Saturday, August 3, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been another monster week in the scene with a bunch of very rockin tracks being released. The coming week's look to set the scene afire with some killer new EPs and LPs coming out, it's definitely a good time to be a fan of 80s inspired synth!

To really set this off we have a brand new EP released from Mitch Murder entitled The Touch. This record displays even further refinement in his sound as complexity is kept to minimum and the melodic harmonies and instrumentations are allowed to shine. Mitch Murder's love affair with classic Library music is very prominent throughout both tracks, but the luxuriously smooth production is what really holds the experiences together. Everything flows, nothing feels forced and personality of Mitch Murder's music is feeling much more live and natural as a result, there is nothing sterile or cold about these sounds, they are full of vitality and warmth. Both 'The Touch' and 'Race Day' are spectacularly orchestrated and executed originals and the remixes of 'The Touch' by Night Sprite and LIFELIKE add interesting new ideas to the original intentions while remaining true their organic souls.

The Touch EP is presented on Mad Decent and is available for FREE download through the links in the player. Be sure to rock this hard and often!

An extra Mitch Murder bonus arrived this week with a free download of his cover of 'Outride A Crisis' from the classic SEGA motorcycle racing game Super Hang On. This is more totally kick arse work from the scene's leading producer and is available for FREE download here.

Keeping our tires gripped to the asphalt is the rockin new track from Professor Zonic Zynth and his OutRun flavoured adrenaline rush 'Scoring Wheels'. I must say, it pleases me great that this totally kick arse producer is now releasing his singles so that his fans can purchase them. 'Scoring Wheels' is full of high energy synth leads set to a raging pace. Excitement is the destination and the journey is an adventure!

Gost is back to rockin his menacing electro synth aural nightmares with his new track 'Ritual'. I personally found Gost's last album, Skull, not to my own personal tastes. He seemed to lose the underlying 80s melodies and nuances his previous works contained. It brought me great pleasure to hear a return to the classic 80s horror synth melodies in this new track. It's still an all out blistering attack but the brutality is contrasted by the classic 80s horror ambiance.

Time to get a bit more atmospheric, this time with the wonderfully talented Pilotpriest and the latest demo version of 'White Blazer'. The music is set to a languid pace but the bright and jubilant melodies create emotional vortexes of spiritually enriching sounds. The Pilotpriest magic flows beautifully throughout this adventure.

I'm really getting used to having a new RF Extreme track to share on here nearly every week. RF Extreme has a very sound work ethic that resonates in each new composition he shares. His latest works have been leaning smoothly into synth romance territory and his latest track, 'Never Ending Desire' dives headfirst into limpid pools of warm affection. The melodies are intimate and hopeful while the synthscape pulses with a yearning desire. This instantly became one of my favourites form RF  Extreme and with the amount of music he's been creating I'm hoping an album or at least an extended EP is going to see the light of day soon.

The quality synth romance keeps on rockin with the latest release from Russia's Quasars called 'Girl In a Varsity Jacket'. Teenage emotions and searing 80s synths always go hand in hand and Quasars have captured the spirit and feelings tremendously well. The minimalist atmosphere allows every instrument to have it's own presence felt, which goes double for the rockin guitars that kick in. This track is currently available for FREE download so get on it while you can.

80s synth scene rocker Flash Arnold is back with some mood dark soundtrack inspired synth work with his new track 'Shadow Runner II'.  The foreboding atmosphere and dramatic percussion make for an entirely unsettling experience. The instrumentations are layered for maximum atmosphere and the surprising choices for the final chapters of the piece prove to be a stroke of genius. You can buy 'Shadow Runner II' through the link in the player to Flash Arnold's Bandcamp page.

The debut EP from The Boy & Sister Alma hit this week and it's a highly recommended experience in 80s driven synth pop magic. I've previously featured the glorious 'Lizard Eyes' on Synthetix.FM, which is included in this EP along with four other tracks. The EP covers a lot of territory with some tracks not gelling with me quite as much as others, but one only needs to hear the complete aural magic of 'Keep Your Head' to fall in love with their sounds. For a debut EP this is massively promising for the future of The Boy & Sister Alma as I believe their honest and intimate sounds are perfectly suited to 80s oriented experiences and it's these ideas and elements that shine throughout this release.

Gina Calabrese is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the 80s inspired synth scene as each of her tracks seem to contain a magical almost supernatural presence about them. This latest track, 'Back In Te World' is haunting and ethereal with a ghostly ambiance that reminds of something I'd hear in a David Lynch movie. There is never a maliciousness or evil intent in the music but instead it opens a window in the sky to new possibilities and unexplainable phenomenon.

Like Mowrey is rockin up some epic sounds with his new piece 'Timeless Moment'. The scope is huge for this experience that builds and expands with dramatic wonder. I particularly love the way this track uses such contrasting instrumentations but never loses the focus and atmosphere. The diversity of sounds adds vast amount of engagement to the piece and by it's end if feels like we've travelled light years in mere minutes, definitely a 'Timeless Moment'.

Lightening the atmosphere with a pink neon glow is the k-rad new track from Pumping Body. 'License On Women' is full to the brim with totally rockin 80s sounds built on a supremely catch synth hook that bites deep and refuses to let go. The synthscape flows and rolls with a dreamlike quality that is hypnotising and layered with gorgeous details and percussive work. Totally kick arse.

Garth Knight has come back to the electro funk rockin he's does oh so well with his new track 'Probable Target'. Using much influence from classic Paul Hardcastle this composition is full of high energy percussion, vocal samples, violent orchestral stabs and a groove that is unmistakably Garth Knight. I think Garth Knight is one of the scene's best producers of this style and 'Probable Target' reenforces this ten fold. Be sure to buy your copy of 'Probable Target' through the link in the player.

Elsewhen is another producer on the scene who's making me sit up and pay attention. In his track, 'Mortal Machines' we get to experience dramatic soundtrack synth that harkens back to the classic giallo horror soundtracks of Goblin and Tangerine Dream. The mood is slightly unnerving and detailled with just enough flourishes to keep your pulse rate high. The introduction of the drum track at the midpoint which opens up killer new possibilities and will ensure you're kept on the edge of your seat until the final act.

One the most surprising, and inspiring, tracks of the week is the new preview for Tommy's next record. 'Vision Of The Future' brings noticeable new changes to the Tommy soundscape which I found very exciting. The overall atmosphere is much brighter and cleaner, and feels more vibrant and live sounding. There is an uncomplicated and natural sounding personality that is carried through the melodies that I find all together intoxicating. Tommy's 'Vision Of The Future' is indeed a glimpse at whats to come from one of my all time favourite synth producers and it is most certainly very exciting.

Another favourite all time producer in the scene, which will be no surprise to any regular reader of Synthetix.FM is LA Dreams. This producer continually captures my heart and imagination with his beautiful music and has done so yet again with his new track 'Avenue Electric'. Lead melodies are stunning and the LA Dreams bass work is yet again exemplary. I feel like the LA Dreams production style is getting an extra layer of polish in his last couple of tracks as sounds are definitely packing more dimension, like when the final melodic refrain crashes in towards the end of this track. Wonderful music, as always.

Our final track this week is something very special with two of my favourite producers joining forces to create a huge 80s synth pop masterpiece. The totally rockin Dance With The Dead and the irresistibly amazing Kristine have unleashed 'The Power' and it's something spectacular to behold. I don't think I've heard Dance With The Dead sounding as pop-oriented as they are in this track and it's something that works exceptionally well.  As collaborative projects go this is definitely one of the big highlight of 2013. This hot rockin slice of 80s pop heaven is currently available for FREE download through the player so make sure you add this to your music library and crank it to the max.

That brings us to the end of another Synthetix Weekend Update, I'll be back during the week with more action from the 80s inspired synth scene, 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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