Sunday, September 22, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Things are getting hot and heavy in the worlds of evolved 80s sounds as big releases keep on dropping like synth laden H-Bombs. There is also a great new compilation available for your listening pleasure, brought to you by the creative visionary Mike 'Who Ha' Mendoza. Flying under the banner of Retro Promenade, Vox Populi is a compilation devoted to some of the most rockin pop synth available.


This is spans the length and breadth of classically styled 80s sounds that are vocally oriented and many of the most rockin artists in the scene are present and accounted for. I'm a huge champion for the use of vocals in 80s inspired synth music and when such a fantastic selection of songs is presented in one place it makes for a vastly entertaining package.

In Who Ha's infinite wisdom he's also included links to all the respective artist's soundcloud and Facebook pages, so make sure you follow and like all your favourite artists.

Now, let's get down to business with all the most rockin action this past week in the new Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM.

First up is a totally kick arse new track from Garth Knight that contains much avant garde experimentalism. The chopped up presentation overrides some very funky 80s groove and theres
even a bit of classic hip hop thrown into the mix too. I love this track, it just plain rocks.

The new song from Vestron Vulture this week was another sparkling gem. 'Together' features delightfully effected vocals and a richly emotive instrumental track. The timing of the lyrics and the music is absolutely entrancing and makes for an experience that is definitely one of my favourites from Vestron Vulture.

Niky Nine introduced me to a hot new italo flavoured venture going by the name Absolute Valentine and his new track 'Disco Lover'. Definitely arranged with a modern character but also with much of the character around the melodies drawn from late 70s-early 80s disco synth. The result is definitely rockin to the max.

Dance With The Dead just can't contain their high velocity firepower as this week saw the duo unleash two killer new tracks. 'Robeast' is the dictionary definition of what the Dance With The Dead experience is all about: vastly epic melodies, energised smashing drama and the terror of the night lurking in every passage. The guitar tracks in this experience are absolutely exemplary and bring out great details in the narrative. Be sure to check out the other Dance With The Dead track shared this week called 'Battle' here.

Palm Highway Chase share some very experimental pieces this week, each of which provided some insight into this artists creative process. The most complete ideas of these was definitely the totally rad
'Palm Dreams'. I'm assuming this has been given a heavily filtered treatment by the title but the overall presentation is lucid and vital beneath it's imaginatively distorted visage.

Another artist working through some experiments is the always rockin Paul For You. He released a dearth of 'Final Demo' tracks that I'm hoping will go into a fully fledged release sometimes soon. 'Chuka' finds the immensely catchy Paul For You aesthetic taken to jazzier climes while retaining his trademark hooks. Be sure to check out the rest of his releases this week on his soundcloud here.

LA Dreams was back in sterling form this week with his amazing new experience 'Cocktails In The Lounge'. This artist once again proves why he's one the brightest stars in the 80s synth galaxy with this glittering gem of synth funk brilliance. The LA Dreams experience just keeps on rockin and I for one am eternally grateful for each track he shares.

The synth brothers going by the name of Bourgeoisie are back with a vengeance with a killer new single 'The Carcinus Project'. Drama levels are set to huge levels of intensity as the melodies introduce layers of hope and humanity to the desolate dystopian vision. The narrative is deep and vibrant, ushering in a spectacular return to the scene for Bourgeoisie.

The new record from 80s synth scene mainstays Casio Social Club is definitely sounding totally kick arse. The Life In 3D album is set to launch worldwide on the 7th of October and contains some of their familiar classics and a whole mess of new electro funk breakin gold. This will be one to watch for, but you can check it out in it's entirety in the soundcloud player.

A new cosmic interlude from Aysyne next with his new interstellar experience 'Sparkle'. The melodies are haunting and full of presence with a percussive track that is full of spatial energies and cosmic propulsion. The breakdown and rebuild in 'Sparkle' is totally epic and makes the story richly detailled.

Clusterbuster is an artist new to Synthetix.FM and I can him getting a lot more love on here in the future. This producer is aiming to the darker side of OutRun with some soundtrack elements and arrangements along with a preponderance for classic movie samples. His latest track 'Crime Is The Disease And I Am The Cure' is a high speed chase at night that is full of twists and turns and moments of violence.

Fantastisizer took a night drive into more introspective spheres of creativity with his haunting new track 'The Exchange'. The presentation is subdued and laid back with melodies allowed to create their own paths amid the pulsing bassline. The length of this track allows for full and concise appreciation of it's beauty. This is a side of Fantastisizer I hope I get to see more often.

One of the most rockin surprises this week was the totally k-rad to the max new track from Diana Gitallog called 'The Quest' and featuring Dark Energy Discoveries. This is a magnificently authentic slice of dramatic pop synth with some nods to italo in the finer details. I love the dark ambiance of this song and the vocals and structure add megatons of presence to it. Stunning from beginning to end.

Another collaborative effort up next with Denovomutans and NFD Music combining their talents to create one of the moodiest pieces of the week in 'Femme Fatale'. The minimalist nature of the experience leads to much exploration of the echoing melodies and leads to powerful final act. This awesome exponent of classic 80s soundtrack synth is also available for FREE download in the player.

Lightening the mood now with some kick arse new pop synth from Miranda Carey and her debut song 'Piece Of Paper'. This is a pitch perfect piece of quality 80s bubblegum pop that really kills with its catchy hooks and a chorus that rocks with total synth magic. Miranda Carey's Fast Forward EP is due out soon and I'll be greatly looking forward to rocking these gorgeous synth pop sensations on Synthetix.FM in the future. Many thanks to Sunglasses Kid for enlightening me to this very promising new artists in the scene.

Finally this week we have the kick arse new video from scene legend Neros77 and his visualisation of Stratos (Mitch Murder) Zero's track Rush. Once again Neros77 captures the magic of the music with clips from The Running Man and Deathsport combined to make a deliciously deadly roller coaster ride into games of courage, stamina, glory and vengeance!

That does us for another jam packed Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week with more gems from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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