Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knights Of A Feather Fly Together

The latest in a wonderfully entertaining series of collaborations in the 80s inspired synth scene has found Garth Knight teaming up with Norman 'Alpha Boy' Knight for a three track expedition into the past from the future right now in the present.

The Nighthawk EP sports some new and some familiar sounds and ideas from these composers and as an ardent fan of both I found it very enthralling to hear the trademark elements of both talents work together and intertwine their sonic personalities.

The titular adventure begins the EP and it brings home the power and rockin good times of Garth Knight's recent endeavours which is then cut through like a laser beam with a classic Alpha Boy melody. The two parts combine to create a firestorm of dazzling sounds with an electric ambience that keeps on thumping along in an electro synth nirvana. The sounds of both producers are balanced to perfection and the piece evolves like a live synth jam on their combined world tours in front of thousands of screaming fans.

The second track, Red Dragon is a much more atmospheric piece with an asiatic theme that belies hazy eastern courtyards, glowing with red lanterns while shadowy figures are briefly silhouetted in front of a huge full moon. The timing in this piece is pure Alpha Boy, as is the groovetastic bassline but the nuances feel made to order by the Garth side of the two Knights. This track is my new favourite example of  80s ninja synth, which I'm sure ardent fans will be nodding in agreement with.

The Nighthawk EP keeps the mood nocturnal and poignant with the final track: Future City. This composition also feels eastern in nature, but takes things into the neo world with a futuristic bent as the neon kanji and hirogana characters light up the cityscape. This is definitely a more Alpha Boy sounding track flavoured with Norman Knight's inimitable melody timing echoing throughout the scene while evolving the experience around a dramatic percussive track.

This EP is a sterling example of quality collaborative work, a meeting of minds and imaginations that has resulted in three chapters of totally kick arse synth sounds. I can only hope this leads to more combined efforts from these two talented producers in the future.

Nighthawk comes highly recommended from Synthetix and you can take home your own copy of this dual knighted endeavour on Alpha Boy's Bandcamp here.

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