotive high energy melodies from the first chapter and dapples them in a sun drenched sunset palette of golden tones. The result is much more laid back and contemplative, working as a future memory to F40 1987's original experience.

Shklovsky is another new producer to Synthetix.FM and his new track 'Never Hurt' is something I found very engaging. The music is a wavering and delicate pastiche of sounds that are at breaking point  much of the time, threatening to distort into oblivion. The piece evolves in a very ethereal manner, and the haunting vocals complement the atmosphere splendidly. You can buy this track through his Bandcamp page here also.

Navigateur has been a Synthetix.FM favourite for a long time now and his latest track provides much excitement indeed. Taking the Navigateur synthscapes into some decidedly Vapourwave dimensions has given 'Elevator Music' a wonderful new spin on his already individualised synthscapes. Grab a copy of this track for FREE while you can via the link in the player.

This is definitely a red-letter day for me on Synthetix.FM as I finally get the chance to share one of my favourite vintage synth composer's new music! Krzysztof Duda has been making exceptionally beautiful synth music since the early 80s and much of the library music compositions he's done for Polish TV and radio are my absolute personal favourites. If you're ever in the Synthetix.FM Plug.DJ room while I'm in there you'll never be too far away from one of my favourite Krzysztof Duda synth pop gems from the 80s either. Duda's latest piece, 'Out To Out' is a return to classic 80s sounds for this artist and conjures up some incredible uplifting melodic passages arranged with craftsmanship of the highest calibre. Absolutely k-rad to the max and also available for FREE download currently.

Rockin the 80s styles for the first time in their musical journey is Germany's Blokkmonsta with his atmospheric new track 'Into The Unknown'. This hip-hop artist has ventured into this new territory very nicely indeed with melodies allowed to ebb and flow with much presence and exploring these possibilities with much passion. This is HUGE departure from his previous music but is something I hope he continues producing.

Super Vox is back weaving Italo Disco Synth gold with Snob Disco Project this time around with the totally killer 'Never Let You Go'. Everything about this track is 80s Italo perfection from the dramatic romantic melodies to the spectacular vocal track. Definitely one of my favourite Super Vox experiences to date.

Fantastisizer has been a Synthetix.FM favourite for while now and we finally have the chance to pick up this great producer's recent work in the just released Last Call EP. Featuring a slew of tracks I've covered in previous Weekend Updates you can now add these gems to your music library and rock them good and proper. The EP is available on Fantastisizer's Bandcamp page here at a name-your-own-price point, so dig deep and give this rockin producer some well earned appreciation.

With the Kung Fury Kickstarter only finishing hours ago, bringing in a spectacular $630,019 it's the perfect time to celebrate with a marvellous new Mitch Murder track, which I may be correctly or incorrectly assuming is from the soundtrack: 'Enter The Fury'. Opting for a more low-fi atmosphere (on the Mitch Murder scale, at least) this pulsating action anthem is full of drama, power and the fight for good over evil. Congratulations to Laser Unicorns for achieving their Kickstarter goals and I'll be sure be covering further developments in the Kung Fury project on Synthetix.FM.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, it's been a wild ride of new producers and some classic favourites and I hope you've enjoyed these rockin tunes as much as I have.

I'll be back during the week with more k-rad action from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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