Saturday, November 30, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

I must apologise for the lack of a second review on Thursday these past two weeks. Sometimes plans just don't work out how you expect them to. Coming into December we have a bunch of hot rockin new releases coming up, so things will be back to normal before Synthetix.FM finishes up for 2013.

One thing that is special, which has cropped up out of nowhere is a new release from Palm Highway Chase. This is not his next massive blockbuster but is instead a subsidiary exploration of some less structured ideas which he so aptly described to me as a 'sketch book'.

Fantasy Recordings is released through Beer On The Rug and if there's enough interest in the album it'll get a physical cassette release, which would rock in a spectacular fashion. The album is full of 80s love and experimental synthscape that are still refined with Palm Highway Chase's own brand of magic.

I highly recommend all Synthetix.FM readers get behind this album and give this legend of the scene the love he deserves! You can pick up a copy through the 'buy' button on the player, and also be aware that only seven of the seventeen pieces are playable through the site preview.

Hot off the digital music forges is the hot new track from Scream & Dive. These rockers from Serbia always manage to make massively enthralling and exciting music and 'Runnin Through The Vicious Streets' is no exception. The action and drama are redlining from beginning to end, which comes all too soon unfortunately. It's their first track in nearly a year, but we can only hope more tunes are on the horizon.

By vast comparison, Viks Lander managed to share no less than three compositions in the last couple of days, albeit after a seven month absence! I was hard pressed to choose my favourite of the three but Andromeda won my heart with it's Library inspired parts and a truly 80s naive aesthetic. Check out his other rockin tunes through his soundcloud page for more golden tones.

I've probably said it before, but it bears repeating; Cobra Copter is one producer I'd love to see an album release from as soon as possible. The synthscapes created by this artist are as wondrous as they are varied. So much 80s love is displayed through his singles that an album package would be totally rockin. In his new track, 'Skyline',  he explore more ambient and spacious sounds, punctuated with funky synths and delivered in a chilled glass for your complete satisfaction.

A new epic from Grooveworthy next which I believe has it's tongue firmly planted in cheek but still rocks in a most radical way. 'Hot Unicorn Forest' is a deep and rich tale of global warming set against the neon realms of 80s fantasy with a slight hint of equinophilia thrown in for extra bonus points. The synths are full of energy and unfettered exuberance while the percussion canters along at a seductively smooth pace.

Cranking the 'epic' off the scale is the incredibly beautiful new piece from Dynatron. Even the title 'Fluorescence Of The Cepheids' is vast but it's the music that reaches previously untapped inspirations from celestial bodies, light years from home. The deliberately restrained pace adds a heavy and purposeful atmosphere to the piece, loading up more and more G-Forces with every progression. A superb return track for Dynatron gives us a glimpse at whats to come on their second album.

A hot new rocker on the scene is Robert Parker, coming straight out of Sweden with his new kick arse tune 'Parket's Theme'. The synthscape is full of beautiful 80s emotions and sounds that layer and build with a smooth gracefulness. The vibe is laden with positivity and wonder as the joyous refrain transforms into a more dramatic second half. Many thanks to David Grant for enlightening me to the Robert Parker experience.

Pilotpriest is back with a spectacular new work of atmospheric soundtrack synth from his Darknet Original Soundtrack project. 'Wounded Bird' is a haunting work that builds with a sombre melody deeply rooted in late 70s space synth sounds. The piece is enthralling and divulges an intimate narrative with it's hypnotising refrains and immense presence.

I can't believe the Versus series on Werkstatt Recordings is already up to Volume 7! While I've not covered a lot of the more EBM oriented releases the 7th edition contains a thrilling bout between Right Nider and Beatbox Machinery that adds some more 80s vibrancy to the battle. Right Nider's track, 'Into The Voight' is exploratory and intense with layers of synths gathering on the horizon in a storm of electronic magic. The melodies are of a delicate nature but then contrasted by a brutal percussion and rhythm section that is sure to result in a knock out blow. Beatbox Machinery offers up a forthright offensive with 'Shining City Tank' that crunches bare steel against bare steel as it darts and weaves in and out of electronic realities, culminating with a huge swing from the rafters late in the second round.

A celestially divined collaboration between Femmepop and Timecop1983 has resulted in a totally kick arse experience in 80s fuelled Synth Pop called 'Timescapes'. Femmepop's sweetly delicate vocals are the perfect accompaniment to Timecop1983's undulating synthscape, the combined forces create warm and intimate moments while always retaining a glassy, polished ambiance.

An artist I sure don't give nearly enough love to on Synthetix.FM is Tokyo Rose. This Japanese producer's brand of high energy OutRun is always as riveting as it is powerful and his new track 'Zender Vision 3' redlines the rad levels throughout. The monstrous percussion and climbing melodies make for the perfect high speed thrill ride into the neon streets Tokyo Rose owns.

It definitely is the time of year for many artist's who've been hibernating away for the year, toiling away on their synths, to finally come out into the light with hot new tracks. We can add Daroc to this list as his new piece is the first we've heard from him in many months but it's certainly been worth the wait. 'Volute Club' is a languid exposition of dreamy synhscapes and magical possibilities told in a majestic narrative. This track is on the Le Burgundy Paris compilation available on iTunes here.

Spacious Sweep has graciously shared not only a kick arse new Italo Disco track in 'Double Edge' but also given us an early Christmas present with a free EP linked within the soundcloud track description. The EP contains many hits singles from Spacious Sweep shared throughout the year on soundcloud and is full of vibrant, 80s coloured experiences that are now available to you as a complete package in their final versions. Spacious Sweep also shared two new tracks in 'Call Of The Wild' and 'Storm Hammer'; both absolutely rockin the classic Italo sounds and well worthy of your attention. Check them out on his soundcloud page linked in the player.

Technomancer or Zone Tripper, perhaps, is another hot new rocker to Synthetix.FM and his latest track Zone Tripper is a high energy blast of late 80s Italo the shines brightly and burns with a searing brilliance. The late 80s/early 90s Italo Disco/Techno crossover is prevalent throughout this piece and it's something I hope Technomancer/Zone Tripper explores more in the future. This track is currently available for FREE download through the player. Many thanks to Werkstatt Recording for enlightening me to Technomancer.

Keeping the energy levels in the danger zone is the first track off the next Vector Hold experience aptly titled 'Supercharger'. The sheer grandiose nature of the instrumentations and the atomic weight of the melodies make for an experience that'll leave you breathless. Vector Hold is planning to release the new album in early January, so we can expect a few more teasers from it between now and then.

Hot new rockin action next from Supervo courtesy of Super Magic Records and the track 'Next Time'. This Italo piece is a tad more restrained than the usual Italo fare, but is no less brimming over with quality 80s sounds and incredibly hooky melodies. I'm still unsure as to whether this is actually new music or old music that Super Magic Records shares on soundcloud, as they recently shared this amazing track which is from 2011 by M@rgo. I guess it doesn't really matter one way or the other, the music is totally kick arse and rockin to the max and that's what matters.

As a special treat I've got two hot videos to finish of this week's Weekend Update with. The first being an absolutely rockin fake video trailer by Silvermania called 'Paperboy 3: The Hard Way' which features much action, violence and stellar oneliners and the music of Protector 101 to add a genuine 80s atmosphere to the wonderful visual exploitation.

The other video I'd like to share is a hot new music video of the combined talents of Countess M and Denovomutans for their brooding Dark Synth single 'Mother Night'. The unsettling tones and haunting melodies are complemented by a fantastic and visually hypnotising video that is well in keeping with the music's tone.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back during the week with more radical action from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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