Monday, January 28, 2013

The Phantom Vision Of Vision Fantom

When it comes to synth pop there are numerous deviations on the genre that transpired throughout the 80s. The early sounds of the golden age of synth pop began in the very early 80s with the likes of Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Visage, Tubeway Army and other bands creating their own brand of music with futuristic sounds and an air of great mystique. It's this early period of synth pop that provides some of the most visionary experiences, but in the 80s inspired synth scene it's still a road less travelled by many producers.

Enter France's Vision Fantom. This band are one of the most incredible new experiences I've had of late as their crafting of the beautiful early 80s synth pop sounds and emotions is thoroughly authentic and magical in wonderful new ways. Theres an intangible quality to very early synth pop, but it's this quality that unifies the sounds and experience, Vision Fantom have that quality and their two tracks currently available on soundcloud display an honesty and understanding of this genre's specifics beautifully.

This quality I speak of is an atmosphere of emotions that create an aura of mystery but also of refinement. "Ecrans Couleur" typifies this from the opening stanza and builds like a cathedral of sound at which point the vocal arrives and takes things from earthbound pleasures into heavenly joys that are transcendental in their brilliance. It's this overall melding, the coalescing of all of the ingredients that bring forth such an incredibly powerful soundscape.

The alchemy of Vision Fantom is most definitely in the more melancholy realms of emotions, but this is more of an auspicious unknowing than a miasma of the soul. The vocals are soulfully intimate, in perfect timbre with the minimalistically employed synths. This is another quality of the early 80s sounds, with only a few instruments needed to create emotionally complex vignettes and in so doing making every note count for it's weight in gold.

Their other song available on soundcloud is the equally magnificent "Mercenaries". This experience proves that Vision Fantom really do have their skills and understanding honed to delightfully sharp edge. The music is even more distilled in it's delivery, using a gloriously orchestrated vocal sample to bind the experience into even more drama and excitement. Stunning to behold and exhilerating to explore as the fine details are presented in a manner befitting the solemnity of musical story being told.

Vision Fantom are definitely one of the most exciting new acts in the 80s inspired synth scene. Their obvious love for the classic sounds and their gifted ability to recreate this time and space makes for an experience unlike any other. Both tracks are available for free download, so please give them some love on their soundcloud here and their Facebook page here.

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