Saturday, March 2, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Yet another week full of lovingly grown music has resulted in bumper crop in the 80s inspired synth scene. Hot new releases from regular mainstays, new talent and even some old favourites returning to the fray. Press play on tape, turn the volume up to maximum rockin and lets get radical with the weekend on Synthetix.FM!

An inspiring new Australian face in the 80s inspired synth scene going by the name of Electric Dissection has arrived. The main inspiration for this producer's work is Tangerine Dream and his track Endless Summer really recreate the classic soundtrack synth vibe. Excellent instrumentation and stunning arrangements make this one hell of a ride.

Keeping to the soundtrack theme Protector 101 has shared a new track that was destined to go on his new EP, but has decided to make it a stand-alone piece. 'Back Alleys' resonates with beautifully flowing synths that take on frightening personalities. The midpoint change leads to an explosion of energy and terror constructed with that Protector 101 magic we always love to be scared by. Get this FREE download before it gets YOU!

Silenx is back and rocking a delightfully somber aesthetic on his track Connections. Melodies are deeply emotive and tenderly arranged by threads of gossamer. "Connections" feels like a love letter to someone no longer in our lives, casting a line of hope into the seas of regret, hoping and yearning for that tug at our heartstrings to be from the one we need the most.

Time to break in the electro funk brilliance of Amazing Police's new masterpiece Moroder-Einstein Theorem. The energy of this track is stunning to behold with a soundscape that crosses line after line in a genre defying manner that keeps the listener riveted to the spot. This track evolves at a startling rate and feels like about four songs in one. Totally rockin to the max.

Alpha Boy is back with a new experience with his OutRun themed Downtown Chase. I really like where Alpha Boy is going with his music. Since his work with J-F Conrad his music is pushing more boundaries and achieving a level of refinement  in his sounds and concepts. 'Downtown Chase' is still classic Alpha Boy, loaded with his sonic hallmarks but also has some new, fresh elements that work into the soundscape very well indeed.

The always rockin Action Jackson has shared his classic track Come In Action and new experience Vice to celebrate the opening of his soundcloud page. Come In Action was on the original release of Testarossa, but not on the current one on Bandcamp. I'm not sure what the story is there, but the main thing is you get experience now as Come In Action is one of Action Jacksons finest jams. The lead melody is this track is so strong it almost knocks you down with it's power. Arranged in in such a manner to accentuate the majesty of the lead melody even further this creates a spectacular synthual experience. This track is currently FREE so get it and rock it ASAP. The bouncy and vibrant Vice track is also available for FREE download on his soundcloud so make sure you grab these two killers and follow him on soundcloud here for more Action Jackson action.

Two killer new demos from Lost Years began their musical evolution this week. Amplifier and Park Avenue 1989 are both very promising at this early stage. Park Avenue 1989 is tinged with a moroseness that is highlighted by bright delicate synths. Very emotive in it's construction but full of wonder and exploration. Check out Lost Years soundcloud for the first totally rockin demo cut of his track Amplifier here

Starion is back with his cosmic synthscapes and deepspace disco with a track called Moonbase Alpha. Once again we're taken into the electric cosmos on an adventure full of intrigue. Melodies are pure italo gold and the basslines are totally rockin the solar system the whole way through. Definitely one of Starion's greatest and most complete tracks thus far.

Launching into the darker regions of space is Like Mowrey's new cosmic dirge Heliopolis. The music is solemnly executed with an hypnotic pace that introduces soaring synths and brightening stars before becoming a looming nebula of celestial energies. The layering is marvellous to behold throughout the final part of the journey, resulting in a very memorable journey through Heliopolis.

80s inspired synth scene pioneer Sferro has finally returned to what he does best with a teaser from his new release High Tech Low Life. Sferro still retains the wonderful magic present in his early work with fathomless emotion powering the melodies and instrumentation that fills the senses. To say I'm really looking forward to his Wetware Computer EP release is hugley vast understatement.

Glass Mirrors is really upping the ante with each new track and his latest work 8-Bit Girl is some absolutely stunning synth pop with lots of quality 80s sounds and moods. I love the vocal track to this, it's thoroughly authentic and the lyrics are totally rockin. Not your traditional modern synth pop melodies in this piece, but Glass Mirrors makes the experience, samples and all, work magnificently.

There are a few artists around who really define some of the 80s inpired synth genres and with his new release (of an old track, mind) I now dub Rain Sword to be THE defining artist for the synth romance genre. 'Dreamer' contains so much emotional brightness and pure saturation of colours that it's impossible not to be dazzled by its presence. I believe the sounds he uses in this genre are peerless and really capture the experiences and emotions of teen love in the 80s. Currently available for FREE download too!

Let's finish up this weekend's Weekend Update with another return from an old favourite. Chmmr is one of the few artists in the scene that can capture the 80s synth naivete with complete sincerity and authenticity. His new track Talking English is a superb exponent of this with a beautiful free form arrangement and melodies that are taken directly from the early to mid 80s. Absolutely k-rad to the max.

That does it for another kick arse week on Synthetix.FM. I hope to see you soon for more good times and great rock'n'roll. Till then, as always, remember to stay 80s and keep on rockin.

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