Monday, January 21, 2013

20/80s With Mitch Murder

To say I'm a fan of Mitch Murder is probably one of the biggest understatements I've ever made on Synthetix. Mitch Murder, like probably many of you reading this, was the first producer I found making totally authentic 80s synth music. When I first heard Burning Chrome in 2010 it was a pivotal moment for me as a music lover. After riding the 80s synth revival of 2009 with so many producers using 80s elements in their productions it was when I heard Burning Chrome that I realised that somewhere on planet earth people were making the fully authentic 80s music I so dearly longed for.

After playing the M.O.T.U.2 and Valeries & Friends releases to death it was Mitch Murder who took me to the next level of musical satisfaction. This is what I'd wanted to hear for the last twenty plus years and the experience delivered by this gentleman redefined what I thought was possible in the current musical climate.

It was then that I discovered an avalanche of beautiful new music in Rosso Corsa Records and the rest is history. Then it was my passion to find more artists making 80s music and that passion grew into Synthetix. To say without Mitch Murder there would be no Synthetix is a fairly accurate statement, at least as far the time and manner this blog came about. I see Mitch Murder as a true gateway artist for many fans who've found the love for quality 80s sounds. The love affair begins there and then spreads at an exponential rate. But it's this reason, that Mitch takes many of our 80s synth cherries, is what makes his music so special to us and when a new track is released from him it's more than just a current event.

Which brings us to Breeze. Mitch's new experience that at this stage has an unplanned future for release but is something beautifully eloquent and spectacularly crafted. Breeze is also very aptly named too, theres an airy lightness that permeates throughout this track which is as refreshing as it is uplifting. Mitch has excelled in his mid paced atmospheric pieces of late and this track shows even more development of this style in ways I don't think Mitch could've done a year ago.

The uncomplicated nature of Breeze is it's allure. Melodies cascade and flow, never being too overt but more importantly never feeling like they're being restrained. The music makes it's own space and rises and falls of it's own volition which peaks with scintillating synth solo that is seriously one of Mitch's best. The unfettered energy of it is dazzling as it sparks and ignites the ionosphere with multicolured brilliance. Breeze is the full package of what a Mitch Murder experience should be, it typifies this musician's work in a manner that feels warm and familiar and vibrant and fresh at the same time.

 It's with this marvellous new Mitch Murder experience I'm elated to share with you Mitch's 20/80s so lets rock on and learn some of this prolific artists 80s favourites.

And for those wondering whom this Duane may be, click here to become enlightened to the magic of Duane and allow him to become your new idol through his supreme godliness.

EDIT: Breeze is now available to buy on Mitch Murder's Bandcamp  here.

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