Saturday, September 14, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's that time of the week once again, time for your weekly overdose of synth fuelled radness as the Synthetix Weekend Update injects your heart and imagination with aural luminescent 80s love. Crank your volume up to dangerous levels and rock it to the max!

First up is the epic new adventure in slow moving soundtrack synth from Lambda. 'Replenish' is deep with emotional gravity and contemplative introspection, the narrative gets heavier and heavier as the feelings transgress into new dimensions. Currently available for FREE download.

In his latest track Bobby Outro becomes a times travelling producer with 'RetroClash'. The tone of this piece is totally rockin as it crosses about three decades in it's sounds and emotions. Elements of early 90s techno, 80s italo and 70s progressive are all present and the Bobby Outro magic combines them into one sumptuous feast of electronic energy.

The previews for hot new releases in the near future are coming thick and fast and one of the most exciting is the new album from one of Synthetix.FM's favourite avant garde engineers of synthual majesty: Navigateur. Each of the teasers in this preview are spectacular in their presence and ambiance. A universe of scenes and emotions are sure to be explored in the full release which will occur sometime this season.

Steel Sky's back this week with two tracks, my favourite of which is 'Rebirth'. A richly detailled story drives this powerhouse track with a ferocity that is unrelenting. The contrasting lead synths are evocative and much more intimate but it's the kick arse bass line and drum tracks that give it such awesome momentum. Be sure to check out Steel Sky's other track shared this week here.

A hot new track from RF Extreme this past week displays a slightly more ambiant side to his musical personality. 'Future Highway' is both dramatic and poignant with a vast soundscape that gives the listener a solitary atmosphere. Out on a dark road, all alone with the sounds of the future echoing a synth fuelled sirens call.

Next up is a wonderful new homage track from Alpha Boy. I do have a soft spot for Alpha Boy's tracks that he writes with direct inspiration and dedication, something very personal and wonderful occurs. In 'Carl Sagan' we hear a more spatially oriented and minimalist Alpha Boy synthscape which is complemented perfectly by one of Carl Sagan's classically insightful sound bites.

Spain's most rockingest synth exports, Cougar Synth, are certainly on of my favourites acts of 2013. With their new track we hear a more laboured and wound down piece that uses emotionally contrasted melodies to create a wonderful new synthscape. 'Future Shock' rocks with an almost tortured rhythm that is teased into life with delicate lead melody that is a delight to behold. Currently available for FREE download.

I feel a bit of a fool for doubting the new Anoraak would be rockin, but one can get a bit jaded with the amount producers who were making 80s inspired music a few years ago and have now changed direction entirely. It brings me immense joy that the new Anoraak song 'Morning Light' from his forthcoming album retains much of the 80s soul of his earlier work. Shades of Tesla Boy can be experienced in the presentation too, which is always kick arse.

A hot new track from Quasars certainly gets the energy flowing and 'Gym' is positively coursing with vibrant 80s neon power. The synth romance moods are wonderfully explored as synth flourishes and cow bell accents drive the adventure into the red zone. Currently available for FREE download, be sure to get it in your next work out mixtape.

Next up is a hot new rocker in the evolved 80s scene going by the name of Kn1ght. The music is full of  scintillating passion and climbing melodies that ascend to the heavens at a blistering speed. Sounds are razor sharp and arranged for maximum drama as the blend of horror synth and OutRun make for an explosively combustible experience. Be sure to check out the totally rad official music video to 'Last Moon' here as well. Many thanks to Saadettin 'Sady K' Kahriman  and Recep Ünel for enlightening me to this hot new talent.

The rockin just keeps getting hotter as LA Dreams takes us on another trip into the neon nights with 'Outside Insiders'. Heady melodies are ignited with passionate lead solos that sweep and groove in magnificently authentic fashion courtesy of one of the scenes brightest stars. The LA Dreams magic flows strong and bright from beginning to end.

Stellar Dreams are releasing a killer new EP called Audiolove at the end of October and they've just shared a three part teaser for it. Three distinctly styled pieces are present and all of them are sounding very exciting indeed. It's still a while off, but I'll endeavour to make sure this doesn't get lost in the Halloween Rush.

Vector Hold is taking to sun drenched and romantic places with his new track 'Venice Beach'. The air of salty synth romance is warm and welcoming as smoothly flowing melodies sparkle across the inviting blue waters. Sumptuous and full of quality 80s emotions this track is currently available for FREE download.

The Skull And Shark project that has been under construction for the best part of 2013 is building to a impending unleashing of the combined talents of Dave Rapoza and Lazerhawk. The latest teaser alludes to more announcements around Halloween but the music contained in this short clip is enough to get anyone foaming at the mouth in rabid anticipation of this mixed medium experience.

Retro Culture is an Australian band that channel a plethora of 80s styles and emotions and package them into a format that's smooth, funky and totally rockin to the max. 'Hypnotized' is their latest song and it's a tour de force of funk synth, disco guitars and pop vocals. The music is upbeat and resplendent in 80s pop magic.  Be sure to grab a FREE copy of this song through the link in the player.

It's personal policy of mine not to cover remixes on Synthetix.FM. I believe there are many other places online that cover remixes and I would much rather support original creative projects but on a very rare occasion I find myself unable to enforce this policy. This is the case with the absolutely incredible remix by Highway Superstar of Peter Robinson's 'Why'd You Go And Break My Heart'. Highway Superstar has recognised the 80s soul in the vocal performance and engineered an amazing new vision for it that is simply 80s pop perfection. You can pick up a copy of the EP including the remix on Beatport here.

That finishes up another blockbuster Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've had as much fun as I have and found a bunch of new favourite tunes from the 80s inspired synth scene.

I'll be back with more rockin action over the coming week.
'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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