Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lueur Verte Presents A Multifaceted New World

2013 is weeks away from ending, but this is the time of year when the unleashing of months of effort happens. A culmination of the year's work, marking a chapter's end and a chapter's beginning. In some ways Lueur Verte's Crystalica EP spans a time far greater as this is technically his debut EP, even though he's been active in the 80s inspired synth scene since 2011.

The past couple of years have found the Lueur Verte experience limited to incoming blips on the radar,  that came in from nowhere and dropping a payload of synthual pleasures before disappearing as quickly as they arrived. Tracks appearing on Aphasia Records and other compilations releases, single releases for totally kick arse jams like 'Malibu Sunrise' and the sublimely crafted 'Rockin' Summer'. It's only now that we're given the chance to experience a full five track affair from this producer. The wait has been long and the experience is a surprise, but it's certainly been worth the wait.

Previous Lueur Verte tracks were of a different cut to the suite of compositions on Crystalica. The energy and catchiness of Lueur Verte's earlier pieces has matured into a far more exploratory form, more akin to the grandeur of  'Beauté Glaciale' than his more dancefloor oriented pieces. This makes the five pieces on Crystalica feel more complete and part of a greater idea. The more I listen to this EP the more the tracks seem to ebb and flow within each other, passing through their individual ideas and leaving trails the glow brightly through the proceeding piece. The conceptual nature of  Crystalica makes listening to all the pieces (in their intended order) imperative to gaining the optimal experiential value from it.

In the beginning there is 'Lueur Verte's Theme' which really paints the backdrop for the EP's palette and tone. The synths are lushly engineered with an organic presence about them that alludes directly to the 'green glow'. The sounds cascade and radiate with a modicum of drama or tension. Instead we experience a vista of synthesized delights that move with a graceful ease. Melodies feel unforced and allowed their own space and time, there is no rush or haste, time stands still as the refrains make the colours even more vibrant.

The idea continues into the title track of Crystalica which takes 'Lueur Verte's Theme' and moves it through new horizons, onto reflective dimensions where sounds converse with each other in an esoteric language. Once again the mood is kept neutral with a balanced approach to the arrangements that rise and fall naturally. There is no panic or dread in these new worlds, even with clouds growing dark in the skies.

The breaking of the storm creates a calming effect that is completely unthreatening, and our faces turn upward to greet the life giving rain drops. This intermission then leads into 'Crystalica''s second act which adds a more emotional layer to proceedings. A unity of nature, a cycle of existence that brings new life to the barren surface of Crystalica's faceted surface. The chemistry is intoxicating and the results are wondrous.

From the grounds now fertile with creative ingredients 'Emerald Rising' begins to pulse and force it's way beyond the surface in an ascent to the distant, purpled sky. The pace is ramped up as spontaneous growth produces dazzling green shards of melodic gems. The story is told in a hugely descriptive manner with strata of synths being introduced and layered in a manner that becomes deeply involving.

A small reprieve initiates the beginning of 'Onyx Noir' before the powerful bassline adds a more obvious hint of drama to the aesthetic, then the very second things get tense the delicately formed melodies get injected into the mix to bring the balance back to centre. The elements ceremonially dance for superiority back and forth throughout this piece as echoes of time and emotions twist into a mix of dark and light.

The final piece of Crystalica is the very introspective 'Frozen Tears'. Melodies remain poignant and ethereal through each chapter, fragile and emotionally tender, before reaching a plateau of new vibrancy in the middle acts. A pained and tragic aura begins to emanate into the final parts of this experience, a bittersweet combination of the difficulties faced by humanity in existing as a part of nature, perhaps. The crystal shards that flow then become puddles and soon lakes in a distant world where the cycle continues.

Something that resonates throughout the Crystalica experience is a sense of something greater, there is a maturity to Lueur Verte's synthscapes that are full of depth and wonder. The five tracks all feel part of one larger experience and on their own actually lose some of their magic, which is then magnified upon listening to the entire production. It's themes and stories are deep and contemplative without resorting to extraneous dramatics in sounds or arrangements, which is absolutely marvellous as the melodies are allowed to to tell their stories in a completely naturalistic manner.

I could easily see this EP packaged a single thirty minute experience, taking the idea used in the title track to it's utmost evolution and allowing the listener have little say about how they experience Crystalica, but instead are taken on an epic journey into places that fully encompass the senses for the duration.

Lueur Verte's  Crystalica EP is presented on Aphasia Records Bandcamp page here, this emotionally rich experience is something rather special as it's presence and grandeur are stunning to experience as fully realised journey into the producer's imagination. The vision and realisation of Crystalica is a conceptual idea that Synthetix.FM very, very highly recommends you experience soon and often.

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