Saturday, April 13, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

The heavy weather has definitely set in. This week's downpour is full of life enriching musical elements that will provide you an inspiring listening experience full of 80s love to get you through these damp days and storm filled nights.

While the showers persist it's seems like the perfect time to get rockin with Lazerhawk's latest track Children of The Night. This is another work from the impending Skull and Shark comic he's collaborating on and it's one of the darkest pieces we've heard from Lazerhawk in many a moon. Definitely well in keeping with the mood of the visuals and if you've not had the pleasure yet please view the preview to Skull And Shark here.

Python Blue is expanding his horizons in each new release. His once dominant ambient soundtrack style has blossomed into pure OutRun gold in his just published track High Ways. This producer's understanding of what gives power and spatial depth to his arrangements is very well displayed in this piece.

 A new rocker on the scene with a sound as intriguing as his name caught my attention this week. Right Knider's sounds have a bit of a skewed out-of-time bent to them but the soundscape is thoroughly engaging as melodies as cast like spells full of powerful elements. This is currently available for FREE download also.

The next track is a bit of an oddity, that I found as engaging as it is perplexing. Asian Ganja Crew's eclectic styles heard in their previous release seem to have found a home in the 80s funk dimension if their preview track on Bandcamp is anything to go by. Even as this short preview I can't help but br intrigued by this release. I'm yet to take the plunge on the full record, but I think it's a calculated risk I'll be taking over the next week. If the rest of the album is as rockin as Horn I'll be sure to give this record some love on Synthetix.FM in the near future.

Neon Flash Drive's made a stunning return to the scene after a near six month hiatus with superb new work, Caught Her Name At Recess. This is a pure and rich synth romance experience, full of emotion and deep like a first crush. Beautiful from beginning to end and also available as a FREE download.

Keeping the love rockin all the right ways is the new one from Adeyhawke: Looker. Synths dodge and weave in an out of totally killer bassline and the experience feels naturally free-form as it builds. This is full of 80s magic and accented by some more modern arrangements with an end result that is bitchen to the max.

Moving to more dramatic times is the new track from Silenx. Dataflow's mechanised coldness and sparseness is orchestrated with drama being the dominant force. This track feels austere and methodical with a machine like precision that brings to mind a eerie bleakness. Totally spellbinding.

Britain's Saint Remy has been dabbling in many forms of electronic music in recent times but in his latest work he's definitely found his love and desire for 80s sounds blossoming. Nearly Lost Her is a slow burn full of emotionally charged melodies and arranged with an interesting flair. It's quite unlike anything else with it's repeated samples and clean piano details, but it's story is beautifully written from beginning to end.

Jupiter Gang, along with a handful of other artists are on my list called "Please release a goddamn album already".  This producer is one of the most rockin in the scene doing 80s synth funk and his latest track, Under Arrest, adds some very interesting drama to the soundscape. It's got 80s cop action shakedown written all over it, which is supremely entertaining.

Keeping things funky, but a bit more fried is the new preview for Aminova's Research. The music has a very 16bit personality to it, but it's not what I'd call ChipTune music. The Aminova magic is ever present throughout and this producer's hallmark melodies are a joy to once again behold.

Droid Bishop keeps on rockin with his latest EP teaser Electric Love Interlude. This piece of synth romance is delightfully engineered with a heartfelt beauty that permeates through the synth melodies. It bodes very well for the full EP which I can only hope is going to be released soon.

Neon Workout's really kicking some major amounts of arse of late, his new preview/sketch of L.S.F.E goes great lengths to show his proficiency in creating super hot sounds. This has an infectious electro funk vibe that totally kills. Very promising, and hopeful a sign that a full EP or LP release will he happening soon.

Alpha Boy is going through a wonderfully diverse experimental period this last month or so and his latest foray is into an interesting library-esque style. His sounds work really well for this style, and the inclusion of new samples adds even more to the experience. Definitely something the Alpha Boy style works well with.

I'm not sure whether Run Vaylor's latest track is called New Beginning for it's name only or whether he's ushering in a new era in the Run Vaylor experience. Either way this composition is stunning to be behold as it remains wonderfully epic in scope, but intimates with emotional melodies wonderfully. This track is currently available for FREE download also.

For my tastes, Futurecop! had lost their ways in recent times. A lot of their sounds that I found absolutely stunning have been succeeded by far less engaging pieces to my ears. With their latest release, Superheroes, they've enlisted the always glowing Kristine and this has made for quite a special experience. That said, I wish there were less effects used on Kristine's voice as her 's is one of perfection and grace that has no need for extra processing. It's probably only me who has this issue with Superheroes and as a work of 80s crossover it works rather well.

Rockin back to some classic italo disco is the new Spacious Sweep piece Radiant. I love the Spacious Sweep italo sound and this is brought right up front in Radiant. Driving basslines, catch melodies and on point percussion make for a very authentic experience.

Fanateek One's brand of rocking 80s funk synth is once again lighting up the night skies with his mysteriously titled F One #13 Day 2 composition. Spaces are kept open and unconstrained and there's little to confuse the intentions as delectable melodies are coated in sweet candy gloss.

A new rocker from Norway who's taking the 80s deep into his heart is Transcend. His just released Years is bright and joyous with layers of synth romance working in total harmony. I hope this producer continues his 80s love affair in the future. This track is also available for FREE download.

Arc Neon are back with some sexy summer synth sounds in their instrumental version of Wet Dreams. The Arc Neon sound is developing it's own personality that is evenly balance with light and dark elements, making for a superb contrast in their music. This track epitomises this and totally rocks throughout. Also available currently for FREE download, so get on it as soon as you can.

Our final entry in this week's Weekend Update flood is a kick arse new synth pop odyssey from Who Ha called Out Running. This producer's really got a killer style and his vocals are totally rockin the right 80s personality. If that wasn't enough there's also an instrumental version available too.  Very authentic, in both forms, and totally k-rad to the max.

That does us for yet another tsunami sized Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM. I'll be back soon with more good times and great rock'n'roll next week. 'Til then,  stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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  1. Thanks for the feature, Rick! Nice selection of others' tracks, too!