Saturday, May 25, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's that time once again, the time to look back at the most rockin singles, previews and teasers released through the last seven days in the 80s inspired synth scene in another gargantuan Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

The Astral Stereo Project has been on my radar for quite a while now, in no small part to him being supported a great deal on Project Friday Radio. This latest track is a tad more dramatic than his pop style fare and as an instrumental works the melodies and ideas in a very engrossing way. 

A producer who continually impresses me with the growth within his music is Electric Disection. In 'Sweeping Airwaves' he really pushes the simplicity of sounds to magnify the melody's weight. The sounds are presented with very authentic personality that I greatly enjoy.

Project: Walker by Julian Anderson added a new experience to the thematic this week with a piece called 'City Runner'.  The project is a Blade Runner inspired story that is making chapters of music for each set piece. 'City Runner' is a slow synth burn which builds beautifully, the instruments are layered to perfection and I must give a special mention to the sublime bassline that holds the soundscape together. Currently available for FREE download.

A producers who's really nailing the disco/space synth/soundtrack/prog vibe is Achim Bloch with his killer new track 'Time In Space'. The sounds, progressions and production are all totally on point as this piece takes you in esoteric realms of dimensionless travel. A marvellously well orchestrated experience and also currently available for FREE download.

Time for some new rockers on the scene and the duo of The Boy & Sister Alma. Their latest track 'Lizard Eyes' is a beautifully lush synth pop serenade. Elements of 90s indie electronic lace the edges of the experience, but inside beats a heart full of 80s love. The chorus in this song is absolutely stunning and guitars introduced in the latter are truly inspirational, be sure to grab your copy while it's currently up for FREE download.

The eminently rockin Professor Zonic Zynth is back with another stellar piece of 80s inspired synth called 'Sonic Boom'. This apparently Top Gun inspired track is packed with action, drama and emotion with classic 80s soundtrack synth. There is so many stories in this track, so densely arranged that is positively overflowing with glorious 80s wonder.

Based on their previous history, I don't expect 'Drifter' to be around for long before Dance With The Dead take it off soundcloud, but for those lucky enough to read this while it's up (and hopefully it does stay up for longer than recent tracks they've shared) you're in for a stunningly emotive experience. Winding things back to a much sparser soundscape 'Drifter' finds this duo adding some incredibly beautifully vocal elements to their sound. 'Drifter' is both vastly epic and soulfully intimate at the same time.

PH Groove is back with a new homage to Alan Vega's seminal work with a new track 'The Calling'. Going under the genre of '80s Punk Dance' that's pretty much exactly how I'd describe it. The sounds are warped and modern in approach, but the 80s vibe rocks this track in totally rad way. Currently available for FREE download.

Alpha Boy is back with a new album to be released on the 3rd of June called 'Future Man'. This preview gives us a brief look at what's in store,  and definitely contains some new territory for this producer. Based on his last few singles and how he's pushed the Alpha Boy sound into new directions I'm going to be very interested to see where this full length takes us.

Delivering frenetic 80s energies in every conceivable way is Elsewhen with their slightly ChipTune edged high energy synth odysseys. This track entitled 'Zenith' would be well at home on the soundtrack release of any of the games from the Thunderforce series of shooters, who's soundtracks I hold in very high regard. Many thanks to Jon 'Grooveworthy' Mussell for introducing me to Elsewhen.

On a similarly 16Bit kick is Strange Aeons and his new work of b-grade inspired horror cinema 'I Was A Teenage Slime Sucker'. The personality of this track is rather quirky with it's instrumentations but the melodic work and stories alluded to in the arrangements are genuinely entertaining and the ending is fantastic. Currently available for FREE download.

80s synth scene icon LA Dreams shared a very interesting new experience during this past week which shows some new sides to his many facets. 'We're Not Human' is one of his most introspective and chilled tracks yet. The pace is slow and laboured with melodies that prove insightful and illuminating.
Incredibly beautiful work, with sublime key changes and perfect arrangements.

Transcend shared something rather beautiful this week in 'Hazel Eyes'. Tinged with classic 80s synth romance and flavoured with a bright and colourful soundscape this track is a joy to behold. The arrangements are much more modern, but one can't help but feel those smooth 80s sounds giving this experience all it's magic. Currently available for FREE download too.

Next up is a short teaser for the new MegaDrive record 'Hardwired'. Even though this teaser is almost a teaser of a teaser in it's brevity it does allude to exciting new soundscapes from MegaDrive. With a release date set for the 4th of June we don't have to wait long for more hot rockin action. 

It's been about a month since we last heard from Rain Sword with his exceptional track 'Drift Away' and he's now returned with totally rad new track 'Slick'. The music is full of Rain Sword 80s magic, but theres also some housey/nu disco even balearic vibes I'm getting which provides for some interesting soundscapes indeed. Definitely a rockin good time, and currently available for FREE download.

rf.extreme has really been perfecting his craft of late and his new track 'Topped 6th' takes him to even greater realms of synth possibilities. The music is very tightly controlled but still allowed to create a very tactile presence. The use of cleaner natural keyboard sounds add even more tonal qualities. The ending seems to meander a tad and the abrupt finish probably means it's in a currently unfinished state, but even still it rocks super hard.

Synthficionado Highway Superstar shared a totally rad new track going by the name of 'The Chase' this week that takes him back to the East in a ninja synth epic. Full of adventure and shadowed denizens of assassination this packs a punch you'll be feeling for weeks. The narrative is a web of deceit and betrayal, played against a moonlit backdrop of flashing blades. Superbly arranged from beginning to end.

Our final highlight for the week is new experience from the enigmatic Dr Pecco. I'm definitely a fan of his exploitation cinema fuelled synthscapes and with his new piece 'Our Hearts, The Stallions' we're finding the good doctor experimenting in some brighter and happier sounds. The music is very upbeat and full of colourful melodies. I'll be reviewing Dr Pecco's new 'Crystal Eyes, Diamond Tails' next week on Synthetix.FM, but make sure you grab this single for FREE download in the mean time.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've found some rockin new tunes to  make your weekend glow in the most radical shades of neon and I look forward to sharing more new music with you next week. 'Til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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