Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Update Blockbuster Part 2

Here we go with the second part of the Weekend Update Blockbuster! This will bring Synthetix reasonably up to date with the happenings in the 80s inspired synth scene over the holiday period, there are a few releases I've not yet explored on Synthetix that will be coming up over the next couple of weeks too.

Crank up the volume and set your energy levels to maximum rocking as we blast into the synthosphere!

First up is a spectacular new adventure from Betamaxx. Over the course of 2012 Betamxx released some superb music and as he rocks in to 2013 it looks like he's kicking things up a notch. This first cut of East Coast Summers is a thrill ride of high energy synth melodies and driving drums sure to send your soul yearning for summer days and neon nights.

Evanton's fast becoming a mainstay of Synthetix with every new release being an affair to remember. Their latest EP LA Story is even more beautifully conceived synth funk and comes highly recommeneded. The second track off LA Story, Run!, is yet more solid musical gold from Evanton.

Taking off into new galactic dimensions is Starforce's new composition Cosmic Voyage. I think this is the first time I've has a father and son made track on Synthetix and I hope it's not the last. This is beautifully written soundtrack space synth music that makes me long for the full length Starforce album. Omniversal Oscillations is due out soon on Aphasia Records and I'll be sure to give it deserving attention on Synthetix upon it's release.

Andy Fink's shared an exciting new preview track on his soundcloud called Dynasty. The bassline in this track is totally rockin and the piece has a bent/off kilter mood that is very engaging. As the track evolves I hope it keeps this personality and takes things even further into the unknown.

It's time for some quality space italo now with Spacious Sweeps new track, Black Ops. This has to be the most ambient italo I've ever heard. The melodies and arrangements are totally rockin the pure italo vibe, but in this context of being slowed down and given huge spatial qualities makes for a wonderful soundscape.

While we're sailing in the italo galaxy we should stop in Flashback Records new release from the aptly named Italove in Follow Me To Mexico. Due out on January 18 this is a monstrously authentic italo styled song of the 1987-88 vintage that is full of energy and passion. Even this short preview is totally kick arse, I'll be sure to follow up on this EP upon it's impending release.

Photosynthesi continues to make positive impressions  with each new track this Italian producer releases. The emotional depth of his track White is fathomless and the funk bass break down adds yet another dimension to an already rivetting experience. This track is featured on Side B of the latest  Synthetix Mixtape and is a true celebration of the wonder and magic of 80s inspired synth music.

To finish up this second half of the Weekend Update Blockbuster we have the powerful new track from Synthaesthete. The deliberate pace of this juggernaut of synthual energies is magnificent to behold. The drum track in this is exceptionally done, exhibiting raw power and a dynamic that is masterfully executed.

That does us for the two part Weekend Blockbuster on Synthetix, but I'll be returning tomorrow with a super hard rockin 20/80s and covering a some supremely high calibre releases throughout the week so stay 80s and keep on rockin!

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