Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Neon Guilt Of Lhasa Mencur

Lhasa Mencur has just hit the ground running with his debut 80s styled EP Neon Guilt. This EP is full of rockin action and 80s motif's glazed and basted with some more modern elements that make the crossover work throughout the five tracks. Synths are kept firmly in the vintage mould, but rhythms and percussive work bring in current sounds without jarring the atmosphere. That said, the undeniable, rock hard highlight that makes this EP so kick arse is the shredtacular guitar work that energizes the tracks with brutal ferocity.

While the opening electro intro vibes of Assphalt get a funky, almost hip hop atmosphere rockin it's the second track on Neon Guilt that really opens things up for a barrage of musical armageddon: Wanted. The intro to Wanted plots a devious course to make one think we're continuing down the same road as the opener but when the thundercloud of synths and guitars erupts it creates a onslaught of classic 80s sounds that rocks hard and often.

This track is so full of 80s love that each synth lead and guitar riff feels like it's been engineered for the greatest impact possible and each nuance of the production builds more and more energy. Totally invigorating and a joy to bear witness to. Following up Wanted is a soulfully epic atmospheric piece which takes the out and out boisterousness of Wanted and inverts it with deliberate, slow pace drums, moody synths and guitars that wail and scream as if they've been torn asunder to the depths of their very being. The sheer emotive power of the guitars are sumptuous and full of those 80s feelings that make us warm inside and and inspired with passion. The drama achieved in Neon Guilt is positively awe inspiring.

Following the title track is a small divergence of bleeps and bloops that are constructed in a manner to bridge the title track and the final composition. This short piece does a wonderful job of subsiding the drama and passion of Neon Guilt and allowing our palette to be freshly prepared for the last piece: Moog Stomp (Outrun Mix). This last track brings in undercurrents of modern sensibilities while keeping the 80s at the forefront of sounds and emotions. Lead synths paint glorious strokes of colour across the night time canvas while a modern rhythm section keeps pace with the synths marvellously well. The entire construct blends beautifully and finishes the EP off cleanly and succinctly.

Lahsa Mencur's debut EP into 80s inspired synth is a wonderful experience that promises a great deal more rockin good times in the future. His use of guitars and synths in equal balance is thoroughly engaging and I'm hoping he continues his adventures in 80s love in further releases as there is an abundance of talent and understanding of how to rock the 80s right is displayed throughout the entirety of Neon Guilt.

Add Lhasa Mencur's killer new EP to your music collection today by visiting his Bandcamp page here as soon as possible.

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