Saturday, January 26, 2013

Synthetix Weekend Update

After another exciting week in the 80s inspired synth scene we've arrived at another monstrous Weekend Update. It's a bumper crop of kick arse retro tunes, now with 25% extra rockin for even greater value! FDA approved and filling your daily dietary requirements of vitamins  R, A and D. Synthetix has been medically proven to increase the amount of 80s in your weekend by up to 100%, so don't hold back and pour another bowl of your favourite flavours with this week's Weekend Update on Synthetix!

First up is a bitchen new work of 80s drenched nu-disco with Syncroft's track Melbourne. This is glass-smooth experience of bouncing synth beauty with just enough jiggle to make it impossible to take your eyes off the prize. A little on the short side, but ever so sweet.

From the past comes the storms, as Sepultura once said, but in this case it's the Sky itself that has returned. In one of the more exciting things that happened this week Logan Sky announced his return to the 80s inspired synth scene with a preview of his Face The Flames album. Each track is full of promise and adventure, and I for one am really looking forward to the full experience.

Thomas Barrandon continues his musical journey with his wonderful new track Thast's All I See. This producer has alway been able to personalise his music and has proven his inventiveness and skill over the last few years in each of his tracks. His latest composition proves this theory even further.

Lost Years has embarked on a new odyssey with his latest demo: Breacher. The sounds on this track are exceptional, it's got such a bright and powerful energy. Even as a demo this track feels totally bitchen in how it tells it's own story and evolves into a rivetting example of aural action cinema.

The scene's latest synth superstar to gain household-level stardom has just released a stunning new interpretation of the theme Halloween. Perturbator's metoric rise is one he's certainly most deserving of and this latest experience is a prime example of his skill in creating expansive and terrifying dark synth magic. The second act of this piece is a flawless example of the raw power commanded by Perturbator.

Easing back into the light and safety of day time is Jordan F's latest remix. A classically 80s retelling of Yale's song Lost In The Crowd. I, personally, felt nothing for the original track, but Jordan F's managed to turn into something that feels quite authentic and really brings out the 80s soul in the song.

After one of the biggest years in his musical career thus far Alpha Boy has kicked off 2013 with a new solo track called Skyline. This track is beautifully crafted, I think displaying some new ideas and techniques from this composer. Alpha Boy has a collaborative release with Garth Knight surfacing in the near future too, which will surely be an exciting foray into some quality 80s sounds.

And hot off the presses is the latest release from Garth Knight himself! "You Just Came To Crash The Party" is an electro space jam with superb melodies and vocal perfection. Garth Knight's work in the electro synth funk styles just keeps on rockin harder and harder. Totally kick arse in every respect.

After premiering Pumping Body in last week's Weekend Update he's back with a sterling new track "Come On". The instant I heard this I fell in love with it. The sounds are beautifully authentic, but it's the arrangements and timing of the main melody that really shines throughout the track. Much like Plaisance's music, I find myself incredibly drawn to the sounds Pumping Body creates as the 80s authenticity seems to be innate in their creative process.

Future City Records are back with a two track EP from the latest addition to their stable with the Sidereal Race EP from Shio-Z. This two track release combines a lot of classic sounds and gives them a great deal of crossover to modern styles. It's something that doesn't fully gel with me on a personal level, perhaps it's the instrument sounds, but one can't deny the action and drama of Shio-Z's music as it definitely has a great deal of 80s energy coursing through it's veins.

To complete this week's weekend update we have a superb new video from the Neros77 for Le Matos' totally kick arse track from 2012: Sarah. The video magician has once again weaved a spell of perfect visual complementation to Le Matos music. Definitely one of Neros77's more spellbinding creations.

That does us for the Weekend Update on Synthetix this week. I'll be back to blast you into the future via the past next week, so keep on rockin and stay 80s!

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