Monday, December 10, 2012

20/80s With Arcade High

When I think about what I was listening to this time last year, and looking at all the incredible new music I've had the pleasure of enjoying in 2012 it continually astounds me how many producers are kicking the classic 80s sounds with such fervour and passion. One of the standout new kids on the block for 2012 was Arcade High and the music he's released throughout the year has been some of my favourite.

Arcade High has a wonderfully individual sound that combines a lot of quality synth romance and outrun with elements of 80s arcade game sountracks and sound effects. There is a heavy, heavy distinction between Arcade High's music and ChipTune music though, his sounds have a much more expansive air about them and are devoid of the mechanically inclinded tendencies of traditional ChipTune music. It's his use of those wonderfully vintage bleeps and bloops in his synthually rich set pieces that provide much contrast and identity.

One of the tracks that really show the depth of this producer and provides a showcase for the Arcade High experience is Coin-Slot Hero. This bridges the sounds of the past to perfection with a beautiful ambience that's never shrill or grating but instead is warm and inviting. Using 'samples' of any description in an experience that intends to be 80s is a treacherous affair and takes a great amount of skill to make it authentic, but somehow Arcade High manages to get this right time and time again.

The Beauty Queen EP from Arcade High (reviewed on Synthetix here) displayed even more musical development from this talented gentleman, and was one of the best put together thematic experiences I heard this year. With all the music Arcade High released in 2012 I believe 2013 will be a very big year for him and I can't wait to share more of it with you on Synthetix.

So lets rock some Coin-Slot Hero action and take a walk back through the best decade ever with Arcade High's 20/80s!

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