Saturday, March 9, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Massive amounts of hot tunes came rockin in from all parts of the planet during the last week, traversing a myriad of 80s sounds, styles and emotions. No time to delay this week as the doors are busted wide open with another seam splittingly gargantuan Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM!

A new Photosynthesi track is always cause for celebration and his latest work, Enrosadira, brings to mind all the reasons I love Photosynthesi's sounds. A highly energetic adventure that has some very detailed synth sounds and a tone full of magic and wonder. This is currently available for FREE download also, thanks very much Mr Photosynthesi!

Kid Machine's really kicking into high gear of late and his newest track is really rockin hard. 'Prism' is a full of classic sounds that cover light years of 80s styles. Beginning with an italo synth intro things give way to some epic soundtrack style melodies while break beats rock with an energy all their own and the last half even steps into electro moods. A highly ambitious piece that Kid Machine manages to make work seemingly effortlessly.

Cougar Synth keeps pumping out big sounds on a weekly basis and has really outdone himself with his just published Out Of Town. The drum track for this is absolutely rockin and the synth melodies form with a sparse approach that layers in perfectly. Full of mystery and intrigue Out Of Town is totally rockin place to be. Also available for FREE download!

Mirror Kisses are back with their own wonderful blend of 80s synth pop magic. 'Runaways' is a beautifully constructed song full of emotional synths and even more emotional vocals. Mirror Kisses along with Le Cassette  have all the right 80s sounds and constructs down and really set the scene standard for the classic New Romantic style synth pop.

Rocking into high gear with little regard for our own safety is an exceptionally kick arse new track from Perturbator and Flash Arnold going under the salacious title of Sexualizer. Perturbator is really pushing new areas for his sounds, the darkness of his earlier work is now replaced by action and drama while Flash Arnold adds even more rockin good times. This track is a non stop roller coaster ride of perfectly executed sounds and arrangements.

Digital Native Dance's own brand of electro synth sounds developed further with his first release for 2013: Scorched. This sequentially arranged piece presents a really killer hybrid of 80s sounds constructed with a modern context. The results are really superb and the sax melodies complete things marvellously.

Every week I get to hear a new Strenrekorder track my smile gets just a little bit wider  and his new track Small Talk is guaranteed to make you smile too. The sounds are totally perfect with a tone of purity that leads into an uncomplicated but wholly engaging experience. Text book Sternrekorder gold.

A new Mitch Murder experience is always going to make for rockin good times but his new production is something else entirely. 'In The Fast Lane' displays even further refinement to Mitch's more eclectic library-music influenced adventures. From the bassline to the stunning implemented synth flourishes I think Mitch Murder has finally found a slower more atmospheric style that still allows him to get crazy with complex and jazzy nuances. Magnificent to behold.

Gost's dark synth stylings have been one of my favourite discoveries this year and his track Day 30 keeps me coming back for more and more. Although of a darker palette, Day 30 also has an air of excitement more so than terror with a hugely catchy bassline and a mid point build that rocks totally to the max.

Fellow synthficionado Luigi Donatello had a terrific discovery this week in unearthing the ambiguously named Crust with their new song Lute. This band are totally killing the early 80s moody synth pop sounds with a perfect vocal track and excellent instrumentation. Definitely a group to watch out for! Thanks very much, Luigi!

Taking a turn into some more unfamiliar territory is a very engaging new piece from Rutger Megahertz. The eloquently titled 'Mitch's Swimwear Contest Of '84' is quite disturbing in it's tonal pastiche, with a lot of the sounds skewed into really kick arse new dimensions. Quite unlike anything else, this soundscape is totally k-rad to the max.

The ever superb Le Matos shared a new experience  this week in 'Molly'. Le Matos are definitely one of the best acts in the scene who get the balance between classic 80s and modern sounds working to perfection and Molly proves this even further. Gorgeous synth, rockin energy and Le Matos magic exuding from every second. Thanks very much to his majesty, Uncle TNUC, for the heads up!

Getting back to his own seaside home we find Plaisance returning the ocean he loves with his stunning new synthscape Deep Blue. Every new track from Plaisance adds something new and expands his horizons into beautiful new realms. The mood and vibe of Big Blue is welcoming and calming with an airy delight that we all know is pure Plaisance magic.

In what can only be described as a massively triumphant return to the scene we have a brand new teaser track from the inimitable Yan 'Mr Vector' Larson. This 'New Test' is obviously in it's early stages but having this talented producer back in action and rockin the scene is totally kick arse. Many thanks to Tommy for enlightening me to this new track.

And speaking of Tommy, the absolute highlight of this week in the 80s inspired synth scene was the announcement and preview release of Tommy's next EP to be released through Girlfriend Records this coming April. Tommy, in my opinion, has always been one of the true leaders of the scene as his individualised sounds always feel polished and totally immersive. The four tracks previewed here display even more development to the Tommy aesthetic and even in their truncated form offer much to think about. I'd also like to say that the 3rd piece beginning at 1:20 is one of the single most incredible pieces of music I'm yet to hear and can barely imagine what this will be like in it's fully realised form.

That does us for another rockin week on Synthetix.FM! I'll be back with more good times an great rock'n'roll next week and I hope you'll join me again to share in the wonders and magic of the 80s inspired synth scene. 'Til then, as always, stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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  1. As always, very Awesome. Check out this producer I just discovered. Very bizarre synth sound.