Saturday, June 29, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Another massive week in the scene and yet another stellar compilation has been released, making four, yes FOUR incredible 80s inspired synth compilations released in the last six weeks. I can't help but think these would've made more impact is there was a bit more time between them, but there's no rule that people have to enjoy them right now and I'll have the links to them off in the right hand side column for at least the rest of 2013.

This latest compilation is OutRun Europa and it's a smorgasbord of the best talent in 80s synth that Europe dares to assemble. The big names come as thick and fast with a star studded array of producers  including Plaisance, Garth Knight, Vincenzo Salvia, Quixotic, Photosynthesi, Alpha Boy, Les Chic Voltage and New Arcades amongst the starting grid. It's a spectacular ride that traverses many genres and inspirations but the racing thematic links everything together magnificently. OutRun Europa is most certainly one of the big highlights of the June 2013 release schedule and you can pick your own copy up through the OutRun Europa Bandcamp page here.

Now, lets getting rockin the new Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

First up is a brand new track from one of the most exciting talents in the scene, Sunglasses Kid with his new synth romance opus 'Pretty Girl'. This producer is right up there with the best talent in the scene, his incredible consistency and gift for making authentically emotional 80s melodies is astounding. This new track is definitely one of his most polished thus far and is must-own.

Dallas Campbell has been an active member of the 80s inspired synth scene for quite a while but I do believe this is the first time I've had the pleasure of sharing his music on Synthetix.FM. His new experience, inventively titled 'Miami's Squarest Grouper' is full of exciting passages and melodies, the ambiance crosses a 70s and 80s flavour with  some disco/prog love thrown in the mix too. The end result works exceedingly well and has a delightfully individual personality. Currently available for FREE download too.

One of my absolute favourite releases this past week, and one that's sure to figure in my favourite music of 2013 is the new double A side release from Kristine. '(We Used To Listen To The) Radio' and 'Wild Heart' are beautifully crafted experiences containing the pure essence of 80s love cascading through the music while Kristine's sultry vocal performance really shows just why she's the leading vocal talent in scene. Both songs are superb, but 'Wild Heart' is definitely my favourite of the two, be sure to click through to the iTunes Store in the player and add these two sparkling gems to your music library as soon as you can.

Sternrekorder keeps on truckin' with new tracks surfacing with a welcome regularity of late. 'Seeburg' is a new experience shared this past week and it's once again a perfect of example of the Sternrekorder magic. His music is so full of wonder, containing such a rich synthcerity to the sounds and melodies. 'Seeburg' is yet another journey into wonderful lands created in Sternrekorders imagination.

Finding himself in a crossover point between 70s disco and 80s synth is Rutger Megahertz who arrives blazing onto the dance floor with his latest work 'Silver Tongue'. The music sits astride both decade's style with perfect balance as disco melodies dance alongside electro synth basslines. The narrative is full of excitement and groove laden passages and always rockin to the max. Currently available for FREE download.

A new EP preview from DreamWave Dave popped up this week and grabbed my attention instantly. In Your Dreams promises some powerful and engaging new sounds from this producer, even these tiny snippets allude to greater things. This five track affair is set for release in Summer 2013, but no further clarity for a date has yet been shared.

Evanton keep on rockin and their new release, Bliss, is full of their high energy signature electro italo sounds. The soundscapes created by this duo are evolving with each new adventure and this new extended EP is one of the finest examples of their sounds thus far. There is a new delicate dimension to their ambience that filters through the tracks, adding more subtlety and detail which in turn gives the throbbing basslines and high drama melodies a much needed contrast. The instruments have definitely been given and extra layer of polish and the mix seems blended more efficiently than previous Evanton releases which on occasion have sometimes felt abrasive. This latest evolution of the Evanton sound is definitely my favourite thus far and with stand out tracks like 'Disco Fox', 'Love In Rimini' and 'Happy Together' on Bliss I find the future prospects for Evanton very exciting indeed. Pick up a copy of Bliss on Evanton's Bandcamp page here and rock it.

A new producer, to my knowledge, on the scene is Neon Vandal. His new release 'Vector Dreamz' is a smoothly undulating ride into the night. The melodies are set to a slow burn and build to a point where the lead synths explode with much incandescence. The production feels a little undercooked, but that may be the aesthetic Neon Vandal is going for. I expect to cover more Neon Vandal action in the future on Synthetix.FM.

The rockin duo that is Cougar Synth shared another kick arse good time this week with their new synthsational track 'Can't Touch My Sneakers'. The Cougar Synth sound is really forming into something special over the last few releases and I feel like they've reached a new high point with his new track. The narrative is rich and energetic and the soundscape lights up with vivid colours. This is currently available for FREE download, so be sure to grab it ASAP.

RF.Extreme is another producer who's soundscapes are evolving with each new release and 'Neon Night Lights' is no exception. This hypnotically fabricated track is full of mystery and drama with some really spectacular  percussive work through the back end. I think this is the darkest we've heard from RF. Extreme and it's complimented by another shadowed experience released this week titled 'Gforced', which he also posted to his soundcloud here.

After a month since his last track, 'Golden Fox', Run Vaylor is back with his progressive synth sounds and a new epic 'Saturn V'. The music is arranged with a decidedly modern flavour but the melodies and soundscapes are full of vintage spectacle. There is something about the lead melody I find massively familiar but I can't put my finger on it, irregardless this tune really rocks hard and is totally kick arse.

A producer I came across this week whom I know next to nothing about, apart from that his music is totally k-rad is the enigmatically titled Franky Boner. For those unaware I do the the Synth Erotica blog, where I share soundtracks from 80s porno movies that are synth based, I've not found time to update it recently, but I hope to again eventually. The reason I mention this is the Franky Boner experience appears to be directly tied into feature adult entertainment from what I can gather from the track titles and the music itself. This is high energy euro disco synth that was most prolific in the Marc Dorcel adult productions of the late 80s which is full of catchy melodies, orchestral stabs and sensationally sensual passages. The seven tracks are all written exceptionally well and arranged for maximum excitement, but retain individual personalities between each track. Modern elements are sometimes incorporated, and even some industrial tinged aesthetics but the overall experience is totally 80s and non stop rockin. It's unfortunate this EP isn't available for download or purchase, but hopefully that will change in the future, and I'll be sure to be rockin more the Franky Boner experience on Synthetix.FM at a later date.

Our final track for this week's Weekend Update is a spectacular new adventure in electro rockin breaks from the one and only Mitch Murder. 'Breakazoid' finds Mitch Murder turning up  the fun to maximum volume with authentic electro melodies fused with the inimitable Mitch Magic, giving the synthscape a layer of glossy brilliance. My favourite Mitch Murder experiences are his funkier electro ones and this is right up there with the best of them. This is THE track to be heard blasting out of your ghettoblaster on every suburban street corner this week.

That does us for another week on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back with more good times and great rock'n'roll during the week, be sure to check in with the Synthetix.FM Facebook page for more synth action at odd times throughout the week too. 'Till then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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