Saturday, March 30, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

As the storm begins to break flashes of lightning and rumbling thunder echo through a sky once day turned night. April showers will be full force cyclone magnitude and it's going to provide an aural smorgasbord of top rockin tunes. To begin storm season lets rock another monster sized Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM.

Coming out strong and punching harder then ever is Perturbator with his own high energy theme. This march into fiery oblivion presents a stunning vista of incandescent brimstone and brutality as melodies haunt and energise in equal doses.

Keeping things marching into dramatic soundscapes with a more ambient style is the new venture from rf.extreme. 'Transient Wave' builds majestically with swirling synths that have a distinct flair for danger. It's thoroughly hypnotic in it's arrangements that layer in very naturally.

Cougar Synth's taken a mind altering substance with his new track Weird Fantasy. The off kilter loops and free form melodies make for an entirely surreal vision. The trademark Cougar Synth percussion is the only thing that keeps the music from drifting into another dimension and in doing so keeps the forms rockin in wonderfully vibrant ways. Be sure to get this FREE download and also make sure you check out the kick arse Betamaxx remix of Weird Fantasy here.

Drifting into another world of delightfully 80s ambiance is the superb new release from Rain Sword. This piece is a little bit less Synth Romance than his usual output, but still full of glorious Rain Sword magic with sensual melodies and vividly bright drums. Drift Away is currently up for FREE download too.

Moods are kept ambient, but also ramping up the sexy in Flash Arnold's latest See You Then. Night moods and crumpled sheets set the scene as the moonlight filters through the blinds casting a blue aura over two lovers who want to make this night last forever. Intimately orchestrated and full of passion, Flash Arnold makes you sweat with the anticipation of forbidden carnal pleasures.

Miles Prower is developing beautifully as a true devotee of quality 80s sounds, his new track This World Won't Let Me Down is full of emotional melodies but the arrangements are kept simple and authentic which really distills and focuses the feelings projected. Marvellously written and arranged to perfection.

Glass Mirrors are backing and rockin to the max with totally rad new song called Fatal Attraction. I love the energy in this, it's thoroughly raucous and exploding in a million different directions. I'd really like to hear this remastered with more of a vocal mix though, as the vocal does get a bit lost. The parts that make up Fatal Attraction are all of a super high calibre however and it definitely has the makings of a synth pop super hit.

A new talent has surfaced going under the moniker of SyntheKyler. His first track is The Last Cruise and it's full of wonderfully authentic sounds and arrangements. The melodies are inspiring in delivery and the soundscape is full of beautifully colourful synths. Many thanks to Starforce for discovering this rockin new talent.

More killer new music from Botnit was released this week with his ambient new piece Corporate Crimewave.  I love the languid pace of the this work, the synths are given ample time to wind their way throughout the structures and the entire track comes across very intimately with each detail feeling close and tactile.

A little bit of remix magic now courtesy of Jordan F's re-envisioning  of Arcade High's On The Edge Of Summer. This manages to stay very true to the source's intentions while adding a glossy layer of Jordan F's scintillating synth work. Be sure to grab a FREE copy of this while you can.

Johnny Boy Digilio is one of those producers that I've been wanting to cover on Synthetix.FM for seemingly years but finally I've got the chance to share some of his amazing music with his latest work Electric Molly. This producer's sounds are always super authentic and with his new track he's really kicked into some high gear 80s inspired soundtrack synth that would be at home in any feature from John Hughes. I look forward to rockin more Digilio action on Synthetix.FM soon.

Maethelvin has returned! In one of the most awesome events of this past week Valerie staple and one of the pioneers of the new school of 80s inspired synth has once again released some beautiful new music that shows the magic is still strong. As We Were is engineered with sublime synth work that is thoroughly enriching. This is hopefully the first of many new Maethelvin experiences.

A new track from Alexaandre really stuck with me this week. Throwbacks is an emotionally intimate composition of 80s sounds arranged with just enough modernity to complement them. The melodies are stunningly played and the layers and nuances are seemingly infinite. This is just totally rockin and the fact it's currently available for FREE download currently just sweetens the deal even more.

Jaypeau and ToeKnee keep on truckin with a new track full of 80s energy and high action. Only A Dream is rife with drama that builds like a tidal wave, complete with totally rad laser sounds and guitars that demand the listener's attention. I hope an album release of these tracks is going to happen soon as there is a great deal of music these guys have produced that need to be experienced beyond soundcloud.

Beatbox Machinery's own brand of dark electro synth pop has reached a new stage of evolution that I found very engaging. His latest track is dark and full of menace that is continued through the vocal track that makes it's intentions very clear from the outset. The darker synth arts are used very impressively to make sure no one is going to get away until Beatbox Machinery is ready to let them go.

Smoothing things out with a stunning new track is the 2013 synth sensation Amazing Police with his latest work Fixing My Sunrise. This bass driven synthscapade is absolutely incredible to experience. Bringing in jazzy/library style elements that are employed perfectly and arranged to total perfection.
This producer is blowing my mind with each successive release.

Finally, there isn't too much longer to wait until the release of So Real by Silent Gloves and Patrick Baker and in anticipation of this a promo teaser has surfaced. I'm not even close to exaggerating when I say that So Real is one of the most incredible songs I've yet to experience from the 80s inspired synth scene. The original mix is beyond perfect, and the EP is also going to include a batch of remixes from some of the hottest producers in the scene.

This WILL be one the anthems of 2013.

To finish of this week's blockbuster Weekend Update I've got a totally rockin new video from synth auteur genius Neros77. This video for Lost Years' Red Horizon  is another stellar visual feast full of explosive Lundgren action and has an ending truly befitting of the source material.

That does us for another massive Weekend Update on Synthetix.FM I'll be back next week with more
rockin sounds from the 80s inspired synth scene. As always 'til then stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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