Sunday, September 29, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

This week's been exceptionally productive in the 80s inspired synth scene, it would seem that with the most 80s of holidays only a month away that producers are preparing for an onslaught of hot rockin tunes. Halloween on Synethix.FM will definitely be one to remember, but more on that in future posts.

Right now we have a huge amount of quality tunes to rock into, so lets take a trip into the past via the future with the new Synthetix Weekend Update!!

Aysyne's fast becoming a force to be reckoned with as each new track he shares expands his musical palette. On 'Ascend' we get to experience a stunningly beautiful lead melody that is given more weight with the dreamy synth accents. It's a joy to experience and is definitely one of Aysyne's strongest tracks.

Next up is a breezy new jam from Danger Mode, appropriately titled 'Timeless'.  Melodic exploration of passionate themes is the order of the day as synths are allowed to ebb and flow with subtlety and delight. This track is currently available for FREE download, many thanks to Vincenzo Salvia for sharing the hype on this one.

Grooveworthy is planning the launch of his Information Age EP in November and has shared a preview of the release. This should be a super exciting release as Grooveworthy's constantly pushing his own creativity and refining his sounds. The music featured includes the absolutely epic 'Information Superhighway' and is keeping the theme of 'emerging' internet technology as the theme. To get to know a bit more about Grooveworthy be sure to check out this week's episode of Beyond Synth that features an very entertaining interview with him here.

It was very interesting this week that two tracks found me that are very similar yet very different. Both are themed around the initial arcade game craze of the early 80s and are laced with samples and driving melodies. The first of these is 'VideoGameCraze', the first track to be shared publicly by Grand National. The soundscape is kept tight and on the minimalist end of the spectrum as news and game samples rock with the delightfully twee lead melody.

 Botnit's new track, 'Hi-Score' expands upon the theme further as the high energy OutRun music creates a great tension to the atmosphere. The sample usage also pushes towards these ends as the dark sides of the industry and addiction creep into the frame.  Both these tracks are kick arse in the own rights and make for a great double play experience.

Foreign Blade has graced us with a hot track this week that packs in the drama going by the name of 'Calling Mr. Big Shot'. Keeping things dark and brooding the music alludes to higher powers and glimmers of humanity amid the corporate back biting and hunger for power. This track is currently available for FREE download, so get it rockin as soon as possible.

Future City Records released a hot new three track EP by the rock hard Thunderclaw this week and it's definitely an experience in heavy handed radness. This Miami Vice themed experience combines high energy electro rockin action in strong doses. 'Recoleta' opens things up with smoothly ambient synths that are then blasted into sunset by high voltage electro passages. The combination typifies the contrasting nature of the Thunderclaw experience.

Moods shift darker and become more singularly minded with track two 'Castillo'. Haunting melodies fuelled with night time dangers and begin to choke with intensity. The Thunderclaw soundscape seems to be often pushed to breaking point to enhance the visceral nature of the narratives containing. The third chapter, 'Abel' is a fine example of this style of modern presentation with vintage music to allow for the contrast of beauty and brutality to co-exist in a timeless dimension.

You can pick up the B.A. EP from Thunderclaw through the link in the player below and I'd definitely encourage you to take a three part ride down the dark side of the Florida Key's with Thunderclaw at the helm.

Lets keep in the shadows of the night with the rockin new track from Professor Zonic Zynth and his latest work 'Doomsday MK-1'. The darker path is seldom travelled by the Professor but in this track he allows his synth funk to take on a nocturnal obeisance that is riveting and full of the dangers of the night.

When I go one about the stories and narratives in 80s inspired synth music this is a reflection on how the music evolves, draws you in and then takes you to new places and allows the experience to go beyond the more uniform structures of some electronic music. In RF Extreme's new track, 'Present Daze' we have a textbook example of the use of this kind of structure in an 80s presentation. The opening passages leads to a dramatic middle section before the enlightenment of the final climax. An incredibly beautiful example of quality craftsmanship in the synthient arts. Also be sure to check out a rockin interview RF Extreme has done this past week on Synth Waves here.

Lost Years is back and rockin the italo synth tones on his new gem 'The Kick'. Still in it's early stages of development this is certainly already hitting all the right notes for totally kick arse italo sounds. The pace is kept to a middling canter which allows for the huge percussive flourishes to really resonate for maximum effect.

Dance With The Dead are still yet to settle on the full track line up for their impending album due out this Halloween and with the quality of all the demo's they've been sharing of late it's going to be a hard job to select only one album's worth. Their new track 'Neon' takes on a far less dramatic tone than much of their previous outings, and has a touch of Arcade High about the lead melody that works beautifully well with Dance With The Dead's power house production.

PH Groove is heading for the gym with his new tune 'Legwarmers', and working up a sweat with hooky melodies and energetic arrangements. The PH Groove synth funk sounds are engineered for a more forthright disco flavour this time around and ventures into exciting new territories over it's epic near seven minutes. This track is currently available for FREE download, so make it a part of your work out as soon as you can.

Something a bit of out left field now with the stunning new song from Pistol Shrimp. 'This Moment' features AaronKnute and creates and incredibly beautiful vista of chill/dream wave synthscapes that swells with 80s love. The production is engineered for the perfect presence of each element and the vocal refrain is captured with much poignancy. This reminds me in parts of My Bloody Valentine and the Cocteau Twins, but with a more cinematic flair. It's definitely powered by energies I find much more engaging that a lot of the more sparsely arranged chill/dream wave songs I've heard and it's this huge wall of sound that is so totally enrapturing.

Hot on the heels of her VHS Dreams EP, Palisded has released a killer new synth experience this week called 'Lovestruck'. The bouncing bassline and minimalist melodies are complemented by a marching drum track that ties the experience together. The spatial nature of the synthscape is very engaging and the exploration of the melodies is wonderfully intimated. This track is currently available for FREE download, so get it while you can.

To finish of this week's Weekend Update we have something from the complete opposite end of the synth spectrum with a totally killer new tropical synth piece from James Baker titled 'Un Paradis Tropical'. I just can't get enough of this tune, it's gorgeous 80s naiveté and crisp synthscape is utterly joyous to behold. You can not help yourself but smile all the way through this track and thats one of the truly magical things about 80s inspired synth music. Totally k-rad to the max.

As James Baker's brilliance fades into the sunset it's time to say a bientot on Synthetix.FM for another week of rockin tunes and cosmic jams. I'll be back during the week ahead with more action from finest producers in 80s inspired synth music.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.


  1. Aww come on Rick. How could you forget to mention that MPM announced he'd finally be releasing his first album sometime early next year?

  2. As much as I dearly love MPM, I've learned to not get too excited by any announcements. An announcement of a delay to a release that didn't have a date yet is something I don't think we should get crazy about, just yet. That said, as soon as there concrete new MPM information, I'll do my damndest to promote the hell out of it.