Saturday, June 22, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome to another Weekend Update! I've added another new facet to your Synthetix.FM experience and made a new 'fan' or 'like' page for Synthetix.FM on Facebook, to accompany the main site and also the Synthetix Facebook Community page.

This new page is going to be a place I can post all the things I'd like to cover but don't really have a place for on here. Things like news from the scene, announcements of new projects or releases, videos, special editions of physical releases and really anything else that comes my way that doesn't fit the criteria for a fully fledged post on here.

The Weekend Updates have become very large and I think some of the content I'm currently posting in here would be better suited to get it's own little post on the Facebook page. This also means, if you Like the page, that you'll be informed at more regular intervals of what's happening in the scene as opposed to the larger prestige format reviews I post a couple of times a week and then the Weekend Update.

I've been considering doing this for a while now and I believe this is a positive step forward as the scene grows and the amount of music being produced increases. I figure this is a good option for a 'news feed' style delivery while the more focused and in-depth content appears here.

So please Like the new page, it's linked directly off here on the right hand side column, and I hope this new layer of the Synthetix.FM experience is beneficial to you.

Let's open up the Weekend Update with a double shot from one of the more prolific producers in the scene LA Dreams. His ever expanding body of work is taken on some new directions of late, especially with the very dark and minimalist piece 'One Way Out' which he published this week. This is part 1 of an extended experienced called 'Back Off' and gives us a glimpse at LA Dreams' experimental side. Definitely a welcome change of pace and mood from this producer and ignites many new possibilities.

Another new LA Dreams track surfaced under the title of 'Fem Le Glam'.  Sharing a darker atmosphere with 'One Way Out' there is much more contrasted brightness in this piece's main melodies and the LA Dream's trademark magic melodies are allowed to whisper beautifully throughout. Full of romantic drama and sublime instrumentation this is yet another LA Dreams classic.

Lost Years has brought us a demo for his new track 'Ghost'. Edging into some supernatural Mike Oldfield style cinematic giallo disco this haunting piece is already delivering thrills and chills.  Melodies are haunting and mesmerising, with just the right amount of mystery and intrigue in the atmosphere.

One of the most rockin bits of news this week was the triumphant return of 80s inspired synth scene legend Noir Deco. This highly regarded producer was one of the first-wave of 80s revisionists and his previous Nemesis Collision record and other works are all superbly crafted experiences. This new track teases a great deal, but more importantly it means this talented artist still has the 80s love and inspiration. If you're new to Noir Deco please be sure to check out his soundcloud page here and give him some well deserved love.

Electric Disection is definitely upping his productivity of late and this week has seen the release of two new tracks. 'Laserbeam Romance' can be found on his soundcloud here and I chose to cover 'Dark Haired Beauty'. This piece is has a wonderfully authentic 80s atmosphere and the narrative is very engaging as drama unfolds but hope remains vigilant. Currently available for FREE download (as is 'Laserbeam Romance').

Rising star in the synth scene, Gina Calabrese shared another great track this week with 'Nobody Lives Forever'. The delicate soundscape positively sparkles with 80s magic as the instruments layer in in smoothly undulating waves. This track has an entirely different personality to her previously released 'Shadow In The Dark' and provides an endearing contrast in sounds and emotions.

There's no stopping the rockin machine that is Dreamwave Dave. His new track 'Starfighter (Mastered Version)' really shows why this producer rocks so damned hard. Frenetically paced and delightfully arranged the Starfighter launches into the cosmos with adventure on his mind and a dream in his heart.

Although not released this week, Dr Pecco's Crystal Eyes And Diamond Tails EP is definitely one that you should give some love to. This four track EP was written as a soundtrack to the video 'Undercover Predator', which is available for your perusal here and takes the Dr Pecco sound into more atmospheric dimensions.  There still beats a soul of chaotic giallo disco in the later chapters of the EP but this release does display Dr Pecco's talent for creating atmospheres and emotions through more diverse styles. Dr Pecco has stated the production of this soundtrack was slightly rushed to meet a deadline but the overall package still stands up as lucid aural accompaniment to the 'Undercover Predator' video and is definitely worth adding to your music library.

Coming up this week is the next rockin album from the irrepressible Arcade High. Pixel Passion promises to take this 80s producer into all new realms of creativity as his video game oriented 80s synth music grows and evolves. Due out on the 24th of June (tomorrow!) this should be a spectacular adventure as the preview sampler displays many new ideas and exciting sounds in the the Arcade High experience.

New music from Nightdrive was shared this week with a new work-in-progress 'Full Moon'. The atmosphere is rich with promise as the melodies drift in over the horizon. The relaxed pace is very conducive to the melody structures and I'm hoping that the ideas hinted at in this early stage are expanded upon more. I can envision this being a five minute epic, but only Nightdrive knows where this journey is going.

Mild Peril's debut EP has been out for a while but my interest was renewed in it this week with his promotion of a preview track shared on soundcloud. The EP is broken down into three chapters with highly individualised pieces making up the experience. Music is full of 80s synth love that moves in and out different energies and colours, with sharply written passages full of colourful new sounds. One might think from the presentation that this is a soundtrack oriented release but the tempos are set high and modern arrangements complement the 80s elements very well indeed.

I want to make it official that I have a love/hate relationship with Jowie Schulner. Over the years this producer has made some of the most stunning pieces of synth romance I'm yet to hear but these works are rarely shared in a finalised form. My long running unrequited love affair with his beyond incredible track 'Friends Forever' is a constant reminder to me of what he's capable of and now with his new preview for 'Summer Heat' those old feelings are coming back again. I just can't help but fall in love with gorgeous melody that instantly captures your heart. But I know, I shouldn't get too attached as I've been burned before by Jowie's infections synth romance.. I should just resign myself to the heartbreak and enjoy what I can while I can cause this track is totally k-rad to the max.

The final item for this week's Weekend Update is a rockin new video that Dark Energy Discoveries has cut for his 'Beyond The Ashes' track. The wonderful source material from the classic Neverending Story movie he has made the perfect visual accompaniment for this song. The emotional vocals and deep melodies take on new life and drama. Although I'm sure the vocal styles will polarise some listeners one must give credit where it's due for this imaginative combination of contrasting soundscapes.

That does us for this week's Weekend Update. I'll be posting throughout the week to the Synthetix.FM Facebook page and will be reviewing the new Arc Neon and Arcade High records during the week on here. I hope these new changes enhance your Synthetix.FM experience and I look forward to sharing more good times and great rock'n'roll with you soon. 'Till then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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