Sunday, May 12, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Before we get to this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM I first wanted to pay special attention to the incredible new compilation from Werkstatt Recordings: Synth City. This THIRTY track compilation is jam packed with 80s synth superstars and all the tracks are EXCLUSIVE to this release!

It's an amazing reflection of the diverse talent in the scene and when brought together in this format makes for an awe inspiring monolith of synth rhapsody. Garth Knight, 80s Stallone, Perturbator, LA Dreams, DJ Ten, Camille R, Vincenzo Salvia, Ace Attack, Protector 101 and Embryonik are just some of the producers included.

Synthetix.FM doesn't review compilations, but I always have a link to the most current and rockin one on the right hand side bar, so make sure you get this incredible, and FREE, compilation presented by the wonderful Werkstatt Recordings as soon as possible.

Now, lets ROCK with the Synthetix Weekend Update!

First up we have sort of reissue from Corvallis. 'Pantera' was originally released on an EP last year but Corvallis has seen fit to rerelease it as a single.  It's dark and dangerous and has an almost impossibly long lead in before it hits, but the anticipation built is absolutely rockin. The highly effect treated vocal adds a huge amount of haunting mysticism to the experience.

Ogre Sound has been on the Synthetix.FM radar for quite a while now, and his album 194 from last year provided some marvellous soundtrack synth flavoured experiences. His next release, 'Calico Brown' has been directly inspired by the ever inspirational TV series Miami Vice and from this sampler he's really rockin all the right ways. Greatly looking forward to the full release on the 20th of May.

SPF5Ø is back with his horror inspired dark synth mayhem once again with a new track delightfully titled 'Bitches Blood'. The soundscape is torn asunder with synth violence that borders on an industrial style, the layering towards the end becomes very intense. Available currently for FREE download.

Starion's brand of catchy disco synth has resurfaced with this marvellous slice of italo love called 'Theme From Ferranti'. It's the perfect blend of spatial atmospherics and catchy melodies and it's pace allows for the perfect ambiance.

Keeping the italo golden is Lost Year's new track 'Tear'. The Lost Years sound is one of my favourites in the scene and this piece really displays the genius of this producer's style. The arrangements are absolutely flawless with just the right emphasis on everything to create the perfect tonal balance. 'Tear' is up to Version 2 already, it's evolution should provide much entertainment.

Laurence McFunk has turned the drama up to dangerous levels with his epic new piece 'Turn In Your Badge'. This feels so authentic as a piece of high tension 80s soundtrack work that if I close my eyes I can visualise the scene instantly. Even as a short piece, this is right on point and also available for FREE download.

Nite Sprite is back with a vengeance with his rockin new track 'Strut'. The energy of this builds with pure magic and drops like a metric tonne of rad. The funky arrangements are contrasted with darker, menacing details but then evolve into a synthscape full of beauty and clarity. This track is available for purchase on iTunes here.

If you don't know who Visage are you need to stop reading this right now and go and educate yourself on their seminal music from dawn of the new romantic age. Their triumphant return is only weeks away and they're teasing the full album release with previews of each song leading up the album launch  on the 20th of May. Their understanding of new and classic sounds has resulted in a wonderfully 80s soundscape laced with just the right amount of modernity. 'Never Enough' is one of the songs I'm most looking forward to, but I'll be sure to give the record the full Synthetix.FM treatment upon it's release.

I'm finding Dr Pecco to be one of the most exciting new talents in the 80s inspired synth scene, he manages to instill a very vital and vibrant energy in his music and with this short teaser for his next EP it's sounding like he's refining his sound even further. Looking forward to this release immensely.

Electric Disection is exciting talent that keeps bringing the radness to the masses and his new piece 'Semblance Of A New World' is a delightfully introspective piece with smooth synth melodies that are uplifting and full of hope. The lead melodies provide and excellent counter argument with their pointed questioning, adding even more interesting layers. This is available for FREE download currently, also.

PH Groove is back and rockin hard with his new opus 'Witness This'. Rhythms as set to maximum excitement and the unrelenting pace builds to an explosion of 80s synth action. PH Groove also shared another excellent track this week in 'She Loves Dancing' and both are currently available as FREE downloads.

To mark his achievement of 6000 followers on soundcloud Mitch Murder has graciously shared a gorgeous new excursion called 'Mirage' as a FREE download. This track continues Mitch Murder's love affair with Pino Palladino styled basslines and winds things back to languid pace allowing for the subtlety of the soundscapes to have their magic and wonder fully appreciated.

A new producer of rockin 80s synth, introduced to me by the totally kick arse duo Stellar Dreams, is Kid Flash. His new track 'Nascar' uses lots of high energy synths and liberal samples from Days of Thunder to create a totally kick arse synth ride that's got equal doses of passion and action. This is another track available currently for FREE download.

After their very disappointing release (from my perspective) 1991, Tesla Boy have returned to form with the much more 80s sounding song 'M.C.H.T.E'. Once again they've shown why they're so good at rockin the 80s sounds and emotions with totally electrifying energy and superb lyrical themes.

Perturbator's rockin some massive sounds with the preview to his next EP 'Sexualizer'. This five track release is sounding very, very impressive from these preview tracks. The opening song featuring Adam 'Le Cassette' McNab on vocals is something I found jaw dropping and the other four experiences all hint at even more excitement courtesy of one of the scenes premier producers.

Sunglasses Kid is fast becoming one of my favourite composers of truly authentic 80s inspired synth music. Each new track he shares presents a boldly crystalline vision of true 80s sounds and emotions. His new track 'Miami Lover' distills this down to an even richer purity, the sax, synth and percussion are as harmonious as they are entrancing. A glorious example of total 80s nostalgia. This is available for purchase from his Bandcamp page here.

Mulperi's new track 'Friends' caught my attention with his somber tones and very intimate melodies. Although not strictly 80s in it's personality there is an 80s soul that colours the emotions and allows for some very beautiful soundscapes to emerge. Another track currently available for FREE download.

Bringing the 80s back in no uncertain terms is the new track from Betamaxx 'Redlining 6th'. This high energy OutRun adventure is going to be the opening intro to his next album release. The synths are on fire throughout this track and the break neck pace is thoroughly invigorating.

Although only forty six seconds in length this new teaser from Grooveworthy was something I just had to share. 'Information Breakdown' has one of the most powerful percussive tracks I'm yet to experience and builds to a point that for now shall remain a mystery. This track is going to be epic.

On the cusp of releasing their next odyssey, 'Bloodsport 2092', Arc Neon have re-released their Wet Dreams EP in a special edition format with seven extra tracks. This EP was already a totally rockin release (reviewed on Synthetix.FM here) and this expanded release is something everyone should support, especially at it's 'Name Your Own Price' price point.

And finally we have a preview for the debut EP from Lazerspek courtesy of Future City Records. This three track affair promises to be very interesting based on this producers previous sounds and his own brand of new and old sounds should make for riveting synthual experience.

That does us for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. Next week will be another action packed one with a hot batch of 80s inspired synth releases to review and share with you so until then, stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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