Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chaconne Saves This Last Dance

Chaconne's been making tsunami sized waves in the 80s inspired synth scene recently. His previous two tracks have been thoroughly impressive and his brand new adventure into the synth zone is another work of supremely authentic 80s love.

This new track is in a much more synth romance feel, compared to the epic soundtrack nature of his last track, Fighting Is Finished. It's also a vastly different aesthetic to his superlative synth wave classic Romance And Revolution. This new experience is full of emotionally raw melodies and warm orchestrations that show a more tender side to Chaconne's musical creations.

The main melody of This Last Dance is transparently distilled purity of synth emotions. Each note is a heartfelt plunge into limpid pools of sentiment that have boundless depth and presence beyond description. The truest hallmark of authentic synth romance is the key change, mastery of melody means the key change becomes an existentially exciting experience. The change ups in This Last Dance take me to  mirages of glittering stars, pink clouds and a feeling of wonder that washes over my imagination like neon waves of energy that resonate through to my very core.

It's the perfect mix of emotions and sounds, arranged with a pristine clarity and allowed to expand and grow like a genuine living entity. This music feels alive. It makes me feel alive; and it's a fathomless joy every listen. This track is synth perfection incarnate, this is exactly the reason why I do this blog, for it would be criminal for such a beautifully crafted piece of music to go by unnoticed.

This Last Dance is the textbook definition of a Synthetix Reference Experience and the fact it's available to add to our music collections right now (and for free) makes this gentleman feel like Christmas has indeed come early. Thank you, Chaconne and keep on rockin.

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