Saturday, November 23, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The festive season is getting into full swing and the hot tunes just keep on rockin. No time for dillydallying this week, this Weekend Update is ready to explode with a monstrous amount of quality 80s flavoured synthsperiences rockin from a myriad of virtual locations around the galaxy directly into your hearts and minds.

First up on the starting grid is the irrepressible Danger Mode and his new smash hit 'Class Act'. Exploring some very refined Synth Romance sounds this is beautifully arranged track that channels Steve Winwood directly. Get rockin on this now as it's available for FREE download currently.

Shyguys are back from a six month hiatus with a totally rad new track that is full of 80s love and contains a truly beautiful uplifting aesthetic. The lead melody positively dances around the synthscape while the percussion is just as vibrant and energetic. Available for FREE download currently!

One thing I truly appreciate about modern producers is when they are inspired by 80s themes that are a tad less obvious than the usual standards. On Action Jackson's new track we are taken deep in the heart of Russia with 'Girl From USSR'. The world behind the Iron Curtain in the 80s was one of much speculation and fascination, especially from the West's point of view. Action Jackson captures these Eastern European elements succinctly and delivers them perfectly throughout this great piece. Make sure you check LA Nights, another track he shared this week, even in demo form it totally rocks.

More intimately tender Synth Romance, this time from MoweLan. 'Moonrays' is a majestically performed work of emotionally enriching beauty. The tempo and narrative are lithe and arched for maximum sensuality while the guitars provide sultry passages of electrifying excitement. Available for FREE download, make sure this makes all your 'late night' playlists.

Lueur Verte's triumphant return to the scene has been witnessed by his newly shared preview for the Crystallica EP,  which is due out December 1st. Drama, action, love and adventure are all teased throughout the five snippets available. It is not long to wait for the full release and I'll be sure to give this the full Synthetix.FM treatment upon it's release.

It's no secret to anyone that I rather enjoy making up names and terms regularly on Synthetix.FM and after hearing D/A/D's penchant for this kind of thing in his interview on Beyond Synth this week I've become even more inspired to do so. Sunglasses Kid's new track feels like the perfect place to introduce a new sub genre that I'm going to call After School Special Synth. It's a little bit Library and a little bit funky and it sure is rockin from beginning to end. You can purchase your own copy of 'The Last Dance' via the link in the player. Oh, and I love you too, Sunglasses Kid!

Every time I hear a new Evanton track I seem to think to myself 'this is definitely the best Evanton track' and then they release a new piece, and the same thought comes to mind. Such is the progression these rockers have made throughout 2013 and with 'Don't Stop' they've done it again. Definitely my favourite Evanton experience thus far with the perfect blend of Electro Breakin' and Italo Disco all packaged with a gleamingly slick production. You can pick up a copy of this which includes the U.S Remix and Radio Version through the link in the player.

Do you like to rock? Do you want to rock? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then you'll certainly want to get the volume cranked up well past safe levels and rock the hell of the absolutely kick arse new track from Jon Of The Shred entitled '2029 A.D.'. This guitar drenched composition of dramatic synths and awe inspiring power is something to behold. I think this is one of Jon's first experiments in rock synth experiences, but I certainly hope is not his last as '2029 A.D.' is k-rad to the max.

How can you possibly follow something with such extreme rocking? With extreme funking, thats how!
Garth Knight is back to full form funk flights of fantasy with his brand new track 'Dance With Me'. I love how stripped back this piece feels, theres a real 'live' element to the synthscape that is totally engaging. It's great to see such strong return from Mr Knight, and you can purchase your own copy of 'Dance With Me' through the link in the player.

Niky Nine has proven to be one of the most exciting new producers coming out of the back end of 2013 and his new release 'Road' adds even more weight to this. The drama is kept in check with an absolutely stunning lead synth melody that flows like a neon liquid of saturating 80s wonder. The story is told splendidly well with each passage and refrain ushering in new levels of excitement. This superb experience is available to add to your collection at a name-your-own-price point through the link in the player.

Another hot rockin preview teaser next, this time from Palisded. I've got a weak spot for Palisded's brand of 80s inspired synth work as it's minimalist nature is punctuated by it's beautifully conceived melodies and combine for a hypnotising elevatory experience. This new album displays these traits in each of the teased tracks. It's not too long to wait for the full album however, as it's due out on the 19th of December.

KFDDA keeps on upping his game with each shared track and his latest is definitely one of his strongest thus far. 'New Sights' eases into itself  through it's introductory passage but quickly finds a path of marching intent and melodic adventures within. I really love the freeform nature of the production that makes it feel lik a live jam yet it still retains a strong narrative. Great work and is currently available for FREE download.

A new compilation from Violent Success Productions called Retro Future is due out on the 3rd of December but I couldn't contain my excitement for two tracks off it from Droid Bishop and Crozet. The compilation contains no less than nineteen tracks from a huge variety of artists both familiar and unfamiliar to myself, and I'm really looking forward to experiencing the full package. For now though, we must rock the amazing new track from Droid Bishop, 'Days Of The Running Man'. The structure to this experience is absolutely jaw dropping with emotive melodies combining with lushly detailed synthscapes that are bursting with vibrant colours and energies.

Another awesome track off this compilation is 'Hold My Weight' from Crozet. This is a high speed adventure into Synth Romance with pastel crushes of synths and percussion melding with a delicate vocal track. The pop sensibilities of Crozet are very apparent as this experience is perfectly arranged for the absolute maximum emotional impact. It's anthemic and full of beauty, wonderful music.

Keeping things in the Synth Pop realm is the new song from the Some Desperate Glory side project Pacific Deep entitled 'Upgradeable'. These guys have really nailed the new romantic synth sounds of the early 80s with a poignant vocal track and a super catchy chorus. These music is authentic and full of homage to the classics of the day while adding a new layer of freshness to the mix.

To finish of this Weekend Update we have something from Le Matos, this is an old promo video for their 'Coming Soon' album that came out in 2011, but I just came across this and had to share it. The video is wonderfully implemented modern take on the original music video for Kenny Loggins 'Footloose' and this combined with the always amazing Le Matos magic makes for a sublimely rad experience.

Le Matos "88mph" music video from Le Matos on Vimeo.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back during the forthcoming week with more rockin tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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