Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Off On A Cyberlight Adventure With Biff Taylor

Streaking through the cosmos at the speed of light and conquering galaxy after galaxy is Biff Taylor. This producer's deeply infectious brand of kick arse electro funk synth has been collected and released in the form of the Cyberlight EP. Over five chapters the Biffmeister himself rocks out grooving basslines, KO punch percussion and spacey melodies that forge a galactic funkpower starcrash.

I do believe this a debut release from this producer, and it sure does promise great things. The music displays a great deal of understanding for classic 80s electro funk sounds and the authenticity of the arrangements provide for a totally rockin experience.

'Heaven 87' opens up the EP with a massive, driving beat that layers in blistering laser samples and rocks to a spectacular bassline. The melodies tighten up as the electro funk begins to really take off into the stratosphere. The soundscape retains a wonderful clarity through this piece which is in no small part due to the instruments used. Each element has just the right personality, creating the perfect atmosphere for the futuristic sounds to weave their magic into the starry void of space.

The funk keeps on rockin into track two, 'Cyberlight Systems'. Huge drums, accented by perfect fills and details are accented with a melody designed for a space funk flight. The lead synth adds a deeply epic quality to the proceedings but this freeform piece takes on a life all it's own as the basslines move into new heavenly bodies, rich with colour and life. As if landing on the sandy coastline of an alien planet 'Beach Sequence' begins with it's slightly bent melodies and bright sounds. The music chops up nicely with a definite summery air to it, although the brevity of this piece leaves some questions yet to be answered.

Fast paced cutting and diving thrills personify the fourth chapter of Cyberlight with 'Night Chase' which thunders along at dangerous speeds. The music is an aural ricochet of pumping rhythms and churning melodies, moving and weaving in pulsating patterns with the accelerator held firmly to the floor. Things finally calm down in the last chapter of the EP and the music is allowed some room to breathe and evolve.  In 'The Tracks' we get to experience Biff Taylor's more atmospheric side that trades energy for emotion and adds a robotic machine-like mystique to the sound. It's definitely cut from a darker cloth than the rest of the EP and completes the Cyberlight experience with aplomb.

Biff Taylor's debut EP is a marvellous start for this producer. It's rare for a purely electro funk based EP to be released as most producers use this genre as a diversion more than a strict purpose and I genuinely enjoyed having these five tracks working together to keep the space funk rockin throughout.

The Cyberlight EP is presented on Biff Taylor's Bandamp page here and Synthetix.FM highly recommends this release for everyone in need of that classic 80s electro funk sound. Let Biff Taylor be your pilot and take you through an intergalactic adventure powered by the cosmic funk of a thousand stars.

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