Monday, February 4, 2013

The Synthetix One Year Anniversary

A year ago to the day I began Synthetix. This place came about because I wanted to give the 80s inspired synth scene it's own home that was 100% dedicated to this music. Thanks in no small part to the Synthetix Facebook community and you reading this now I'm very proud of where this place is one year in. Without the support of producers and likeminded fans theres a very good chance the Synthetix dream would've ended months ago.

So a year on it's time for some changes. You'll hopefully have already noticed the cosmetic changes to Synthetix and with any luck you've also noticed the address is now Synthetix.FM. This is something I've been working on for a while, in that I want to incorporate more elements and experiences into Synthetix. The primary force will always be what you're reading now, but the Synthetix Facebook community is another facet. There's also the Synthetix Mixtapes I do every few weeks and added to this now is Synthetix Photography, which is one of my other passions, that I'm introducing under the Synthetix banner.

This Tumblr page is dedicated to a lot of the 80s style product and design photography I do, which I hope adds a new visual component Synthetix. My hope is to provide more 80s inspiration to complement the aural delights covered here. This is now linked, along with the Facebook community and Synthetix Mixtapes in the "Expand Your Synthetix.FM Experience" in the top right hand corner of this window.

My hope is to make Synthetix.FM a home for even more homages to the decade we love. The focus will always be on the music, as that's my number one passion. I also want to evolve some existing things I do on here into new and exciting formats. Beginning very soon I'll be doing some new features, including the Midweek Flashback to revisit classic 80s music as well as gems from a few years ago. There are a lot ideas in my mind for the future of Synthetix.FM but these will come to fruition in due course and their regularity will entirely depend how many current releases I need to cover, so these new features won't be at the expense of any regular ones.

It's these different ideas that lead me to choose the .FM suffix for Synthetix's domain name. Like an 80s FM radio station I want to offer a range of interesting features that cover the 80s then and now. This is something that I'm very open to suggestions to as well, so please contact me if you have any ideas that would fit the Synthetix.FM ideology

2013 promises to be a massively exciting time in the 80s inspired synth music scene and I want Synthetix.FM to be right there with it every step of the way. I thank you for your patronage of Synthetix over the last year and look forward to lots more kick arse times in the coming months.

For now, I'd like to share with you latest edition of the Synthtix.FM Mixtapes, so Happy Birthday Synthetix, and hope you all keep on rockin!

Synthetix.FM Mixtape 3 2 13 Side A:

1, That's All I See - Thomas Barrandon
2, 3D - Synthaesthete
3, Emotional Passenger - Highway Superstar
4, Night Dream - Cougar Synth
5, If Looks Could Kill - Collins
6, Night Play - LA Dreams
7, DX Heaven - Betamaxx
8, Return To The Red Planet - Vincenzo Salvia & Peter Robinson
9, Breeze - Mitch Murder
10, First To The Finish Line - LA Dreams
11, Never Look Back - Vector Hold
12, California Highway Patrol - Vestron Vulture
13, East Coast Summers - Betamaxx

Synthetix.FM Mixtape 3 2 13 Side B:

1, Silicon Dreams - Betamaxx
2, Whistling Shurikens - Highway Superstar
3, Penumbra - LA Dreams
4, Desk Duty - Laurence McFunk
5, Retrace - Cougar Synth
6, You Just Came To Crash The Party - Garth Knight
7, Khaki (Instrumental) - Who Ha
8, Open Sea Adrenaline - LA Dreams
9, Takeover - Action Jackson
10, Halloween Theme (rework) - Perturbator
11, Only In Movies - Betamaxx


  1. Great! This project is more 80's than the 80's. Keep up the good work!