Saturday, July 27, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

I'm currently fighting through a harsh cold and my concentration span is borderline delusional, but I'm going to attempt to get through an abbreviated Weekend Update to make sure I don't get too far behind in all the rockin tunes that have come out this past week.

First up is another great new track from Alpha Boy. So soon after his spectacular Home EP Alpha Boy has now shared a new experience titled 'New York'. In this track we find a new ambiance for the producer's sound, with a clean and spatial soundscape that tells a wonderfully rich story.

New rockers on the scene Le Chat Et La Fille entered my world this week and this duo of feline and female have my interest piqued. 'Jean Paul (ne pars pas)' is a minimalist electro pop synth track has a classically authentic 80s sound and a delightful european refinement. Their previous EP sounds much more experimental, but I hope they've found their sound direction with this new track, which is available for FREE download through the player.

One of the finest purveyors of quality giallo disco is back with a fantastic new three track EP of dark soundtrack horror disco. Vercetti Technicolor was one of the originators of this new form of classic 70s and 80s horror synth and his new release, Arps Of Mythology is a trilogy of expansive suites that are constructed for maximum terror. Each track is full of presence and embedded with a supreme malevolence that is irresistibly brutal. Another quality release from this marvellous producer.

Let us stay well ensconced in the shadows and take in another new Noir Deco track from his forthcoming self-titled album. 'Maeror' is another deeply dark and pulsating opus with some absolutely beautiful passages of crystal clear calmness in the middle stages. Noir Deco's style distills even more in this track and all the elements seem to come together in an effortless manner.

It must be the time of the month for everyone's darker sides to come out as even Dallas Campbell has gone to the dark side of the synths with his new track 'Return To Earth'. The melodies form and then quickly dissipate as the cosmic winds take the music into dimensions unknown. The freeform nature of this track is highly engaging and Mr Campbell manages to always keep a finely tuned balance between light and dark elements. Currently available for FREE download.

MurderOne is taking things into his own hands with another totally rockin dark synth track with his new adventure 'Heartbeat 2009'. Spiked with sample upon sample and laced with a diabolical cocktail of sinister synths this is one really takes you into the darker places most of us fear to tread.

Moving ever so slowly into lighter territory we find Fantastisizer this week in 'Red Space'. This poignantly written soundtrack synth piece is full of haunting beauty and delicate details. The music has a deep narrative that shares it's secrets in slow motion before the listener's very eyes and the subtleties of the synthscape provides even more engagement.

Python Blue's own brand of soundtrack synth work always seems to make for an epic experience and his track 'Engineers' adds a slightly mechanical/industrial futuristic edge to the atmosphere. The drama is deliberately employed with a hint of danger and the otherworldly details allow for many twists and turns in the story.

The Electric Dissection modus operandi took on a very interesting new direction this past week with a sublime new track going by the name of 'Lonely Nights'.  The music is Library-esque in tone but tells a very intricately formed story that packs massive amounts of rockin into four minutes and nine seconds. The music really takes on a life of it's own and feels very natural and honest, be sure to add this to your collection through the FREE download link in the player.

Time to rock some hot Italo action and the great new track from Bobby Outro does this in spades. 'Italo X (Farewell)' is fully of classic sounds and arrangements that hook hard and bite deep with infection grooves and melodic transmissions.  I love how this track evolves and forms it's own destiny throughout the five plus minute duration, definitely lending a live-jam feel to it that is wonderfully energising.

A new rocker from the UK with an ear for vintage synth sounds is Mooginizer and his new track 'Getting Hot' finds him experimenting in some very interesting soundscapes. There is a great deal of modern elements and arrangements throughout this track but I can definitely feel an 80s soul burning brightly in it's inner core. However the track simply rocks, and thats what matters.

And speaking of rockin, the new Neon Vandal track, 'Furiosa' takes some hardcore synth rockin to the streets and blasts through the danger zone along the way. This pounding ride into hell is absolutely kick arse as the synth guitars trade riffs, blow for blow, over a turbo charged drum track. I'm surprised this kind of thing doesn't crop up more often in the scene, but I'm sure glad Neon Vandal went into six string oblivion for this piece, and was able to return and tell the tale.

That does us for this abbreviated Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back next week with new reviews as soon as this cold takes it's leave of me, which can't happen soon enough.

'Till then, as always, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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