Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ghosthouse Take The Money And Run

As 2012 draws to a close on Synthetix we've still got some rockin' good action for you. This will be the last weekday post on Synthetix for 2012. We'll be back to regular programming early January, but before I finish up I'll be doing a year end best of 2012 spectacular this weekend in lieu of the regular Weekend Update. I'm hoping for this to be a super exciting way to finish off a super exciting year in 80s inspired synth and to compliment this auspicious occassion there'll be 2012 Synthetix Ultimix to keep you rockin into 2013 in the most luxurious of styles.

For our last week day post on Synthetix I've got something special. There are many underrated bands and producers in the 80s inspired synth scene, but one that most certainly deserves a lot more kudos than they get is Ghosthouse. My first experience with Ghosthouse were the Stop Drop And Roll remixes released a few months ago (particularly the wonderful MiamiNights1984 one). However the real Ghosthouse sound is most evident in their superb self-titled album from 2011, available here.

Although I feel late to the Ghosthouse party, their absolutely stunning track Flat Line, has been one of my favourite songs this year. As it was released last year, it's exempt from the Best Of 2012 I'm doing this weekend but that doesn't mean we can't give it some love right now, so be sure to give this totally k-rad to the max song some love right now here. Please come back once you've enjoyed it's myriad of vintage pleasures.

Moving back up to the present Ghosthouse have just shared a new track on their soundcloud that is technically more rock than synth, but it's soul glows with such vibrant 80s colours that I thought it would be a real highnote to finish up the new music posts with.  Get ready to rock like it's 1985 and tear the place apart as Ghosthouse get totally tubular with their new song: Money!

The 80s feeling is so perfect in this song. The vocal delivery in Ghosthouse's sound is utterly perfect, combine this with some of the best 80s style lyrics written since 1989 and you have a recipe for lots of good times and great rock'n'roll. Doing a truly 80s rock sound is difficult to achieve once you start including all the elements Ghosthouse use, but Money shows their proficiency for authentic sounds and arrangements like no other.

I've been saying all year that the 80s inspired synth producers that gravitate towards using more varied instruments, like guitars and sax, and that also do vocal tracks will elevate the experience of their sounds into previously unimagined territory. Ghosthouse are doing this right now, and are doing it with a natural ease that oozes quality on every conceivable level.

Everything about Money rocks, it works in a completely authentic way that makes me scream for more. I can only hope Ghosthouse are planning to unleash a new record in 2013 and that they continue developing their styles into even more 80s inspired magic. For now, this serves as the perfect song to finish up 2012 with, so rock it hard and rock it often.

I look forward to seeing you on the weekend for all the Top Tens of 2012 in the 80s inspired synth scene on your internet channel that's all 80s all the time: Synthetix.

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