Saturday, August 31, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's time to rock your weekend with a brand new Weekend Update full of sumptuous synth temptations and intimate promises of dreams yet to be realised.

Let's get rockin with the killer new tune from Gina Calabrese. Moods are kept subdued and passions restrained in this slow motion synthscape. This track combines an excellent ambient quality in the melodies with crisply punctuated percussion making for a hypnotising contrast that haunts as much as it grooves.

New Arcades have just recently shared a rockin new instrumental track titled 'Reflections'. This harkens back to very 2010 sounding experience with those glorious 80s synth passages melded with modern drums. The melodies are uplifting and the modern elements give even more vibrance to the the experience. This track is currently available for FREE through the link in the player.

Pacific Deep are an duo kicking some major arse with their 80s synth pop sounds. Made up of NZ producer Raymond Hayter and Carl Grace (Some Desperate Glory) these rockers have just released 'Take Me Away' is a dreamy reflection on better times and a yearning to relive them. The song is written and arranged to pop perfection and the chorus will be in your mind and imagination long after the song finishes.

Sunglasses Kid is definitely proving himself as one of the hardest working talents in the 80s inspired synth scene. He is currently working with a tonne of musicians and vocalist from all over the planet in his quest to create his ultimate vision of 80s synth pop. With his latest collaboration with Dana Jean Phoenix we find Sunglasses Kid really rockin hard and presenting a neon rainbow pastiche of 80s elements presented in a bright and positive manner that totally kills. This song is currently available for FREE download and be sure to check out the preview for his upcoming EP release here too. This is going to be great!

Time for some new Evanton! These rockers keep on pumping out their own vision of golden electro italo and 'Theme From The Gold Digger' finds them taking their style into new colours and visions. The classic Evanton bassline is as rockin as ever and the new synth layers elevate the experience to all new levels of radness. A great build and a stellar final act complete this track beautifully.

Foreign Blade is taking a trip into the realms of sweet italo synth with his latest track 'Disco Robot'. The beautifully realised narrative in this track is superb as the music tells its story and weaves a magic robotic spell over the listener. This track's pace is slightly slower than what I would've imagined but it works perfectly with the poignant synth melodies. Grab this FREE download while you can!

Taking a trip into more atmospheric realms of synth entertainment we have the new epic track from Jugement Dernier entitled 'Risky Business'. Over nearly seven and a half minutes of beautifully ambiant  and eloquently detailled synth magic is presented and explored with an overriding narrative that holds everything together. This is one of the first of Jugement Dernier's experiments in the fields of 80s inspired synth and I hope there are many more to come. Be sure to get this track for FREE download while you can.

A new rocker to Synthetix.FM is Cobra Copter and I'm very proud to share is totally kick arse new track 'Chrome City'. This piece walks many 80s themed lines and ties them together with a massively infectious lead melody. The minimalist presentation allows for a very intimate experience and keeps the space it occupies clean and crisp in the cool night air. Many thanks to Halyein for enlightening me to this rockin producer.

There's something about heavily contrasting elements that I love about 80s synth music (and 80s design/clothing/everything for that matter). RF Extreme has totally nailed this in his latest track '12 Cylinder'. Behind gossamer-like, wistfully arranged synth melodies there is pumping and brash rhythm section allowing for a divergent contrast in synthscapes that still exist in perfect symbiosis. The end result is truly magical.

Rutger Megahertz has a new gem of authentic italo gold on offer this week with his hot new track 'Celestial'. Combining just a smidgen of 70s disco with colourful and vibrant italo synth has made for a super charged experience that is as authentic as it is fresh. The lead melody is so authentic it could almost be a direct Koto sample. Marvellous! And also currently available for FREE download!

I'd have to say that the combination of Denovomutans and Dana Jean Phoenix on paper had me scratching my head but once 'Omni Lethal Weapon' began I realised this is collaboration is true stroke of genius. Combining Dana's 80s pop vocal sensibilities with Denovomutans twisted visions of a neo apocalyptic synthscapes has resulted in a dramatic song that would be at home in the introduction or montage sequence of any 80s dark sci fi home video release. Totally rockin from beginning to end.

Magic Sword had been a tad quiet of late. With nine months between slashes I'd actually wondered if they were still kicking but thankfully they are, and they're back now kicking harder than ever! 'Sword of Truth' marks the triumphant return of Magic Sword with dramatic and powerfully introductory passages leading into a point of purely triumphant exhilaration. I hope these rockers are back for good now and will be producing and sharing more gems like this with us soon.

NFD Music came in swinging hard with a superbly written exploration of sweet synth romance this week with the track 'She's My Dream'. Melodies are sugary and bright with luminescent melodies going into crush overload as the music builds to final electrified kiss. Currently available for FREE download, so make sure this is the soundtrack to your weekend romances.

Electric Dissection keeps on upping his game with each new track and 'Surreal' finds this composer exploring the unreal and fantastical sides of his creativity. Music is minimalist in presentation but the melodies and arrangements are full of epic chord progressions and imaginative details. A flight of fancy into the dreams and possibilities of our subconscious minds.

One of the most creative and intriguing producers I know is Amazing Police. Throughout 2013 this artist has made some of the most groundbreaking and individualised synth experiences. His music is full of magical combinations of sounds and arrangements that I've never heard before and in his track 'Exotic Information' he's done it yet again. The structure of this piece makes me hold my breath in anticipation and each passage adds even more intriguing elements. I can't get enough of this track, it's absolutely k-rad to the max.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've enjoyed this cream of the crop from the 80s inspired synth scene as much as I have and I look forward to experiencing more with you next week.

'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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