Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cronenberg Interferes With The Things Inside

Theres a new threat to the safety of the disco crowds. A threat to their very lives, hiding in the shadows with a blade full of hatred and a gleam in his eyes. Cronenberg is the the latest serial producer in the giallo disco genre, joining by the likes of Vercetti Technicolor and Antoni Maiovvi as marauders of the menacing melodies with evil on their minds and disco in their hearts.

Cronenberg's new EP, Things Inside, takes inspiration not only from his namesake and the classic works of John Carpenter but also a lethal dose of Giorgio Moroder and Mike Oldfield's late 70s work, all thrown into an experience that punctures gaping wounds into the black of the night with passionate fervour.

Things Inside sets the scene very quickly with The Complex opening up for the first victim's demise. Shades of the Escape From New York theme are layered over a rapid pulse bassline. A scene of night stalking mortal torment is painted in garish colours from a palette Dario Argento would be proud of. The one thing that really drew me into this record, from the first track, was the simplicity of the pieces. Throughout the EP ideas are not multifaceted refractions but instead are refined moments. Moments that build as panic becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The second act, which is the title track, begins introducing vocal work that is implemented exceptionally well. Highly effect drenched vocals are accompanied by a more natural voice that adds huge amounts of menace to the atmosphere. Things Inside takes on a gloriously malevolent tone with these repeated refrains of rapturous rage, the climax of which is a violently visceral opening of veins and hi-hats to complete the experience.

Onto the third act, which departs slightly from the standard arrangements and instead ventures into trance-like hypnotising giallo disco. Keloid Clinic is five and a half minutes of experimental terror which casts an arcane spell over the listener who's unable to escape it's deadly grasp. The soundtrack to the demise of many is constructed with a more restrained benevolence in the next chapter Rose. I think this is the signature experience of the EP as it's build and bloody pay-off positively gush with arterial spray. The use of superbly orchestrated disco hi-hats just complete the atmosphere which builds and falls in time with the bodies collapsing in Cronenberg's wake. Absolutely reference giallo disco.

By the time Shiver kicks in we are entirely at the mercy of Cronenberg's diabolical designs. Infectious basslines work their magic while synth melodies slice the deepest in quick succession before disappearing back into the inky pitch of night. The percussion throughout this piece is stellar with just the right amount accents to create intrigue without casting too much light on the ghastly proceedings.

The downtempo High Rise completes the EP. Brutality takes a trade off to more moodiness that provides a filth caked window into the mind of the killer. Deeply brooding melodies take you down a path less travelled, winding through the the corridors of the past with much introspection. We begin to see the human face of the this monster, but the glimpse begins to fade into madness before we know it.

Cronenberg's Things Inside EP is presented on his Bandcamp page here. This EP is a hugely entertaining adventure into the pure onyx darkness of giallo disco's finest trappings. Make sure you give him some of your attention on his soundcloud, here for future nightmarish episodes.

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