Monday, April 1, 2013

JF Conrad Tears Up The Streets In One Hot Ride

For those unaware of the musical stylings of one Jan-Friedrich Conrad please have a read and a listen to his previous album collaboration with Alpha Boy here. This producer's body of work speaks for itself and I pleases me greatly to be able to share JF Conrad's latest solo single release: Giugiaro Prototype Theft.

Any time a musician who actually produced in the 80s releases new material that is intentionally of their vintage inspirations my imagination gets carried away almost instantly. I'm known to go on and on about authenticity in the 80s inspired music produced today, meaning it's got the taste, flavour, sound and presence of the 80s running through it's entirety. When something like the latest JF Conrad single comes along it grabs me hook, line and sinker. The soundscape is a window through which I can see the 80s still lives and thrives, with a heart the beats to a rhythm beyond the passage of time.

Giugiaro Prototype Theft is a classic example of 80s nouveau synth jazz that reminds me greatly of the classic instrumental composers like Toshiki Kadomatsu who's sounds were of a much more exploratory and ethereal nature that engaged the listener in exciting new ways. From the beginning of Giugiaro Prototype Theft we're taken by a melodic refrain full of drama that provides the basis for the experience. The structure of this track is what makes it such an adventure though, guitars scream their importance through middle stages and synths are allowed to run wild through traffic filled chicanes of heart pumping action.

Every instrument is given a role of importance and carries the piece equally, the live-sounding drum track is augmented beautifully by the bass guitar melodies that pump and dive through dense passages of intricately deft stretches of scorching tarmac. The keyboards are really where the lights flash the brightest with barrages of paparazzi-like bursts that freeze frame into moments of crystallised musical magic.

This experience is so deep and full of engaging nuances and ornately sculpted passages that repeated listens or not only suggested but demanded. There is just so much to take in and enjoy that this track seems give hours of entertainment far beyond it's three minutes and forty eight second duration.

I dearly hope that JF Conrad continues producing odysseys like Giugiaro Prototype Heist. His background in making 80s soundtracks and his obvious love for the authentic arrangements really give him a huge arsenal of weaponry to make for some very explosive experiences.

Please add this totally rockin synth jazz escapade to your music collection by purchasing it through JF Conrad's Bandcamp page here, and get a direct view into the past from the present into the future.

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