Saturday, May 18, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Welcome to another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. You may notice there are two new additions the site's layout as I welcome a permanent link to Project Friday on the right column. Project Friday is a LIVE weekly radio show presented by Steve 'Silent Gloves' Gillson and delivers a totally kick arse show dedicated to 80s inspired synth and also includes other electronic genres as well as original 80s classics. This show is massively professional and encourages live participation through the Project Friday chatroom. Project Friday happens 9pm EST, U.S time every Friday night and I for one make sure I'm there to be part of the rockin radio action.

The other addition to the site is a new email form on the left hand side. As the scene grows and more and more music is released it's getting more and more difficult to keep on top of all the new releases. Through my searches and followings I get to find a lot of new music and the Synthetix.FM Facebook group is a truly marvellous source too but now I've added a way for you to contact me directly if you find or are a producer of 80s inspired synth music. Please feel free to contact me with any leads or your own tunes if you'd like them to be covered on Synthetix.FM.

Speaking of hot rockin tunes, we get to open this week's Weekend Update in a most radical of ways with another Synthetix.FM EXCLUSIVE from Plaisance!

'Kids' is the first track from Plaisance's upcoming full length album 'Children Of The 80s' and it promises to be full of Plaisance synth magic. This producer's authentic 80s production style is perfect for the youthful exuberance of the 80s. I'm really looking forward to this project as Plaisance's work in other thematics, particularly his seaside series, has been able to capture the moods and emotions of the subject eloquently and with great beauty. This track is full of vibrant melodies and has a very energetic and bouncy characteristic to it's story, and will be sure to brighten your weekend.

Cougar Synth has ventured into the realms of sensuality and intimacy with his new track 'Afterglow'. I love how the synthscape is so delightfully radiant and uncomplicated, allowing for each glance and touch to resonate with affection. Stunning work again from Cougar Synth and he's been so kind as to make this a FREE download too.

Garth Knight's also taking a road to romance with his latest 'Regardez Moi'. This has a much more, dare I say, Com Truise like personality to it with waves of synths being manipulated in pulsing nebulas forms that illuminate an aura of atmosphere warping romance. This is a totally rockin experience and gives Garth Knight yet another synth genre to draw from.

It's a return to the classic and wonderful Lost Years sound with his latest teaser 'The Other Side Of You' from this prolific producer. Listed as a 'studio session' this piece is full of Lost Years' marvellous OutRun energy, everything about it screams quality and the arrangements are already thrilling. In it's completed form this promises to be one hell of a ride.

New music next from Android Automatic with 'Neon Waves'. A fast paced melody leads into high level action OutRun with italo tinged melodies. This track leads into a sumptuous midpoint change that really adds a lot of perspective to the experience. The narrative is very impressive and really keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. Currently available for FREE download.

Like Mowrey is back with an atmospheric new experience going by the name of 'Contact'. Smoothly undulating soundtrack elements are flavoured with a very introspective exploration of the melodies. The end result is hugely powerful, making the most of it's uncomplicated soundscape in a very engaging manner.

Vector Hold cites the classic 80s nuclear-thriller Def Con 4 as the major inspiration for his new track 'The Terminals'. Dark and mechanical in it's presentation the synths whisper foreboding prophecies and have a genuine desolation to them. The solitary aftermath is very prominent throughout and provides a very commanding atmosphere. Currently available for FREE download.

From what I can surmise this latest track from Vestron Vulture is a collaborative work with Cymphium, but I might be misunderstanding this. Most importantly this track 'One Word' is a totally rockin experience in action soundtrack synth with an orchestral layer driving the emotions. The combination works exceedingly well with massive action and thrills around every corner. Currently available for FREE download, also.

Alpha Boy continues his adventures in synth funk sounds with his latest release 'Roller Boogie'. I really enjoy the Alpha Boy style in this format, it seems to allow his melodies to mesh more with the rhythm sections and provide a very cohesive soundscape. Definitely a wonderful new direction for Alpha Boy to expand his repertoire in.

Speaking of journeying into new territories the latest Stellar Dreams composition sets a course for dark synth horror in 'Terror Street'. The synths are full of nightmarish qualities and story is rich with an ambiance of fright. This is a very strong track that builds and delivers a perfectly constructed experience in the dark synth dread.

Lightening the mood but keeping your pulse rate high is a new experience from Bobby Outro titled Giorgio Moroder. This piece takes many cues from Moroder's late 70s disco synth pieces and then adds  some more drama to mix with soundtrack inspired progressions. Many thanks to Aminova for enlightening me into this exciting producer.

Dance With The Dead unleashed a new track of their own horror OutRun persuasion with 'Came The Dawn'. This 'demo version' is absolutely rock hard with it's pounding drums and sublimely wondrous synth melodies. These guys have been hinting at a mid year release of their debut album and as that gets closer and closer my anticipation grow exponentially.

Poko Cox keeps rockin super hard ans his latest song takes his sounds to new levels of excitement. 'Paralyzed' is exemplary 80s inspired song writing with an incredible vocal track and the melodies are catchy as hell. Totally kick arse in all the right ways, Poko Cox always rocks.

Sunglasses Kid ramped up his already extreme work rate this week with no less than five new tracks on his soundcloud. Although these were predominantly new vocal mixes of existing tracks they're no less rockin or valuable as this really displays how much this producer wants to expand his horizons. This new version of 'My Destiny' featuring the always delightful vocal talents of Dana Jean Phoenix makes for a classic 80s synth pop experience par excellence. Be sure to check out the other new tracks on his soundcloud too.

New music new from Last Ride and his demo for the OutRun epic 'Streets of 2012'. Clocking in at more than seven minutes this piece really takes it's time to explore the melodies and soundscapes of it's creation. Even more surprising is that during this experience the music never loses it's direction or disengages the listener. By moving through numerous set pieces it really captures the imagination of the listener exceptionally well. Many thanks to Richard Kelly for enlightening me to this artist. 'Streets of 2012' currently available at a name-your-own-price point on Bandcamp currently too.

Robots With Rayguns brand of 80s drenched, vocal sample driven music is back with his slow and sensual ode to Selena Gomez titled 'Selena'. The music a steamy and licentious exploration of unrequited lust that becomes a dangerous obsession. RWR has been kind enough to allow this intimate experience to be available for FREE download, for our own personal fantasies.

After the masterful 'So Real' (featuring Patrick Baker) Silent Gloves has returned with a new magical synthscapade called 'We Live Forever'. This piece is more musical beauty incarnate as the lingering synth melodies intimate incredibly lustrous permutations, coloured with a vibrancy that glows with memories of the past and promises of the future. Pure majesty.

Chaconne is one of Synthetix.FM's favourite producers, I'm a massive fan of his soundscapes. Every piece of music he creates is so full of emotion and understanding of 80s sounds that each new release is like a religious experience. 'Dreamers' just solidifies this further with his gloriously rich instrumentations and dazzling arrangements. This is also currently a FREE download.

That does us for another big Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I hope you've enjoyed these tracks as much as I have. I'll be back next week with more good times and great rock'n'roll so 'til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.


  1. I gotta say that Last Ride Streets of 2012 track is AWFULLY similar to Jordan F's Abandoned Streets. Too similar. I know a lot of the artists in these genres can sound alike to the point of self-mockery, but this seems like no coincidence.


    1. Ah indeed, initially I thought it reminded me of a Lazerhawk track, but I couldn't put my finger on it, and yeah now listening to Abandoned Streets it's very close. The main reason I posted was to give some exposure to a new producer and encourage them, hopefully this leads to more creativity.

      Keep on rockin, DOMEWRECKER.