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The Second Annual Synthetix.FM Year End Synthstravaganza

As 2013 waves good bye and fades out into the horizon it's time for the Second Annual Synthetix.FM Year End Synthstravaganza! This attempts to cover all my favourite highlights from the 80s inspired synth scene into eight genre specific top tens plus a bonus not specifically 80s inspired synth top ten too.

2013 has been another evolutionary step for many producer's musical journeys. Over the last couple weeks (and throughout the year) I've been making special note of the tracks that I really loved but this never really makes the finalising of my top ten favourites any easier, right up to the point of posting this there are numerous lists with eleven plus tracks that I'm finding very hard to split. The process takes a lot of time, but I think it's important to do, for me as a fan, to know what I really loved about the music and producers I ardently follow. These aren't lists randomly thrown together nor are they compiled to reflect anyone's but my own tastes so if you disagree with my choices, thats all rockin. We all have our different idiosyncrasies with music after all, and this list is by no means meant to be any kind of yard stick for popular consensus, merely a way for me to sum up my highlights of the year from my perspective.

Before we get to the lists, I wanted to make a few observations about the year, from what I've seen. 2013 has seen a marked shift from many producers to include vocals in their music. The resurgence of Italo Disco Synth in 2013 has ushered this in and I hope it's a trend that continues and evolves in a timely fashion as producer's are now becoming songwriters. Also the use of other instruments is becoming a norm rather than an exception, especially in regards to guitars and brass. This is hugely exciting and offers so much more scope for producers. I still believe that the scene is only scratching the surface of all the available 80s inspirations to draw from and the process of producers finding these hot new sounds is a great deal of the excitement for me as a fan of both new and original 80s sounds.

2013 has definitely seen a marked increase in fans of the genres I cover on Synthetix.FM too. The numbers for the Synthetix Music group on Facebook is up to 1600+ members and each day new devotees seem to getting on board with a passion for this awesome music. As the scene gets a wider audience I'll be right there with you with all the most rockin tunes and spreading the love as far and wide as possible.

So cheers to 2013 and heres to 2014, let's all make sure it's a rockin one and to make sure you see the year out in the best fashion possible I have my second annual Synthetix.FM Ultimix to share with you featuring my top four tracks from each of the top tens below, I hope you enjoy it and rock it hard!

And finally, to finish off a spectacular year in the 80s inspired synth scene,  here are my top tens of 2013.

Top 10 Soundtrack Synth

1, Higher & Further - Tommy (featuring Perturbator)
2, Come In - Alpha Boy
3, Streets In Motion - C-Jeff
4, Sunset - Dance With The Dead
5, Tema Di Kerstin - Vercetti Technicolor
6, Theme From Manta Ray - Peter Robinson
7, Zero Gravity - Dynatron
8, Resurrection - Power Glove
9, Electric Dreams - Python Blue
10, Frozen Tears - Lueur Verte

Top 10 Electro Funk Synth

1, You Just Came To Crash The Party - Garth Knight
 Fashionation - Chaccone
3, Break Point - Rain Sword
4, Battle Graffiti Kids - LA Dreams
5, Automachine XOVOM - Batch Sound
6, FM Synth AM Station (Secret Password) - PinWizz
7, Lost Years - Remedies
8, Heaven 87 - Biff Taylor
9, Fused 2013 (Main Mix) - Bodypoppers United
10, Stealing The Night - Manolis

Top 10 OutRun Synth

1, The King Of The Streets - Lazerhawk
2, Unlimited - Flash Arnold
3, The Other Side Of You - Lost Years
4, High Fidelity - Tommy
5, The Girl With The Blond Hair - Diana Gitallog
6, Redlining 6th - Betamaxx
7, Black Rain - LA Dreams
8, Informationsuperhighway - Grooveworthy
9, The Chase - Highway Superstar
10, Sarah - Le Matos

Top 10 Dark Synth

1, Looking For Tracy Tzu - Carpenter Brut
2, Thrasher - Dance With The Dead
3, Night Force - Power Glove
4, Sexualizer - Perturbator (Featuring Flash Arnold)
5, Dangerous After Dark - Lazerhawk
6, Chainsaw Revenge - Absolute Valentine
7, Journey - Thunderclaw
8, Striker - Judge Bitch (featuring Perturbator)
9, Maniac - Mega Drive
10, Summer Heat: Los Angeles - Protector 101

Top 10 Italo Disco Synth

1, Summer Love - Vincenzo Salvia (featuring Chrissy Valentine)
2, No Time To Loose (In The Night) - Sam Haggblad
3, If Looks Could Kill - Collins
4, Psykotrash - Batch Sound
5, Girl From USSR - Action Jackson
6, Rocket Power - PH Groove
7, Un Paradis Tropical - James Baker
8, Night Dancing - Shio-Z
9, Save Me - Mulperi
10, Harrison Ford - Nightstop

Top 10 Synth Romance

1, Steam - LA Dreams
2, Afterglow - Cougar Synth
3, Alpine Glow - STARFORCE
4, Pretty Girl - Sunglasses Kid
5, Save The Moment - Dynatron
6, Dialtones - Highway Superstar
7, Sky High - D/A/D
8, One Night In Maratea - Vincenzo Salvia
9, Park Avenue 1989 - Lost Years
10, Caught Her Name At Recess - Neonflashdrive

Top 10 Synth Wave

1, Backbone Of The Night - D/A/D
2, Penumbra - LA Dreams
3, F40 1987 - Adrien Aubrun & Thomas Trichet
4, Convertor - Lost Years
5, The Touch - Mitch Murder
6, Take It Back - Emery Sieczko
7, Havasu - Plaisance
8, Into The Darkness - Droid Bishop
9, Driving The Night Away - Dreamwave Dave
10, 9h00 - Cosmic Sand

Top 10 Synth Pop

1, So Real - Silent Gloves (featuring Patrick Baker)
2, Just Till Midnight - Mitch Murder (featuring Miranda Carey)
3, Wild Heart - Kristine
4, Fade Away - FM Attack (with Julian Sanza)
5, Meet Jimmy - Perturbator (featuring Le Cassette)
6, Time In Time - Sunglasses Kid (featuring Kristine)
7, Tonight - Le Cassette
8, Without You - Arcade High (featuring Hannah Edwards)
9, Big Love - Jamie Lidell
10, Talking Machines - Compilerbau

Top 10 Electronica

1, Sgt. Tagowski - Starcadian
2, Morning Swim - PowercuT
3, 2020 - Navigateur
4, White Tape - Amazing Police
5, Takeover - Action Jackson
6, Voices - Alan Braxe
7, As We Were - Maethelvin
8, Pomrad - Pomslap
9, Vertigo - Embryonik
10, Chrome - Klockhaus

That's 2013 done for Synthetix.FM. I'll be taking a vacation from Synthetix.FM until my return for 2014 on January 18 which will be a huge Weekend Update catch up, but be sure to check in on the Synthetix Music group on Facebook for more hot rockin through the festive season.

I'd like to thank everyone for supporting and partaking in the fun this year on Synthetix.FM, from every producer to every reader and every supporter of the 80s inspired synth scene; it's the people that make this scene a joy to be a part of and I wish you all the best for the 2014.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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