Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Am Mach Rider And I Am Here To Rock You

Being able to host an EP on my soundcloud as an exclusive place to be able to download these rockin tunes is an honour I'm very grateful to Mach Rider for bestowing on Synthetix.FM. His debut EP is out right now and the only place you can download it for free if via my page on soundcloud.

Mach Rider himself has gone from strength to strength in his sounds and the run up to his debut EP has allowed for a turbocharged odyssey into high speed thrills and electric synth action. The I Am Mach Rider EP consists of three original compositions and five remixes from some of the hottest rockers on the scene. KN1GHT, Zombie Hyperdrive, DJ Ten, A Space Love Adventure and Vincenzo Salvia have lent their skills to reimagining the Mach Rider experience, making for a dimensionally rich  journey into the violent future.

'Virtual Reality' sets the scene as the perfect introduction to Mach Riders aural vision as synths build and layer in before shockingly explosive drum track gives cause to the effect. Melodically leaning to darker consequences the instruments are given a crispness and energy that sparks out of the darkness, burning and yearning for the thrill of the chase.

Atmospheres are shattered and blown apart at an atomic level when 'The Law' enters the fray and the action kicks into the danger zone. Melodic threads weave in and out of oncoming traffic at breakneck speed and each hairpin turn breaks into a funky dimension of electro rockin combat as the lines between good and evil are blurred into a cacophony of energetic eruptions.

There can only be one victor in this battle, and that victor raises his hand in conquest and 'I Am Mach Rider' thunders into the horizon with roaring engines and screeching tires. The minimalist landscape accents the desolation of the heroes ride, with a heart beating for revenge and an insatiable need for justice.

The story is rich in details and structure that makes this three chapter narrative feel complete and like it was one piece, then cut into it's set pieces. As one continuous stream of consciousness it tells it's story succinctly and with much energy. However this story is then allowed branching avenues via the remixes and the new possibilities are then explored.

A Space Love Adventure takes the opening track into much more diverse environments and takes the original's intense tunnel-vision and expands it's horizons with new instruments and moods. DJ Ten's vision of 'Virtual Reality', takes the original's power and moulds into to a new take that rocks the DJ Ten brand of electro synth magic into truly funkified dimensions.

Possibly the most experimental revision on the EP goes to KN1GHT's version 'The Law'. It's heavily effected lead melody chokes under futuristic hazes and phases with an air of disharmonic biases, the result is intriguing to say the least. This is in direct contrast to Zombie Hyperdrive's  cop-laden exploitation piece that turns 'The Law' into a new formation that juxtaposes melodies and rhythms with deftness and creativity.

The final remix is from Italy's favourite son of the 80s inspired synth scene, Vincenzo Salvia and his raucous reimagining of 'I Am Mach Rider'. This definitely takes Salvia's styles into much darker and dramatic climes, devoid of his trademark Italo sounds and trading them in for searing guitars and combustible percussion.

Synthetix.FM is proud to present the 'I Am Mach Rider' EP for FREE download via my soundcloud page here and it gives me great pleasure to have an association with this totally rockin debut EP from Mach Rider. The entire package is highly recommended and you'll be sure to find more golden tunes from Mach Rider in the future on Synthetix.FM.

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