Saturday, September 7, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

All the planets must be in alignment this past week as a whole ensemble of 80s synth heavy hitters have shared brand new music in an onslaught of pink neon explosiveness. September is going to be a big month for EP and album releases, so keep your internet dial tuned to Synthetix.FM for all the radness a rocker can bear.

One of the great things currently happening in the 80s inspired synth scene is people stepping up and doing their thing to spread the word. As I mentioned in the Protector 101post I did this week Andy Synth is doing a fantastic new shows called Beyond Synth. Andy's already done interviews with Who Ha, Ogre Sound and Vincenzo Salvia, as well as the aforementioned session with Protector 101. The interviews as informal and relaxed and make for very entertaining listening.

Also stepping up is 80s synth scene mainstay BenniMushu and his new show on KFAI radio, Synth Waves. Anyone who's been active in the scene over the last few years will recognise BenniMushu as one of the most ardent and loyal fans of 80s inspired synth music on soundcloud. Now that he has his own radio show he's doing interviews and playing the hottest rockin tunes.

These two rockers will hopefully fill the void for quality interviews with all the great producers in the scene. I had intended for Synthetix.FM to do more interviews, as I've done in the past, but the workload on here has meant I've not been able to devote nearly enough time to doing them to a standard I'm happy with. I always hoped that other rockers would stand up and take on that role and now with at least two sites doing podcast style interviews this should provide a huge amount of good times and great rock'n'roll for those fans, like myself, who want to know more about the scene's raddest talent.

Let's get down to business with some solid gold tunes that are sure to make your days brighter and your nights hotter with the new Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

First up is another great track from Pumping Body with 'Young Untouchable'. This Polish producer is really weaving some great 80s magic in his music and this latest track is no exception. Upbeat melodies and punchy percussion set moods to exciting, with a chance of romance. Currently available for FREE download too.

Even though Dance With The Dead pushed their full length album release back to sometime this month they're still making sure we know what we're going to be in for and that, most importantly, it'll be well worth the wait. In their latest demo, 'Xenon', the duo once again combine the danceability of high energy OutRun with the darker sides of Giallo Disco. As always the arrangements create an incredibly deep narrative that thrills and chills it's way into your soul.

It's always going to be a red letter day when theres new Photosynthesi music around and this new track certainly reinforces this. 'Out Of The Blue' is full of cascading melodies and azure vistas full of cresting waves and breezy synths; you'll need to put your sunglasses on for maximum effect. This track is also and exclusive to the new episode KFAI's Synth Waves show.

It's great to see Les Chic Voltage is back and rockin the scene more frequently of late. His latest work is a slow burning synth adventure  called 'Fresh Dub 82'. Containing some massive drums and dub elements he ties it all together with some totally tubular 80s melodies that make the entire experience a magical affair. Currently available for FREE download too.

80s Stallone dropped not one but two super cool tracks this week. Both are inspiring and full of 80s love and passion and I found myself in quite a quandary as to which one I enjoyed the most. I think 'Heavyweight' has a slightly richer story but 'Comeback' has a charm that is undeniable. The solution? Heres 'Heavyweight' and heres 'Comeback' so rock em both loud and proud!

Moustache Machine unleashed the spectacular 'Mission Control' this week ans I'm still feeling the aftershocks. The build on this track is totally kick arse and the nods to OutRun and Italo sounds throughout the adventure is as rockin as it is riveting. Also available currently for FREE download.

In what promises to be one hell of a synthscapade through many dimensions is the new full length record form Shio-Z. The preview he has posted covers a massive amount of territory and each track definitely piques my interest and makes me hunger for more. We don't have to wait long for this album's release though as it's released date is only a few days away on the 10th of September, but you can start getting excited right now!

The big hits just keep on coming and they don't get much bigger than STARFORCE's new single. 'Alpine Glow Part II' is a sequel to one of the most popular tracks off their last album Ominiversal Oscillations and it continues the ideas and emotions forged in the original to wondrous new evolutions.
It's an awe inspiring experience with a grandeur and class that is irrepressible. This epic is currently available for FREE download too, so get it rockin ASAP!

I honestly find it hard to put into words just how much I love Sternrekorder's music. Every time I get to post a new track by this amazing producer I seem to find it that little bit harder to convey just how hard his music rocks. In his latest track 'Duesenjaeger' we have yet another glorious ride into a fanciful wonderland of shimmering brilliance and beautiful synthscapes. Magnificent!

Funk synth rockers Jupiter Gang are back with a kickin new tune called 'The Escape'. I find this act one of the most exciting in this field of 80s synth as there seems to be a completely lucid understanding of the genre in their music. I can just see Morris Day & The Time marching up and down the stage to this with synths in hand and bad intentions on their minds. Also available for FREE download!

Another massive release in the offing is a new album from scene legend FM Attack. This exciting new  release promises a huge amount of glowing 80s love done with that touch of modernity. There are currently five preview tracks available for your early indulgence on FM Attack's soundcloud here but I couldn't resist sharing 'Magic' featuring the inimitable premier chanteuse of the 80s inspired synth scene Kristine on vocals. We don't have wait too long for the album as De Ja Vu is due to be released next week on the 12th of September.

Next up is the brand new track from Dr Pecco which blew me the first time I heard it. In 'Scubamask' Dr Pecco creates just the right level of drama and intrigue while lacing the synthscape with a wonderfully catchy lead melody. This instantly became one of my favourite tracks by the good Doctor, plus it's also available for FREE download currently!

Something that's becoming a fantastic new trend in the scene is the amount of producers getting work doing soundtracks for movies, games and digital comics. These avenues are the perfect way to broaden the audience and fan base that is possible. Foreign Blade has become the most recent producer to explore these new pastures with his new track 'Wiped Out' which will feature in the online comic OutRunners. It's a great track with a darkened mood and a thirst for danger and I hope this leads to more work for Foreign Blade on this production. 'Wiped Out' is available for FREE download too.

Continuing down the dramatic path of intrigue is the new track from Cobra Copter. 'The Plan' is at it's core a funky piece that is bound by a super catchy lead melody but this has been chopped up and almost glitched about in a very entertaining manner. The simplicity of the synthscape allows for much greater explorations of this melody and creates a very engaging experience.

A wonderful new track came my way this week from the delightfully named Zombie Hyperdrive. This piece called 'Citadel' is vastly majestic and rich in melodic harmonies and it's absolutely jubilant in it's stunning chorus refrain. The story is as epic and full of enrapturing details that are completely spellbinding. Definitely one of my favourites in this week's crop of rockin tunes.

To finish off with we have a new high energy roller coaster ride from the alway rockin LA Dreams.
'The Taste Of Glory' is jam packed with twisting turns and high speed straights and the shredding guitars take the experience to all new levels of adrenalin fuelled excitement. Totally rockin.

That does us for another big Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back during the week with more  rockin good times from the 80s inspired synth scene.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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