Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Plaisance Races On The Edge Of Disaster At Lake Havasu

Its hard to believe it's been nearly a year since Plaisance stormed his way onto the 80s synth scene with his first LP release Regatta (reviewed here). From the first time I heard this artist's music I instantly felt I had an affinity with the aural creations of Plaisance. The entire thematic used in Regatta is one of my most favourite concept releases, ever, in the 80s inspired synth scene. The passion and authenticity of the sounds were just so perfectly executed, and was something that resonated with me deeply.

Over the last year I've got to know Plaisance more, and although he is still much of an enigma to me I know one thing for sure and that is that his love of 80s sounds is a consuming passion that he nurtures and fosters. Through each successive release the Plaisance soundscapes pitch and yaw with a graceful flow that excites and entertains. I was hugely impressed by his last LP, Children Of The 80s, and in short time Plaisance has released a new three track EP that, once again, captures the spirit and sounds of the 80s in gloriously vivid way.

Havasu finds Plaisance returning to (what I believe is) his spiritual and musical home in the action filled, sundrenched waterways. This thematic seems to shine with the Plaisance sound and one just needs to hear the opening chapters of the title track to be thrust into the scene. One thing that really stands out in this opening piece is spatial nature of the production. The synths gleam with presence and the snare sound is a crashing wave of dynamic power. Melodies are funky and hook deeply with electro sounds warming in the midday sun while leads splash and weave through the competition.
'Havasu' has become of my absolutely favourite Plaisance tracks as it's combination of vital energies and emotional melodies create the perfect blend of action and grace, just like a jet ski cutting through the lake's surface at high speed.

The frenetic pace is kicked up even harder with the second track 'On The Edge Of Disaster'. The sheer exhilaration of the blistering bassline is accented by smoothly turning lead synths that take the listener into cacophonous chicanes of tearing wakes and raw power. The structure of this piece is spectacular as the narrative builds and builds to a scintillating climax and then separates from the pack with skilful jubilation.

The third chapter of Havasu finds Plaisance trading in his high speed water race for lakeside romance by moonlit skies and cool night breezes. 'Neon Waters' is deliberate in it's pace with just enough restraint to keep your cool, but not nearly enough to contain your passion. Arching melodies meet with explosive fireworks and neon reflections glinting in her eyes. The races across the lakes seemed to have happened aeons ago as the day's memories fade into insignificance when the touch of her lips against yours brings forth even greater excitement. The night is still young and the music guides us deeply into each others arms as the magic of Lake Havasu casts a magic love spell upon our hearts.

Thus ends this wonderfully rich experience from Plaisance. Over the course of these three tracks many situations and emotions are realised through an aural pastiche of beautifully authentic 80s sounds and arrangements. The water/seaside concept seems to bring out the best in Plaisance and his creativity takes on a lustrous glow that is impossible to resist.

Playmaker Entertainment presents Plaisance's Havasu EP on their Bandcamp page here and this released comes very, very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM. The Plaisance aesthetic is refined and delivered with quick turns and open throttle thrills and all three tracks compliment each other to complete perfection. I really can't get enough of this EP and I encourage all lovers of authentic 80s synth sounds to pick this up and rock it hard and often; preferably on a jet ski at dangerously high speeds across deep blue waters.

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