Saturday, August 24, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The rockin keeps on rollin with another week full of hits and classics in the 80s inspired synth scene. Lots of new tunes, new artists and new experiences to be had, so without further delay lets get down to the raddest business in the universe with this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

A new Rain Sword track showing up always means a red letter day and his latest piece is no exception. In 'Break Point' we find Rain Sword exploring his inner Steve Winwood with deliciously sumptuous results. Rain Sword really 'gets' the 80s melodic structure and you can feel this passion in each element contained in 'Break Point'.

LA Dreams is an unstoppable natural force of 80s power and demonstrates this to the nth degree in his new track 'Steam'. The atmosphere is electric with passionate feelings and a yearning the spans the decades in seconds. The less is more approach in this track's construction allows the ideas to be beautifully detailed and explored. A wondrous story that is drenched in all of the 80s love one could envisage.

Kubinski's adventures into the mystical realms of ninja synth continues with his shuriken sharp new track 'Yamabushi'. Setting the scene with swirling melodies shrouded in the rising mists. The hypnotic meditations upon eastern prophecy and the powers of earths elements resonate throughout the piece.

Dance With The Dead have delayed their debut album until an undisclosed time in September but still keep teasing new tracks with a regulated precision. The demo for 'Zombie Night' shows, once again, why these guys are just so rockin to the max. Their combination of 80s horror soundtrack elements with modern elements while, most importantly, keep the balance absolutely perfect is just awesome. Especially when you consider how many times they've managed to pull this off over the course of 2013 already.

The Alpha Boy hit machine has been thrust into high gear of late and each new experience from this producer seems to be developing in new and exciting ways. His latest single 'Blinds' is full of smooth synth sax layered over a delightfully bubbly lead melody with super slick production that adds an extra layer of gloss to the soundscape.

Vector Hold has unleashed a rockin new OutRun track that is creating it's own slipstream as it over takes the competition. 'Victory Road' is charged with a high octane fuel that thunders across the asphalt at death defying speeds while a ChipTune influenced lead gives the action a warm video game soundtrack quality. The lead hook is so catchy you'll be reaching top speed in no time.

A new PH Groove track always means funky times are about to rock and this is certainly case with his new italo themed track 'Nighthawk Fever'. The italo basslines lead the way for layers of disco guitars and synths that bend space and time with their cosmic power. This track is currently available for FREE download through the link in the player also.

From out of nowhere SuperVox has just released possibly the most k-rad italo track of 2013 with his incredibly authentic new track 'Victory'. I had to double check to make sure this wasn't actually an original italo track that has been re-released but rest assured this is all new music. The instrumentations, melodies and emotions are absolutely jaw dropping in their authenticity.  The entire production is breathtaking from beginning to end.

It's been more than a year since I've covered Les Chic Voltage's synth delights on Synthetix.FM but I'll rectify that right now with his superb new exploration 'Club Adriatico'. This track tells a wonderfully deep story with it's heavily effected vocals and a synthscape that changes and evolves with great beauty. The seaside experience is tactile and refreshing as the melodies resonate with a deliberate purpose. Currently available for FREE download, so get on it and take a coastal vacation courtesy of Les Chic Voltage as soon as possible.

Taking a similar mood, but with a darker thematic is the new experience from Kenji Run. I'm a huge fan of this producer and his music always grabs my attention and captures my imagination. In 'One Last Chance' Kenji Run explores the dark places of broken romance and pleads for his love to return. There's an air of malevolent desperation about this piece that is both disturbing and intriguing, something I've not experienced so succinctly since Collins' Animal Magnetism record.

Cougar Synth are, without a doubt, one the most rockin 80s inspired synth acts of 2013 and each new track is a new adventure that I just can't wait to experience. In 'Zhax-RX' we find the duo taking a more experimental approach with their unconstrained lead melody creating a dimensional mirage that the other parts of the track attempt to contain. This creates a beautiful synthscape that adds a delightful abstraction to the Cougar Synth experience. Currently available for FREE download, but not for long!

Out now on Future City Records is the hot new EP from Miles Prower: Outatime. The Miles Prower experience is a pastiche of vintage and modern sounds but doesn't particular set himself any stylistic focus based on era and instead creates his own worlds of sound. Throughout this five track EP Miles explores a vast amount of territory but each track retains a glowing 80s soul within. In the opening track we find much more modern instrumentations blended into 80s emotions but this is then taken into a more 90s melange in the second chapter 'Outatime'. This title track features the vocals of Colleen Quinn and the atmosphere reminds me a great deal of Ladytron's work with the harder electronic edge of the synths contrasted by the smoothly flowing vocal track.

'Summer Song 2.1' finds Miles back in the 80s with heavily drawn neon colours and dancing retro melodies. The music is bright and warm with a slight ChipTune air to the atmosphere which serves to make the colours even more vivid. The summer sun disappears by the fourth act 'Devices'. Melodically bright but atmospherically darker this piece walks the contrast of dark and light beautifully. The captivating lead refrain is explored with great dexterity as the piece unfolds with defined reverence.

The final chapter of Outatime is the very engaging 'Data Stream (Into The Ocean)' featuring the vocals of Coralie Kate. This piece takes the delicate female vocal and opposes it with a melange of 90s and ChipTune sounds to create something fresh. The vocal feels frail in the face of the regimented music and this contrast gives the piece a very engaging quality and finishes the EP on an all together new note.

The Outatime EP is presented by Future City Records on their Bandcamp page here. Although not strictly an 80s inspired synth release this EP displays the 'next-level' of the Miles Prower experience and it's one I encourage you to explore as the variations and ideas expressed work together in very exciting ways.

A rockin new italo space odyssey was unleashed by Android Automatic this week under the name of 'Lazer Love'. This cosmic disco adventure is full of catchy melodies and pumping rhythms that are sure to get you moving towards the heavens. The swirling space breakdown midway serves as the perfect launch pad for the final act's interstellar joyride. Currently available for FREE download.

Like Mowrey was found exploring his darker side this past week and the results have proven to be spectacular. 'ZebraA' is an epic adventure into the realms of darkness and horror but not without the infectious synth melodies of Like Mowrey to guide us through the turbulence. The piece is steeped in darker elements but the onyx void is set ablaze by bright and verdant passages of great distinction.

A new rocker on the scene is Thailand's Niky Nine and his latest track 'Road' is a hugely impressive debut. It wasn't until the lead melody kicked in at 1.32 that felt the Niky Nine magic but once this point was reached I was in it it's entrancing grasp for the track's duration. The synthscape is full of drama but but never despairs and proceeds to a level of glorious jubilation. Many thanks to Neros77 for enlightening me to this producer.

Our final piece for this week's Weekend Update signals the triumphant return of Flash Arnold with his guitar synth saga 'Unlimited'. Flash Arnold's preponderance for creating totally kick arse synth with guitars being used as a major player is brought to all new levels of radness in this track. 'Unlimited' by name and unlimited by nature, this is one amazing thrill ride through 80s sounds and emotions and is absolutely k-rad to the max. Get this superb piece from one of the scene's leading producers for FREE while you can.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've had some rockin good times on here and I'll be back with more totally tubular experiences in 80s inspired synth next week.

'Till then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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