Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DreamWave Dave Gets In Your Dreams

DreamWave Dave is back on the scene and rockin up some hot new tunes in his latest EP In Your Dreams. The DreamWave Dave story has been an ongoing journey through many diverse 80s styles and themes and this has in many ways resulted in this EP. Ideas, tones and stories alluded to in his previous singles now seem to have gelled into a solid form, creating the personalised sounds of this exciting producer.

This five track release is full of the appreciation and affection for 80s sounds we love on Synthetix.FM, and the DreamWave Dave vision of the 80s through modern eyes and techniques makes for an electrifying experience.

'Truly Dazzling' opens up the EP with the glowing and bouncy tones of uplifting synth romance filling the atmosphere. The basic elements of this track remain true and honest throughout as the uncomplicated structure allows for the listener to get intimately close to the sweetly constructed melodies. DreamWave Dave knows exactly how to work a melody in an out of modern arrangements whilst remaining true to it's 80s soul,  a feat repeated across the EP.

In fact the second act of the EP introduces some decidedly modern flavours but never at the expense of the vintage atmosphere. The use of vocals on this track work beautifully with frisky bassline and rockin guitars. The overall effect makes for a fantastic electro tinged synth pop song, full of excitement and passion. 'Valley Girl 1983' makes it's intentions abundantly clear and rocks to the max.

'Driving The Night Away' is presented next and this piece instantly takes me back to the 2010 era of 80s inspired synth music for some reason. The melodies are fresh and beautiful and contain that wonderful naiveté that seems to get a bit lost in more recent releases in the scene. Theres a magic in this track, a sleight of hand that turns the synthesizer into something alive and vital. Special moments like this are timeless and really what this music is all about.

We continue the journey into 'Dreamwave'. I'm not sure if the levels on this track are as-intended from the producer, but the soundscape verges on the abrasive side just a tad in this piece. The arrangements are rockin in all the right ways as the lead melody is explored through a detailled story. The finer nuances of the melodies are sometimes lost amid the harsh soundstage however.

The final track on the EP is 'Wildlife' and once again this track takes me back to the early days of the revival scene. There are certain portions of this track that remind me a great deal of the early Futurecop! music, which I still love dearly. Fast paced hi-hats and powerful melodies register high on the rad-meter with delightfully orchestrated arrangements providing a majestic flow from one idea to the next.

DreamWave Dave's debut EP is a special release as it serves as type of milestone between the initial wave of 80s inspired synth and the current generation, over time styles and ideas change and evolve; even when based on a well established genres and I find myself enjoying this release with a genuine sentimentality even though it's all rockin brand new.

The In Your Dreams EP is presented on DreamWave Dave's Bandcamp page here and Synthetix.FM highly recommends this release. If you've been listening to 80s inspired synth for a couple of years already you'll find much warm familiarity in these sounds that is rather endearing, and the uncomplicated and honest nature displays the composer's genuine love of the 80s in every track. Some slight production choices aside, this EP rocks from beginning to and end and takes you on a neon adventure you'll want to experience again and again.

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