Saturday, November 9, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Halloween Epilogue

It should be no surprise to anyone that I didn't get to cover all the music I wanted to over the Halloween period. To make some slight amends to this I wanted to quickly mention a few releases you'd do well to pick up in the post-Halloween aftermath. It's getting hard to prioritise releases I want to review on Synthetix.FM at certain times, like now, when there's a huge influx. I figure if I can't write in depth about them then the least I can do is link to them from here for your own further investigations.

A release I wanted to cover but never got the chance is the great new concept record from Protector 101. His soundtrack to Black Friday 2: Blood Money (The Uncut Version) is marvellous example of this producer's creativity that gets set ablaze by small sparks and then roar into a spectacular inferno. Beautifully realised soundtrack synth that will capture your imagination.

Taking a trip into darkly experimental areas we find Make Up And Vanity Set's new EP Manifold. The synthscape is dark and twisted and challenging to fully take in in some places but the MAVS synth soul seems to always be there to take the music back into less threatening passages.  Many contrasting emotions are explored and detailed and the bleakness of the opening pieces is given hopeful differentiation towards the EP's end chapters.

More rockin soundtrack oriented synth from Python Blue came out recently. His Cyborg album displays much understanding of descriptive passages and how to detail superbly implemented narrative sequences once again. Drama and anger can reach incredible highs while his introspective pieces add even more weight to the experience. The emotional investment in each track is clearly audible, making for an inspiring journey.

Another release that I couldn't possibly live with myself for not sharing is the new Droid Bishop EP: The Irrelevance Of Space & Time. This five track affair is rocking to the max with a noticeable exploration of his melodies that pumps even more galactic energies into his pieces. The EP displays an evolution in the Droid Bishop sound and a step up in production too. It's a fantastic experience in quality 80s inspired synth sounds with that futuristic space-themed edge that Droid Bishop does so very well.

I also wanted to make sure no one misses out on Vector Hold's full length album that he's released on Bandcamp called Classics. This eighteen track behemoth is a compilation of all of his recent singles, many of which I've been covering on Synthetix.FM throughout the year, but in this huge format it becomes a force of renewed vigour and power. It's a diverse album that covers a tonne of genres, but Vector Hold rocks them all and the album serves as a wonderful document of Vector Hold's musical journeys in 2013.

Right on,  now let's get into the the nitty gritty of this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

Bobby Outro's new track 'Smash Groove' is exactly what you'd expect of a track titled Smash Groove. The hook in this piece is totally kick arse and the excitement he extracts from it is purely brilliant. The percussion is full of classic presence while every synth elements is implemented for maximum pleasure.

Injecting dangerously high doses of funk into your weekend is Les Chic Voltage with his new track 'Club Malibu'. Theres a definite avant-gard angle to the synthscape but the music is solidly set in 80s moods. The progression of the track is jazzy and experimental in nature with a whole lot of funk rockin being the priority.

Cobra Copter keeps on matching his high work rate with high quality as this last week has again seen two tracks surface; both delivering rad 80s synth sounds. 'Eternia Knights' is a slow burning epic that builds with a marching reverence that introduces beautifully accented guitars through the adventure. Conversely on 'Murphy, It's You' we're treated to high energy electro breakin' boombox ammunition of a super high calibre.

Incorporating his recent Funk You EP Alpha Boy's just unleashed a new LP entitled For You. The familiar Alpha Boy sounds are taken into some interesting new contexts on For You as his playful Italo inspired melodies are allowed to take broader strides and intimate more varied narratives. Tracks like 'Superstar 911' and 'Flamingo' have instantly become some of my favourite Alpha Boy jams, be sure to check out the full release for the full experience of Alpha Boy's latest creation.

Something new from Riddlis now that I found very enlightening to listen to. 'Stories' is a very engaging track as it's melodies and arrangements are very interestingly put together. The combination of modern and vintage sounds are entrancing, with dancing melodies that layers like soft veils of electric light. It's a wonderfully positive vibe from beginning to end.

New from Bluezz Vylez is a hot rockin track called 'Craters And Lovers'. This piece marks a triumphant return for this producer after an absence of nearly four months and what a triumphant return it is. The quirky nature of this producer's music is evident once again as melodies are driven in exciting directions and the action is exciting through each of the track's passages.

Babylon 86 turned the rock levels up to maximum on his new track 'The Vice'. The Jan Hammer/Miami Vice inspiration is prevalent throughout as the action is densely packed in with guitars and synths trading blows in glorious vivid colours. This is a killer track, and is currently available for FREE download through the link in the player.

Nickee B has been one of my favourite proponents of quality synth funk for more than a year now, and whenever a new experience of his surfaces it's always a red letter day. In 'Can't Get Enough Of Your Love' the Nickee B synth funk machine is running hot classic 80s sounds arranged with an ear for more  modern styles but the story in this piece transcends all space and time, with a stunning final chapter that is completely spellbinding.

JEJE80 HomeProduction (or Spacious Sweep, to his close friends and admirers) just release a great new track called 'Defence Of The Ancients'. The drama is very apparent in the lead melodies and horrific samples that lace the atmosphere, while a driving bassline gives the experience a vital impetus.

In one of the dream team ups of 2013 we find Patrick Baker and Televisor joining neon forces to create a romping synth pop gem in 'Can't Get Enough'. The pure pop brilliance of both of these artists are apparent from the outset and the rockin just doesn't stop. 80s soul and a modern edge give this a magical aura that is unmistakably Televisor, add in Mr Baker's golden tones for bubblegum pop refined and re-engineered for a new age.

NightStop's been busy this week with two great tracks shared. It was a bit hard to choose between the two, but 'Aerobics' offers a majestic Winwood/Rain Sword-esque lead melody I simply couldn't resist. The music is light and energetic and full of 80s love, while his other piece 'Drive-By Stalking' takes his sounds into much darker moods with a penchant for nocturnal violence. Both tracks rock hard in wonderfully different ways.

A new rocker for Synthetix.FM! I'm very pleased to introduce KFDDA to everyone and his gorgeous new piece of melting synth romance 'Flammamor'. The intimate melodies are beautifully crafted with intimacy and longing, the entire piece is one protracted, warm embrace the emits golden allure throughout.

More arse kicking synth from Python Blue! He's just released 'Eclipse' as a FREE download track and it's a hot rockin affair full of pounding drums, electric synths and high tension. Python Blue's gift for arrangements is wonderfully realised in this piece as each element is introduced and evolved with  pin-point precision. Refined to perfection and performed for pure exhilaration.

Timecop1983 is back with new emotional piece entitled 'Childhood Memories'. The synthscape is mellow and sparse with each element phased in and out time and space, adding a hugely nostalgic flavour to the experience. It's haunting and uplifting at the same time and quickly becomes very easy to get lost in. Be sure to check Timecop1983's 'Space Jam' track which he also shared this week, which is also a FREE download.

Our final piece for this week's Weekend Update is a rockin track from another new artist on the scene: Le Roix. Fusing dramatic and powerful percussion with smoothly angelic melodies, 'Goodbye' is a wondrous adventure in synth romance. Many thanks to Sam Haggblad for enlightening me to Le Roix!

One final note before I finish of this Weekend Update, I've received a few emails regarding some music tracks being out of wack with my writing, or pointing to an entirely different song. If you see this occur, please let me know through the contact form with the details of what needs fixing and I'll get onto it. I need to know what needs fixing exactly though. I'm not sure if it's a browser issue or just my ineptitude, so please bear with me and let me know if somethings amiss. I do realise, when looking back through posts, that some tracks are no longer on soundcloud, I can't do much about that and I won't be going back and adjusting them all however, if a producer wishes to remove a track that is their prerogative.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back during the week with more of the hottest action from the 80s inspired scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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