Thursday, February 7, 2013

Action Jackson's Vices

Action Jackson is producer of rare quality. His visions of 80s sounds always feel true and refined, every second has an intensity that is unrelenting and once in it's grip refuses to let go. A new Action Jackson release is always exciting as they consistently work like a concentrate of energies, distilled to perfection, and impeccably written. His new EP, Vice, is a three track experience that is yet another fantastic chapter in the Action Jackson story; full of excitement, emotion and meticulously crafted 80s magic.

The refinement I speak of is noticeable from the opening stanza of the first track: Takeover. The instrumentation is totally perfect as electronic sounds layer and compliment each other while the percussion dances a mechanical storm around the melodic magnificence. This piece is paced to perfection, nothing feels rushed, or like it's been padded. The story moves along with an energetic timing. This is a text book Synth Wave classic, loaded with 80s hallmarks that work into a perfect mid 80s soundscape.

Our second experience brings us to the coastline as waves lap the shore Inside begins to take shape. Action Jackson is a top gun with the Synth Romance style and Inside's languidly luscious melodies form entrancing curves around the seaside motif. A slow pace is called for in the moon filled night and the ebb and rise of the tide mirrors the passionate embrace Inside. The instruments are allowed to linger and hang gently in the air with a tenderness of purest silk that then becomes intoxicating with black lace.

The last track on Vice is Nights. This simplistically named title is deceptive as this piece of energetic and uplifting Synth Wave is full of vibrant colours and a groove that runs canyon deep. The melodies are just so positive and refreshing, it's totally 80s and thoroughly authentic. Each new layer turns the colour and contrast up even further until the rainbow becomes a torrential explosion of cascading aural neon. This track is, again, flawless in it's arrangement and instrumentation making it's four minute duration feel like about thirty seconds. A perfect finish to a great EP.

The Vice EP from Action Jackson is the musical equivalent of a freshly opened can of Tab cola, or a rising and falling LED meter on a classic boombox, or the feel of a brand new pair of high top sneakers, it's the taste, the sight and the feel of the 80s that is unmistakable. The Vice EP is available on Action Jackson's Bandcamp page here and is a totally radical release that Synthetix wholeheartedly recommends.

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