Saturday, February 2, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

Tomorrow, Monday the 4th of February 2013, marks the one year anniversary for Synthetix. Tomorrow there will be some changes to your favourite internet channel for 80s inspired synth music which I hope will be exciting and enhancing to your Synthetix experience. For now though, it's time for another massive Weekend Update. So let's get rockin!

First up is a hot new track from Vector Hold. This high energy piece of action is positively bursting at the seams with quick melodies, flashing nuances and percussive drama. Once again Vector Hold strikes a beautiful balance between 80s inspired synth and 80s video game music. Currently available for FREE download also.

Miami Nights 1984 spun his synth magic on Sally Shapiro's "Starman" featuring Electric Youth and the result is a bitchen experience that ticks all the boxes for a totally kick arse 80s synth pop classic. MN1984's remixes are always in the upper echelon in the scene and this reinforces his stature for quality remixes in every respect.

80s Stallone is back for the attack with a demo cut of his new experience: True Romance. This forgoes much of the italo sounds of recent 80s Stallone and provides a slightly darker OutRun-feeling track. I love the lead melodies that colour the soundscape brightly while the shadows threaten to ovewhelm.

A discovery courtesy of Neros77 this week was a new producer on the scene called Hamblok. His track Desert Rose is a serenely arranged cascade of beautiful melodies and expansive details. I can feel the heat of the sun and the breath of the wind in every second. Hopefully we will be experiencing more Hamblok music in the future on Synthetix.

Adding some moroseness to the serenity is AKAHands Down's new track Strain. As this pieces moves along it wends and grooves through a very ethereal space, the energies feel dark, but not to the point blackness. There's a hope in the melody that is uplifting and very engaging.

The enigmatic Mitch Murder unleashed another gem from his imagination this week called Interceptor. With definite leanings to the 80s neo-tokyo stylings this is one of the more sparse Mitch Murder experiences I've heard. The layering is kept to a minimum and the sounds are allowed to evolve in an uncomplicated manner that is very refreshing.

Like Mowrey has just begun his dark italo styled musical journey only recently and has shared a few of experiences on his soundcloud, which I've found very entertaining. His latest track, Emerald Hill his a shadowy space disco monolith with beautiful ambience and wonderful instrumentation. Many thanks to Denovomutans for enlightening me to this producer.

I always look forward to hearing new Sternrekorder music. Since this producer has returned to the scene late last year his new sounds have become even more eclectic and inventive. His latest work KRazy KR-55 sounds like a classic late 70s experimental synth work with a heavy injection of Sternrekorder magic.

Keeping to the avant garde end of the synth spectrum is the wonderfully titled Coconut Hologram from Aminova. Once again this producer adds new light and colours to the 80s synth experience and expands the soundscape into previously unknown dimensions. Total Aminova magic.

A pillar of the 80s inspired synth community, Eduardo Del Pozo, shared a magnificent new discovery this week in the form of Highway Superstar. This new producer has firmly stamped his name on the ninja-synth genre with his new track Whistling Shurikens. Epic, dramatic and sharpened like Sho Kosugi's very own ninjato.

Keeping the action frenetic and the drama intense is a sterling new demo from Kid Machine called Black Futura. The synthscape is rife with danger as flashing lights and electricity charge the atmosphere in a situation where getting out alive is your only hope. Even as an unmastered demo this a scintillating experience.

Last but certainly not least we have an incredible new experience from Jaypeau in his epic track Thrasher. This supercharged composition of high energy synths and ripping guitars is thoroughly amazing. The sounds and arrangements are 100% authentic while the production is, simply put, flawless in delivery. I dearly hope this becomes available to download or purchase soon.

That does us for another kick arse week in the world of 80s inspired synth music. Remember to tune in tomorrow for a one year anniversary spectacular on Synthetix that I hope will rock you even harder. Till then stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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