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Synthetix Weekend Update

Rounding the corner for the final straight of 2013 rockets the new Synthetix Weekend Update into first place. This is the last Weekend Update for 2013 as next weekend, or soon after, I'll be sharing the second annual Synthetix.FM Year End Synthstravaganza. This festival of 80s inspired synth will include my favourite Top 10 tracks from each genre I cover on Synthetix.FM as well as the Synthetix.FM Ultimix for 2013 to get you through the holiday season. I'll then be taking my leave of Synthetix.FM until the end of January for my annual vacation.

It's always an exciting time leading up to the year's end, and the last couple of weeks have witnessed some super heavy hitting tracks released and this week has been no exception with some of the most rockin hits of the year being shared by the most rockin producers in the 80s inspired synth scene, all brand new for you!

Crank up the volume and prepare to blast for the last time to the 80s dream of 2013 with the Synthetix Weekend Update!

RF Extreme has definitely been one of my favourite producers of the year and his work has culminated with the incredibly beautiful 'Time Stood Still'. This glowing exposition of embracing Synth Romance gets right to the essence of sounds and beauty working together as one. I'm sure we can expect even more sumptuous synthphonies from RF Extreme in 2014.

Logan Sky's been much too busy playing synths in Visage during their Hearts And Knives tour throughout most of the year but has managed to squeeze in a hot new track before the end of 2013 called 'Love's a Re-Run'. This funky/jazzy ambiance takes you on a freeform journey through Logan Sky's creativity and the experience feels like a wonderful stream of consciousness.

You'll find numerous Synthetix.FM favourites returning for this final Weekend Update and it's marvellous to be able to include Fantastisizer amongst them. His aptly titled 'The Return' is moody and contains a hint of uneasiness and foreboding in the progressions. The story is captivating and marvellously orchestrated with a vastly immersive presence throughout.

Riddlis is still finding his own sound as a producer, I believe, and his recent sounds have been of a much more modern flavour but with 'Chasing Osaka Sun' we find Riddlis back in the 80s and rockin to the max. The production a cacophony of sounds that are all full of energy, jostling for position in the synthscape and it's this massively inspiring energy that drives the experience so perfectly well. The passages are explored with much passion and emotion and wondrous 80s homage.

Often times it's the surprising mixtures of aesthetics that I never thought possible to combine makes for the most engaging experiences in 80s inspired synth. The latest track from Reggie Hazzard is a great example of this as Synth Romance sounds are blended with influences from Joy Division/New Order. The presentation of this is spectacular and really captures emotional spaces and times beautifully.

The magic of the season is truly realised in the totally kick arse new track from LA Dreams called 'No Other' and featuring the vocal talents of Kye Munroe. This takes the LA Dreams synthscapes into a funky late 80s synth pop vibe that I hope he continues to explore. The pop sensibilities of LA Dreams are a territory that remains vastly undiscovered and this combining of talents certainly makes for very exciting music which I just can't get enough of.

Over the last month a hot new label has surfaced in Future 80s Records. They've managed to crank out a massive amount of releases in the last few weeks and unfortunately I don't have the space on Synthetix.FM to cover them all. Their stable already features many Synthetix.FM favourites like Kubinski, Niky Nine, John Sparxx, Scream & Dive, Absolute Valentine and Stallone Jones amongst many others, be sure to check out their Bandcamp page here for a tonne of hot rockin action.

Now though I'd like to share their latest kick arse track from Station A3 - 'For The Victory'.  This piece of music is a richly textured journey into the past that tells a story full of action and adventure with searing highs and gorgeously realised introspective passages. You can pick up a copy of Station A3's  five track EP Rewind Night through Future 80s Records here to keep on rockin this awesome vibe.

Another Future 80s Records artist new to Synthetix.FM is Night Invader. His track 'Midnight Dreams' is off his four track EP called Inception (available here) is an enchanting experience in emotional synth passions. The lead melody explores with a tender intimacy and is accented by a delightfully delicate atmosphere. Many thanks to Halyein for the heads up on this superb track.

Action and drama are the order of the day with the hot new track from Nympho Airwaves called 'Symbol Visa'. The synthscape is full of passionate energy and evolves with a swirling undulation. The midpoint finds an explosive range of movie/trailer samples injected into the mix that I first found jarring but on repeated listens really enjoyed. It adds a contrasting rawness to the experience with the flavours of danger becoming much stronger.

One of the big records I'm looking forward to at the climax of 2013 is Highway Superstar's debut album on Rosso Corsa Records. With only a 'December' planned release date I'm currently unsure as to whether I'm going to be able to give this record the proper Synthetix.FM treatment before the year's end. Rest assured, I'll do everything I can to make it happen next week, or failing that hopefully early next year upon my return. For now check out this totally rockin teaser video for Take My Time.

The next installment in Adrien Aubrun & Thomas Trichet's 'Neo Flashback' adventure has arrived and it rocks to the max! I was floored by their first experience in this project by their amazing track 'F40 1987' and this new piece explores more rockin retro dimensions. The intensity is there from the outset in this piece but the middle passages and beyond open up to some absolutely resplendent vistas of glorious 80s synth magic. The combinations of modern and vintage sounds and emotions are constructed with just the right balance once again by this rad duo.

A hot rockin new artist for Synthetix.FM is Manolis with his totally kick arse new track 'Stealing The Night'. The funk runs as high as the emotions in this absolutely tremendous odyssey into 80s synthscapes. The melodies are incredible and the arrangements are flawless. This is a huge track that I hope you feel too, and you can also grab a FREE copy of this currently via the link in the player.

New from Neon Rebel is the high speed OutRun energy rush 'Hyperion'. I think the traditional OutRun sounds haven't really been that prominent in 2013 as the more visceral extension of it in Slash Electro has come into more prominence and Slow Motion OutRun styles get explored further, but I digress. Neon Rebel's new track is a rip roaring ride into the night with the pedal to the floor and the neon reflecting off the paintwork as thousands of horsepower explode in a rage of vengeance and action.

Next up is the spectacular return of another Synthetix.FM favourite in Chaconne with his new funktasticly suave synth experience 'Fashionation'. I just adore Chaconne's energy and the tightness in his delivery. Everything is engineered for maximum excitement and it makes the piece extraordinarily vibrant and intense. You can pick up this track along with his other hot new rockin track  'London Nights' as well as his stunning anthem 'Romance And Revolution' on his just released EP on Bandcamp here, which I very, very highly recommend you do so as soon as humanly possible.

One of the very few producers around still today that can capture the emotions and sounds of the initial 2009/10 80s revival era is Paul For You. The combination of French House, Nu Disco and the implementation of 80s sounds creates for an intoxicating mix and Paul For You is still killing this style years later. His new EP called Somewhere is now available on iTunes and is like a time capsule of those wonderful new times and experiences. The music is still as fresh and energising and full of lustrous 80s homage as always so be sure to check out the EP for more good rockin Paul For You.

Nowtro's begun the hype for his upcoming EP titled 'After Dark' with his kick arse new jam 'Technoir'. The blend of old and new sounds is balanced beautifully as the pace is kept to a canter but the intensity is set to fever pitch. Synths are geared towards excellently detailed passages that pass by smoothly and fade out into the distant night horizon. This EP will be surely one to watch for.

Pushing it to the limit is Grooveworthy's new OutRun rampage 'Giza'. The explosive pace is unrelenting and gallops into oblivion with gusto and disregard for it's own wellbeing. The synthscape is peppered with an atmospheric middle section before hurtling once again into high energy finish. This track is available at a name-your-own-price point on Bandcamp via the link in the player.

Rocking into the dimension of deliciously bubblegum flavoured Synth Pop, once again, sashays Mitch Murder  this time with vocal accompaniment by new 80s synth scene chanteuse Miranda Carey on their new collaborative work 'Just Till Midnight'. The electric combination of sounds makes for something k-rad to the max and has instantly become of the biggest hits of 2013. Every element is crafted to perfection and arranged to ensure this will be echoing in your memories for years to come. Christmas comes early as this sumptuous piece of neon candied magic is available for FREE download via the link in the player. Rock on, Mitch and Miranda!

Our final piece for the final Weekend Update for 2013 keeps things rockin and poppy with The Saturnettes killer new video for 'Television Boy/Television Girl'. Channeling a whole mess of great 80s influences this catchy song is sure to get you rockin all the right ways. From New Order to Depeche Mode and quite a few stops in between The Saturnettes tell a wicked story of technology and romance amid the interference and VHS tracking errors in an experience you'll be sure to be singing along to by it's end.

That does us for traditional Weekend Updates in 2013 on Synthetix.FM. Much time and effort goes in to every Weekend Update throughout the year and it always pleases me that they're often the most visited articles on Synthetix.FM, even long after their time in the spotlight has passed. Many thanks to all the readers and contributors to the Weekend Updates on the site throughout the year, they'll be back in full force for 2014!

There's still a couple of BIG releases to cover on Synthetix.FM next week though, so be sure to tune in during the week for more hot rockin action and I'll be finishing off the year with the Synthetix.FM Year End Synthstravaganza next weekend or soon after, as time permits. 'Til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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