Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape 2013

The soundtrack for all your Halloween festivities has arrived! The Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Mixtape is ready to rock you to hell and back with thirty one flesh ripping tracks from some of the finest practitioners in the darkened synth arts. The stuff off nightmares is explored in dripping details with a petulant passion for frenzied flagellations in an orgy of odious ordeals.

This two hour monster mix is going to be an annual event on Synthetix.FM thanks to the wonderful support this pilot project has received. As it's rare for me to include the darker ends of the synth spectrum in my regular Synthetix Mixtapes throughout the year, this mix will be an opportunity for me to share the more brutal side of 80s inspired synth in a jumbo sized format that will hopefully make the playlists of your Halloween social events and parties.

Many, many thanks to all the artists who shared their music to be a part of this inaugural Halloween special and I look forward to doing this all over again for Halloween 2014.

The cover art for this project is available in high res here, and a version formatted for your desktop is available here.

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  1. The Funky Frequency Modulated Soundtrack From Hell.
    I Absolutely Loved It ;@```