Saturday, July 20, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Time to get rockin and add some aural 80s neon to your weekend with the latest batch of hot releases from the scene with the new Synthetix Weekend Update!

First up is a hot new track from Spanish duo Cougar Synth. This pair have made some superb synth experiences this year, full of emotive melodies and a genuine authenticity to their sounds. On 'Wild Inside' the duo channels the classic movie Cat People for some poignantly crafted synth romance with purrfect results. Currently available for FREE download through the link in the player.

Gina Calabrese is back with a new track that intimates darker tones and mystery and broods along with a suspicious saunter. 'Missing Hours' is definitely on the darker side of spectrum but it retains a austerity that intimates on a cerebral level more so than tearing our flesh asunder. It's this subtlety that gives the piece the space and time to fully intimate all it's melodic details.

One of the highlights this past week was the totally rockin new track from PWNDTIAC. This producer has been plying his remixing craft through lots of different electronic genres over the last six months but he's returned to some classic 80s sounds and moods in his all new original track  'Can't Stop Now'. The cranking bassline and hypnotic melodies are right on point, heres hoping for more new original PWNDTIAC tracks in the future. This is currently available for FREE download too.

Lost Years is up to Version 2 of his hot new track 'Remedies' and it's already rockin to the max. Fast paced melodies and frenetic percussion highlight the magical Lost Years synthscapes. Even in this short preview format the sheer amount of energy compressed into this two minute teaser is breathtaking.

Out now on Werkstatt Recordings is the new two track EP from Jet & Danger entitled Silent Strike, consisting of the original mix of the track plus a Kung Fu Grip Vip Mix on the B side. The music is dramatic and full of rockin synth energy but the star of the show is definitely the vocal track. This is one of the best male vocal tracks since Den Haan's Gods From Outer Space album for pure 80s masculine intensity that takes no prisoners and demands your attention. This is a totally kick arse double shot of testosterone dripping synth shock rock and is available for FREE download so rock it like a hurricane ASAP.

Pumping Body is back with another stellar synthscapade in 'Mature Guy'. The synth romance is fervently applied in layer upon layer of lasciviously lovely melodic passages. The percussion is rockin in all the right ways with nifty handclaps peppered throughout. I'm assuming this is a work-in-progress due to it finishing all too abruptly, but hopefully this will be remedied in the future.

Keeping the romance level sugary sweet and set to maximum crush is the wonderful new track from NFD Music entitled 'Pop Mannequin'. Everything about this piece is just fluffy pink neon, first kiss of summer, holding hands in homeroom brilliance. The melodies and arrangements are instantly entrancing and the gentle grip holds you close throughout. Marvellous track.

Moving into night time adventures and a definitely more OutRun flavour is one hell of rockin new track from Nightstop called 'Harrison Ford'. The build on this piece is spectacular as a narrative is played out with passage after passage of exciting synths sounds. The drama is keep to tantalising dangerous levels through the hugely powerful final acts of the experience. Many thanks to to Halyein for enlightening me to this artist. Be sure to pick up your own FREE copy of 'Harrison Ford' and rock it hard.

Mr Maen is back with a killer new synth funk jam that is full of classic sounds and arranged with much beauty. I'm not sure if this is written as a sequel or an alternate envisioning to the classic 80s funk track 'Walkin In The Rain' by Oran Juice Jones, but this by no means a cover. The emotionally pointed vocals intimate delightfully with the fragile melodies creating a superb ambiance. Pick up your own copy of this track through the link in the player.

There is something magical about the new Ezavskih track that I can't get enough of. 'End Credits' is a partially ChipTune oriented soundscape but the melodies are deeply emotive 80s designs with sweeping accents and thoroughly magical key changes. The overall mood is light and jubilant with a hint of introspection, exactly what you'd expect a track titled 'End Credits' to realise. Be sure to grab your FREE while you can.

Let us stay on the more epic end of the synth spectrum with composer new to Synthetix.FM going by the name of Haüer and his incredibly moving new experience 'Homefires'. The build through this adventure is incredible with richly developed passages leading into wondrous new vistas. There is just so much packed into this track, it's a masterfully crafted piece from beginning to end. Many thanks to Protector 101 for introducing me to this great talent.

Lightening the mood and turning the brightness up is Pulse 80 and their new track 'Solar Summer'. This is a very interesting track as it seems to be a slower and more deliberate form of classic italo disco. The melodies are crisply detailled, and the percussion adds distinctly to the soundscape but there is a constant air of restrain to the music. It's a very interesting combination to say the least. Be sure to grab your own FREE copy of this track while you can.

One of the biggest hits of this past week was the preview minimix for the next Mitch Murder EP release  entitled The Touch. This  tour de force of Mitch Murder's individualised synthscapes finds us moving through smoothly orchestrated movements, into high energy guitar laced drama and library oriented pieces all with that glossy Mitch Murder Magic injected into every element. We don't have long to wait to full release, thankfully, as it's out on July 25th and I'll be sure to give it the full Synthetix.FM treatment next week.

Finally on this weeks Weekend Update we have a double shot from one of the new masters of high energy dark synth, Carpenter Brut. First up is his totally rockin track 'Chew BubbleGum And Kick Ass'. This is sample laced juggernaut of synth crunching brutality is absolutely killing it non-stop. I must say Carpenter Brut is one of the few composers in the scene who can manage to keep 80s elements well pronounced in his music without descending too far into chaos, as is evidenced throughout this track. This provides stunning contrast from beginning to end.

The second part of this Carpenter Brut double shot is the spectacular new video teaser for his next EP.
This is easily the most exciting preview I've ever seen to a new release. This captures so much of the Carpenter Brut aesthetic visually and takes things even further. The editing throughout this is superb and makes the music even more visceral. I've watched this dozens of times and still get shivers. EP II will be out in September on Black Bvs records and I can personally guarantee it'll be worth the wait.

For now, rock this:

CARPENTER BRUT - TEASER EP II from Deka Brothers on Vimeo.

I hope you haven't passed out from the insane levels of excitement created by that preview!

That does it for another rockin Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I hope you've had as much fun as I've had and I'll look forward to sharing more good times and great rock'n'roll from the 80s inspired synth scene next week. 'Till then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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