Thursday, August 8, 2013

Synth School Is In Session, Take A Class With Professor Zonic Zynth

There are some producers in the 80s inspired synth with whom I have a love/hate affair. Producers who make amazing and beautiful music, but rarely are happy enough with it to share it with others. I'm rather old fashioned in that I like to physically own music. It's my connection to the artist, and in lieu of much synth music being made into a physical release I find that the digital download version has to suffice. Alas some producers, with their own reasons that I respect, don't allow for this to happen and instead exclusively use streaming content sites for their music distribution.

Professor Zonic Zynth was, and I stress was, one of these producers. His constant stream of incredible music that landed exclusively on YouTube was some of the most wonderful I'd ever heard, but his choice to not allow any further ownership of these tunes beyond favouriting them meant that I was only able to adore them from afar. This has been happening for the better part of year but now, thankfully, the good Professor has begun to share his works of genius through a Bandcamp page, which has made this fan very, very happy.

I felt it was the perfect time to give this shining star of the scene the love he dearly deserves as his latest EP, Nostalgic Fantasy has just landed and for those uninitiated with the Professor's music this serves as the perfect introduction.

The Nostalgic Fantasy plays out over seven pieces of synth driven 80s love. The consistency of Zonic Zynth's work is something that has always floored me. Over his many tracks I've always found myself entranced by his melodic work and authenticity. The Professor's style spans numerous 80s styles, from synth romance to italo tinged disco and onto more bass driven funk and then into more soundtrack oriented affairs. His soundscapes are always genuine and honest in their presentation and a tangible love flows through every golden moment.

His latest EP opens up with 'Mischief', which in itself presents new visions from the Professor's imagination. A darker soundtrack atmosphere permeates through swirling melodies and dramatic cues. These shadowy tones take a turn to more romantic dimensions in the next track, 'Grace's Theme'.
This producer's sounds are usually personified by his vice like grasp on what makes for a truly authentic 80s melody. It's hard to explain, but some melodies upon hearing them create an instant 80s crush and this is achieved with stunning results in 'Grace's Theme'. The lead synth animates and intimates with soft warmth while the bassline adds a funky glow to the ambiance.

Even though there is a decidedly romantic bent to most of the tracks on Nostalgia Fantasy other styles are explored and expanded upon to provide a delightful contrast. 'Starlets' laces dramatic orchestral stabs over the rolling bass line for maximum effect and giving the delicate melodies ample distinction. The Professor's 80s pop sensibilities are never far away though and when 'Veronica's Theme' hits the hooks go deep and the pounding percussion creates an intoxicating 80s sugar pop hit.

The sugar rush is allowed to subside within the calming tones of 'Dark Whisperings'. One may think this is a purely dark synth excursion but the Zonic Zynth shadows are often more mellow and far less threatening. Jazzy melodies are given time to brew and linger, creating an aural invitation that is welcoming more than foreboding.

Things begin to rock harder in 'Ambivalence MKII'. This is possibly one of the most ambitious Zonic Zynth pieces yet as the moody atmosphere is rocked with kick arse guitar riffs and massively epic drums. This is pure action soundtrack gold, creating a swagger in a slow motion gunfight and causing hearts to break in the flurry of a hellish crossfire. 'Fantasitalia' finishes the EP off with beautifully building synthscape that remains intimate and light with a dreamlike quality to the nuances and details within.

It brings me great pleasure to be finally able to cover Professor Zonic Zynth's music on Synthetix.FM and in the Nostalgia Fantasy EP we're given the perfect representation of the Zonic Zynth experience. I look forward to sharing much, much more of this wonderful composer's work in the future but you can also keep on top of all the Professor's work through his YouTube page here, his Facebook page here and his Bandcamp page, of course, here.

The Nostalgia Fantasy EP comes very, very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM. Professor Zonic Zynth is a true talent in the 80s inspired synth scene who's music is wonderfully authentic and created with verve and passion that resonates through every track. Be sure to invest some time in his previous releases on his Bandcamp page to keep on rockin the Professor's totally k-rad to the max sounds.

Class dismissed!


  1. so would u put this specific release as a reference?

  2. No, it's very, very highly recommended, which is the notch just below a Synthetix Reference Experience.

    It's still a fantastic EP though, Gongstar123!

  3. gave it a go on your recommendation and was impressed/ ima have something to send u here soon 2 :)