Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dynatron Brings The Flashbacks

After having been a fan of some of the more established acts in the 80s inspired synth scene for an extended period of time it warms my heart to witness the evolutionary changes in their sounds and the many stops on their musical journeys. I think back to original releases from many producers and then listen to their latest and often the kernel of an idea initially hinted at now blossoms into a vibrant aural pastiche. This is something I've witnessed, especially, in Dynatron and his latest EP really displays an understanding of what and who Dynatron is, continuing the adventure post 'Escape Velocity'.

There are some artists on the scene that make their styles very individualised, and this means they can be handicapped when trying to keep to their identity while investigating new territories, but we all know the true exploration and development of music is what leads to the most magical results. With Dynatron's new EP I believe he's cemented his place in the upper echelons of producers with his individual hallmarks, but also by his adventurous and exploratory techniques; all of which come together to make pure musical magic.

'Flashbacks' comes across to me as a turning point release, it's name implies looking back and the recalling of the past but it's in the intro that the subconscious dreamscape and the premonitions of the future are also at play. It's as if Dynatron is looking back at his conquests and forward to greater glories and 'Flashbacks' is that time of contemplation and a promise of even more golden times ahead.

It's when 'On The Edge Of Space' kicks in that you know exactly who you're listening to. The chugging guitar riffs, the epic swell of glacial synth melodies, the dramatic percussion, it all makes the Dynatron sound what it is and this opening piece is arranged to absolute perfection. The story is powerful when it needs to be and delicate in moments of fragility. The sounds blend in a manner that allows them to take on their own personalities without jarring while still making important statements. The Dynatron magic flows like a rock synth juggernaut, omnipotent and dazzling.

The second track takes things into more romantic territory and the emotional caress of 'Save The Moment' is utterly marvellous. Melodies are plucked from angelic harps and a daydream like state hazes the details into emotive memories. The synthscape casts a gauze veil over this romantic memory, awash with the scents and flavours of intimate reminiscence.

Romance is cast the seven winds when 'Cruiser' opens up the throttle and sets course for an intergalactic adventure on the highways of the stars. Dynatron's more energetic and action oriented pieces always have the perfect balance to their arrangements to ensure the feelings of speed and the weightlessness of space are delivered directly to the listener's imagination. It's the individual chapters of pieces like 'Cruiser' that make the experience so complete and involving.

The final track, 'Zero Gravity' encapsulates these feelings once again, albeit in a much greater harmonious delectation. Synth sounds are radiant, full of brightness and so airily graceful. They rise like neon smoke and disperse into a myriad of dimensions, ebbing and flowing with their own life force. The uncomplicated nature of 'Zero Gravity' allows for even more interpretations to be explored while the space around us is filled with the sounds of the universe.

Last year Dynatron impressed me immensely with his 'Escape Velocity' album (reviewed on Synthetix.FM here) which allowed him to fully realise a conceptual experience and deliver it in the ideal format. The 'Flashbacks' EP distills the Dynatron experience into a much more streamlined episode but retains the details, emotions and energies of the previous release and refines and builds on the many hallmarks in a progressively exciting way.

'Flashbacks' works brilliantly as a separate suite of spatial synth synergy that allows for a more instantly gratifying package. This, once again, shows the maturity of Dynatron's work as his ability to create both types of formats in such an exemplary manner is something to be greatly respected. Many producers can do EPs or LPs but few can do both with such aplomb.

The 'Flashbacks' EP is presented by Aphasia Records on their Bandcamp page here and comes very, very highly recommended by Synthetix.FM. For those whom are already fans of Dynatron's work this is, of course, a must-own experience and for those who've not yet partaken in the sumptuous synth pleasures of Dynatron, this EP serves as the perfect introduction.

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