Saturday, October 12, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Aaand we're back!! Rockin the 80s with a modern flavour, Synthetix.FM is back on deck and ready to take off to the raddest dimensions with the magical sounds from the most tubular superstars in the galaxy!

Before we take off to adventure I've got some special plans for Halloween on Synthetix.FM. Starting today I'm taking submissions for the inaugural Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Ultra Mix! For the next two weeks, with the cut-off date being the 27th of October, I'll be looking forward to hearing your most horrifying synth creations and from this pool of bloody remnants, resurrecting them into a huge mix of nightmares and demons to provide you with the ultimate soundtrack for your Halloween festivities! The music should be 80s inspired synth of any denomination but of course the darker side is what I'm needing. Giallo Disco, Dark Synth, Slash Electro and even more ambient pieces are the order of the day, but being creative and adding your own flavour to the experience is what it's all about.

This is not a contest, nor is there a guarantee your track will make the cut but I'll certainly endeavour to include as many chapters of darkness as possible. The tracks submitted don't have to be new or exclusive but they must be your own work, that said, covers are also fine.  To submit your track simply use the Contact Form on the left hand column of this page. 

The Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Ultra Mix will go live on the 30th of October with a special edition of Synthetix.FM. The mix will be downloadable so that you can rock it all night long during your Halloween festivities. I'm looking forward to this project, as I hope you are also, and I hope we can make this one hell of a kick arse Halloween soundtrack!!

I'll be sure to post an update about this project in the next weekend. Now, lets get rockin with the new Super Jumbo Sized Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

First up is a hot new rocker on the scene going by the name of Trevorsomething. His latest song 'All Night' is a supremely moody homage to darker side of synth pop sounds. The vocal track is haunting with a story of substance abuse woven into a cautionary tale with a downward spiral being the only path to travel. Shades of Visage resonate throughout the music and really make for an incredibly kick arse ambience. Trevorsomething is someone I'll definitely be following ardently in the future.

Combining forces into a supernova of synth scintillations are STARFORCE and Tommy with their new epic, 'Interstellar'. The melodic beauty of both of these talented composers is allowed to bloom in to visions of vibrant colours and stunning synthscapes. The purity of this track is undeniable, it's essence is something unquestionable wondrous. Currently available for FREE download through the player.

More kick arse new music from Phaserland next. This producer's been releasing music for the last year on soundcloud but in recent months has found the love for 80s sounds and his new track rocks the retro sounds with much panache. 'Night Talk' is a slow burn that creates a salaciously steamy atmosphere full of hot sounds and tempting melodies. This piece of sultry synth erotica is best served with ice, on a warm night with the volume set to the most intimate of levels.

RF Extreme continues to hone his musical skills in each successive outing and for his latest track he's returned to luxuriant tones of Synth Romance in 'The Eyes Of Fantasy'. The melodic structure are light and hopeful with an air of longing about them. The driving rhythm section gives the experience a really purposeful direction, allowing for each passage to expand further on the story.

It's been a while since we had some honest to goodness Transformers inspired tracks on Synthetix.FM and it pleases me greatly to have Lazerpunk!'s 'Death Of A Hero' to right this injustice. Lazerpunk! has created an exceptionally atmospheric adventure that rocks on in a most satisfying manner with set pieces in all the right places while retaining a reverence throughout the leading melodic refrain.

Russia's Pulse 80 has been rockin the classic 80s sounds for quite a while now, but I've only become aware of his work recently. The sounds he creates are totally rockin the authentic 80s vibes and with his new track, 'Old-Skoolin' he's managed to recreate some kick arse electro funk breakin' beats. From the excessive hand claps to the hooky bassline this is pure killer. Be sure to grab a copy of his FREE Best of 2013 EP here for more beautifully authentic 80s inspired synth sounds.

One thing I really love about Mitch Murder's music is that you only need to hear about three or four seconds of it to know it's him. His individualised sounds are instantly recognisable, which is definitely a  rarity in the scene and is one of the reasons he's so respected and loved. With his latest piece we find Mitch Murder again creating synth magic strung from golden tones and magical melodies. 'Killer Angels' features a modicum of drama set amidst a flurry of exciting passages. The master does it yet it again.

I was all set to post Dr Pecco's awesome Denim Python and then the Doctor released something extraordinary yesterday that I just had to cover. 'October' featuring Jonah on vocals is a spectacular R&B groove that mixes old and new elements with stunning results. The vocal tracks is vastly impressive whilst the music keeps as soulful edge but also manages to get a bit dirty too. Dr Pecco just keeps on rockin.

Highway Superstar is back with an ambient atmospheric epic entitled 'The Road To Alpha Centauri'. The music is allowed to flow of it's own innate volition with glacially epic presence while the instrumentations are kept in a bright formations of celestial power with intimate details audible throughout the stars. Moving and invigorating throughout.

I previously reviewed Sam Haggblad's 'Never Say Never' in it's three track form on Synthetix.FM , and that release has now evolved into an eight track affair that provides even more kick arse Italo gold from this modern day master of the genre. The previously released three tracks are joined by three more originals and a cover of Queen's 'Back Chat'.  The combined talents of Haggblad and singer Johanna Liljegren make for the the most authentically rockin Italo experience this side of 1986 with arrangements, instrumentations and production engineered for complete 80s accuracy.

 This is a must-have release for all fans of 80s inspired synth that endeavours to genuinely recreate the classic sounds with a pure heart and total respect for the retro sounds. In this longer format Never Say Never is an explosive flash of why Italo sounds are so engagingly 80s from beginning to end.

Droid Bishop is back for the attack with his new experience in sci-fi synth entitled 'The Outlander'. I really enjoyed Droid Bishop's Electric Love EP and this new track continues his adventures into the future with powerful star flight into unknown regions of the cosmos. The drama never threatens to become over wrought with the melodies becoming more jubilant and uplifting as the story evolves.

Continuing through a similar channel in space-time but in another dimension is the hot new track from Dallas Campbell. 'Outrunners Theme' is the theme to the Outrunners online comic, available for your perusal here and is the second track I'm aware of being used in this production from the 80s inspired synth scene (NFD Music's 'Infiltration' also being part of the experience). Dallas Campbell has fabricated an anthemic space synth piece that is most definitely 80s in design and make up but also includes some more 70s inspired progressions. He certainly makes both worlds work exceedingly well together in this dramatic tale of love, hate and adventure.

Another new artist to Synthetix.FM is Falconhoof. This British producer's sounds are certainly kicking much arse and his new track 'Falconh Attitude' is set to bursting point with 80s love. The music feels like a mixture of Beverly Hills Cop era Faltermeyer combined with a healthy dose of Synth Romance, creating a heady experience in good times and great rock'n'roll. Falconhoof definitely has the love and the skills, I'll be looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.

Speaking of good times and great rock'n'roll the new Plaisance track is full of both. This high energy homage to the Dolphins greatest quarterback is full of intense synth action and lovingly crafted with that Plaisance magic we absolutely love on Synthetix.FM.  This track is available at a 'name your own price' point through Bandcamp, so get on it and rock it!

LA Dreams keeps on bringing in new elements and inspirations into his vast repertoire of 80s soundscapes and his most exciting of late is 'Battle Graffiti Kids'. The electro breakin' sounds are complemented by layers of percussive details and held together by a melody that is 1000% pure LA Dreams.  Totally rockin.

Introduced to me by the always radical Noah 'BenniMushu' Kaufman is another new act to Synthetix.FM, the glorious Flamingo Drive. Their track 'Flamingo Drive Theme' as absolutely enrapturing in it's glorious beauty. The synthscape is full of magical passages and lovingly crafted details and it's emotional investment is inspiringly deep. This is the world famous Satin Jackets' pure 80s side project and I for one can't wait for more music from them.

Noir Deco's sounds are coming thick and fast in 2013 as his return to the scene was heralded initially by a short YouTube teaser has now escalated into a juggernaut of high calibre synth firepower. His new track, 'Rasalom' inspires with it's gigantic atmosphere and  epic narrative that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. The soundtrack flavoured pieces from Noir Deco have always been one of his strong points, on 'Rasalom' this theory is bolstered even further.

Clusterbuster from Norway is another new rocker on scene with a love for 80s sounds and penchant for more dramatic experiences. 'Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake' is Clusterbuster's homage to Friday The 13th and whilst it does contain darker elements it's more OutRun oriented than pure dark synth. The pace is as exciting as melodies and are arranged to keep excitement levels redlining in the danger zone.

A new act who's music really effected me is Shklovsky & Pale Blue Dot featuring Line with their song 'Sunset Eyes'. The 80s love courses through this ambient synth pop exposition and takes on ingenious new forms with the ghostly vocal track. The arrangements are avant garde in their construction which adds even more mystery to the haunting soundscape.

The final piece this this week's Weekend Update is a totally rockin new video by Dan Fisk, Heath Saunders and Dani Mueller. This is their submission of the ABC's of Death for the letter M. 'M Is For Mothers Against Drunk Driving' features two classic tracks from Carpenter Brut and turns a night of alcohol excess into a night of excessive violence. Great work from these guys!!

M is for Mothers Against Driving Drunk from Heath Saunders on Vimeo.

That does us for a huge Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. Remember to contact me through the email contact form on the left hand side of this page with your submissions for the Synthetix.FM Rhythm Vivisection Halloween Ultra Mix.

I'll be back with regular updates through the week, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin!


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    1. Everything should be OK now! Thanks for the heads up.