Thursday, April 4, 2013

Moustache Machine Rocks With Fosbury

Moustache Machine's brand of eclectic french touch/80s influence disco is less of a musical style and more of a state of mind. This producer's love affair with 80s sounds mixed with modern elements and arrangements has made for some very entertaining music and his latest EP really shines like chrome neon set ablaze across the sunset.

The Fosbury EP consists for four original suites and two remixes. The remixes drag originals too far into modern climes for my tastes but the four original tracks are magical experiences that transcend time and genres.  The story is complete in it's four chapters though, and makes for a beautifully rich adventure through the looking glass of the the Moustache Machine.

The EP begins with possibly one of the single best introductory pieces I've ever heard. Chords and notes are intimated with delicate manipulation but build to a soaring crescendo of rushing drama that is so forcefully invigorating that one's breath can barely be snatched from extreme levels of exhilaration. The fact that this intro manages to build even further is testament to the Moustache Machine's supremely awesome disco power. Incredibly wonderful music.

The title track from Fosbury begins with a discordant air that initially put me aback, but the double timed hi-hats brought me back in from the cold with a crisp warmth. Synths are introduced teasingly for maximum impact with a build up that lands with an force that washes over the listener rather than blasts them into the next timezone. The modern french touch dramatics have a flair that doesn't lend itself much to the classic 80s styles, and in all truth the title track is the least vintage sounding of the four originals, but in the scope of the full EP exists perfectly alongside the other tracks offering a thematic that complements the other pieces.

Moving on into Doing It Wrong the 80s funk synth is turned up to sexy with a stunning work of total brilliance. This is the track that sold me on the EP, it's got all the ingredients rocking in perfect harmony with the vibrant tonal shades to bring in the neon flair that makes the synths soar while keeping the arrangement true to modern aesthetics. The end result is an inspiring blend of old and new that brings a unification of all things rad.

The EP completes with a delightfully airy outro track called Cygnus. This moves in and out focus while maintaining a chorus of angelic synths over a pounding and destructive bassline. The sounds are from different planets but share harmonic origins that allow for the perfect 'come down' after the full force explosiveness of the previous tracks.

The Fosbury EP is presented by Yeah!/Dish Records on their homepage here and is a FREE download release. I highly recommend all lovers of french touch with a definitively 80s flavour to get on this totally rockin EP as soon as possible. And please give the Moustache Machine himself some love on his soundcloud page here and Facebook page here as well.

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