Saturday, April 20, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

It's been a week of heavy, incessant deluges of rain once again with the month of April continuing on with a heavy downpour of rockin new music from the 80s inspired synth scene. On the horizon next week is a megaton lightning strike that is sure to rock you to your foundations, but for now the rumble of thunder works in tandem with the luscious synth sounds of this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM

I really need to post this first, as it's going to make a lot of people, as it has myself, very happy. MPM's return to the scene has been heralded with a sampler he shared on his YouTube yesterday and I have word directly from the man himself that he's trying to get something out this year. I'd honestly given up on ever getting any new MPM music, but these words that he's 'trying' plus the incredibly rockin new preview have rekindled some of my faith in MPM's come back. Time will tell, but for now this preview and whisper of a promise will have to suffice.

Rockin back into the brutality of Gost's brand of synth action darkness is his latest track: Cursed. This producers mix of new and old styles is once again executed beautifully with highly violent sounds combined with delightfully delicate melodies.

Kid Machine shared a very cool new demo this week for Hyperion. Kid Machine's moody side is presented here with a dramatic flair that add real substance to the experience. I'm unsure as to whether this is to be used in a separate project or an EP/LP release but either way it's full of Kid Machine's trademark quality.

Cougar Synth keeps on rockin with his latest track that's also FREE to download currently. Conqueror has a slightly ninja synth mood about it but elements of synth romance add vast amounts of emotional investment. The story is rich with beautifully orchestrated arrangements and perfectly vintage sounds.

On a similar dimensional plane is James Baker's new composition: Inside The Game. This classically styled work is full of authentic early 80s synth sounds and melodies and has that beautiful naiveté in it's personality that always feels so honest and engaging. This piece is also currently available for FREE download.

Bluezz Vylez is back with his new adventure in Moonlight Camp. This producer's individualised soundscapes are something I always find absorbing and this latest work does so yet again. Synths
sounds are taken out of their comfort zones and the arrangements are energising in their delivery.

The Evanton sound continues to evolve with this duo's new track Disco Heat In Meatpacking District. The powerhouse basslines are set to maximum but this piece displays a new tenderness in the melodies that really adds a new dimension to the soundscape. This is taken from their upcoming release Electric City which will be sure to provide vast amounts of Evanton italo electro gold.

Python Blue shared an outtake from his submission to the next New Retro Wave compilation release and has made it available for FREE download. This is track is a superb hybrid of this producer's soundtrack and synth wave styled work making for an atmospheric and engaging adventure into the future.

Babylon 86 is a new rocker on the scene and is kick some classic 80s sounds with his track Technoir. The energy in this piece is fierce with driving percussion and high speed melodies. He's released five other tracks on his soundcloud which encourage you to partake in also and all are currently available for FREE download.

The latest release from Farfletched is totally rockin my world. The melodies are just so catchy and thrilling but it's the way the experience is structured that provides the most enjoyment. The many breakdowns and builds accentuate each element magnificently.

LA Dreams published two tracks this week but Young Scavengers became my pick for the Weekend Update. This guitar driven rocker is full of LA Dreams synth magic delivered with a deep emotive refrain that is thoroughly exciting. Be sure to check out his other release this week, Wild Tiger, on his soundcloud too.

Turning the drama up past the point of safety comes Dr PECCO with his new foray into the forests of fear: Green Inferno. The music is almost video game like in personality, but it contains a depth to the synth sounds that add a very atmospheric layer. The rhythm section is unrelenting throughout but those soaring synth melodies provide the perfect contrast to the soundscape.

Plaisance has teamed up with Shio-Z for a vocal rework of his track Deep Blue. The end result is a hugely immersive experience that vastly magnifies the presence of the original. Shio-Z's vocals performance is right on point for the classic early 80s new romantic style and Plaisance's soundtrack feels like it was made for the vocal. I hope this is only the first of many projects between these two talented producers.

RF.Extreme shared his exciting new track LED Lead Foot this week in it's latest evolutionary form. Still a work in progress this promises to deliver thrills and chills out the yin yang with it's thunderous bass line and distilled melodies. Really looking forward to where this piece is going.

Glass Mirrors keep on rockin their own brand of 80s influenced synth pop with their new song Wanting You. The combination of new and old sounds work together in harmony while the vocal track adds a great deal of impetus to the emotional thrills and chills. I hope these guys keep the 80s strong in their music as they have an excellent combination of all the right skills to produce totally rockin synth pop.

Time for some epic space synth disco with Sirius B from Like Mowrey. This artist keeps honing his craft with every new release and Sirius B feels like a fully realised idea that's been worked to perfection. Full of emotive melodies and a vast spatial quality this track is pure energy.

A bit of a Synthetix.FM Public Service Announcement now. An artist whom I've grown rather fond of in the form of Jaypeau has consolidated his partnership with Toe Knee and launched their project as Dance With The Dead. This is now their official monicker, so please follow them on their new Facebook page here. With that done, let's get rockin with their totally rad new track Fracture. These guys have a knack for extracting equal amounts of terror and atmosphere in their music but always manage to keep super-hooky melodies as the force that drives the experience. Dance With The Dead are planning a full LP release in July and based on all their previous tracks I'm greatly looking forward to enjoying their music in an album format.

That wraps things up for another Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM, I'll be back early next week with a very special release that I seem to have been waiting forever for, but all things come to those who wait, as they say. 'Til then, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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