Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peter Robinson's Theme From Manta Ray EP

Courtesy of the super hard rockin Future City Records we have a stellar new two track EP from the talented Peter Robinson. Fresh from his recent work with Vincenzo Salvia (covered previously on Synthetix.FM here) Mr Robinson has released two new tracks under the title of Theme From Manta Ray EP.

One might be lead to believe that Theme From Manta Ray and it's partner track Theme from Time Traveller would be possibly sci-fi soundtrack synth scored for drama and action but this couldn't be further from the truth. Both pieces are unequivocally bright and sunny adventures full of joyous melodies and uplifting arrangements.

Theme From Manta Ray opens up with a melody completely basking in golden rays of light. It's utterly splendid in delivery with sounds brightly befitting the melodies and adaptations that fully realise the spirit of the melodious harmonies. This piece of music paints a picture for me of sun dappled shallows along a tropical reef, populated by a myriad of colourful fish darting in and around beds of vibrant coral. The manta ray floats effortlessly through the water with a streamlined elegance that mimics the flow of the glimmering music, creating a palatial ambiance, pulsing with a glowing aural aura.

The second track continues along similar lines with Theme From Time Traveller, however much of the joyous buoyancy of Theme From Manta Ray is exchanged for delightfully quizzical melodies that are inquisitive and minutely worded while remaining lustrous and captivating. This short piece is full of a warming tones and a downright charming naivete that displays a genuine understanding of what 80s inspired synth music is all about.

The Theme From Manta Ray EP is presented on Future City Records' Bandcamp page here and comes very highly recommended from Synthetix.FM for lovers of music that warms the heart, engages the mind and enriches the soul.

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